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27 years as a police officer, and over 19 years combined as a secondary school educator and pastor. Experienced in communication and people skills. Certified as a Verbal De-escalation trainer for schools, churches, and businesses. School trainer in classroom management for teachers and Conflict Resolution for teachers and students. Certified as an American Heart Association CPR/BLS instructor. Instructor in self-defense, safety training, and awareness.


Certified & Trained

Michael Brown founded Tri-Balance to try and help people attempt to reach a level of harmony in body, mind, and spirit while navigating through this life. In 2001, Michael was involved in a critical incident as a police officer where he had to use his survival mindset and skills to survive a confrontation with an assailant who ended the lives of 4 people before Michael arrived on the scene to stop him. The aftermath sent him on an introspective journey of recovery. A journey that most officers don’t return from it whole! By the grace of God and the use of a Kingdom mindset and principles, Michael recovered from the trauma and prospered!

Michael spent another 14 years in the department after the incident. He was promoted to Sergeant and served highly successfully in several bureaus including Internal Affairs and the homicide bureaus before his retirement. He uses these same training methods, certifications, mindset, people skills, and principles to offer his skill set to people in need of his services.

After spending 27 years as a decorated Memphis police officer, being awarded the Medal of Valor, and the last 12 of those years simultaneously pastoring, he was hired to help create a Criminal Justice program at the Academies of West Memphis. After 7 years of teaching and mentoring students, he felt a calling to use all his gifts in other places as well.

Michael uses all his skill sets to teach basic and advanced “Street Fighting” self-defense and surroundings awareness. Michael is certified as a track coach, which he uses to add fitness to self-defense training.

Tri-Balance offers Verbal De-escalation training for schools and businesses as well as American Heart Association CPR/BLS training, in which Michael is a certified trainer in both. Tri-Balance offers a mentoring program for churches to teach men to mentor youth and build a program from the ground up. Also mentoring training for corporate businesses. As well as a speaker, Michael is a Life Coach/Disciple Builder and will teach Kingdom mental survival skills he has used for over 30 years to help you reach goals in your life and career.

We Specialize in Verbal De-escalation training for, teachers, business staff, students, security personnel, and law enforcement. Self-defense starts with the attempt to successfully de-escalate a situation before it escalates and becomes physical! 


Certified & Trained

Tri balance Consulting LLC was created by a 27-year police veteran, pastor, mentor, and schoolteacher to support those who do this type of work and support the community. Over forty years of community service has given me the skills to give back as a servant. I spent years as a police officer, learning self-defense skills and communication skills to show others how to verbally de-escalate situations in public and after almost a decade in the classroom to help avoid physical assaults and calm agitated individuals. I have used all these skills numerous times in real-life not theory. I know what has saved my life, calm peoples nerves, managed a classroom and helped understand the other side of trauma. I know what will work!

Skills that Tri Balance brings to enhance your life:

: Certified Self-Defense Instructor
: Certified Verbal De-escalation Instructor
: Mass Shooting Survivor
: Real Life Self-Defense and Life Saving Experience
: CPR Instructor
: Classroom Teaching Experience
: Experience in Leadership, Pastoring, Coaching, and Mentoring

There is a mindset you must have to survive the incident “while you are in the moment” and a mindset to live with what occurred and what you had to do to defend yourself, your loved ones or a third party. I will teach you the legal rights that you must know so you will not go to jail or face lawsuits. When it comes to defending life the whole person, body, soul and spirit has to be prepared.

We Specialize in Verbal De-escalation training for, teachers, churches, business staff, students, security personnel, and law enforcement. Self-defense starts with the attempt to successfully de-escalate a situation before it escalates and becomes physical! 

Thank you for considering working with me and giving me the opportunity to serve you!


Self-Awareness and Personal Defense Workshop


Pride in Each Service -- We come to your location and also do online training.


Get the best results by talking to us. Contact us to setup a 30-minute free consultation call to discuss any of our services and decide if any of our programs will suit your needs.


We teach schools, churches, and businesses setup a team to connect and mentor the next generation. Learn how to connect with young man and women, in the school, church, or corporate world to help them successfully advance to the next level. We have experience in mentoring police officers and high school students into careers in law enforcement and other professions.

Mentoring Program Fees

$2000 to set up the program, that includes training 6 members, materials, 4 hours training, and certificate.

$75 per additional member over 6.

Maximum of 25 in training, the last 5 are free as a discount, the maximum fee is for 20.

Services can be offered virtual or in person.

Life Coaching

My Life Coaching is called “Kingdom Coaching”, I coach you using Kingdom Principles, Christian based, using Dominion Principles from the book of Genesis, life lessons from the book of Proverbs and other scripture. Contact us for special pricing on the coaching/mentoring/disciplining (FREE!

Verbal De-escalation

Courses offered to serve your specific needs

Verbal de-escalation class  $99

1 hour class

For Businesses/Churches/Organizations- Verbal De-escalation and Conflict Resolution training (2 hours)

Services can be offered virtual or in person. A certificate will be awarded for the completion of the course.

Classroom Management/Verbal De-escalation

We train you in leadership skills needed to manage the modern classroom. We use classroom protocol combined with leadership tools to give you the resources you need to not only survive but thrive as a classroom teacher. You are also taught verbal de-escalation techniques to calm and diffuse problems that occur in the modern classroom. Participants develop active listening and empathy skills, reinforced by hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios.

$169 Per Participant.

self defense


We use all our skill sets, physical, mental, and spiritual, to teach basic and advanced “Street Survival” Self-Defense and surroundings awareness. Michael is certified as a track coach, which he uses to add fitness to the self-defense training. We do self-defense parties for your clubs, class reunions, family reunions and other gatherings. We do midday safety classes for companies, work room safety, verbal de-escalation, or active shooter assessments.

Classes are $15 per class or $45 for 4 classes/month paid in advance. A certificate is awarded after the completion of 4 Self-Defense and Awareness classes. 



We train and certify you in the latest CPR/Basic Life Support techniques.

$65 per certification


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