Visions of a Freeman - Wednesday, January 01 of 2014
The Virtual TRIBalance trees.
Welcome to another dimension to be free in.
Golden Earring - Twilight Zone.
The purpose of this vision is to show the fact that TRIBalance web sites can be used in it's full scope on virtual reality worlds.

There can be virtual media that has some virtual copyright and the game can be about a media detective finding crime in the media for example.

There can be virtual politics, virtual news media content, virtual democracy like it works on a TRIBalance system. There can be a Virtual TRIBalance society with a virtual secure internet and virtual open, academic, transparent and questionable media in that virtual world.

The game can include the social effects of corrupt media, for example lots of murder media can cause a social virtual increase in the need for pills and drugs. Sex news can increase the virtual society's prostitution levels. The crime media can also affect education as well.

The game has the function of basically create a Virtual Environment where TRIBalance can exist and the media, even virtual criminal can be questioned for their crimes. There can also be virtual Academic media and virtual transparent buisnesses.

It is possible to create fully working TRIBalance like sites of Academic enforcers in that virtual reality with content just as shocking as that in my web site or even a lot more content of that type.

Since the media in that game cannot be protected by any copyright because it was made by the game and even police and students then the TRIBalance can have full freedom of movement in a make believe virtual world.

It is also possible simply to create open media, thing that is not possible in the real world as to this date.
For example we can simulate a world where media used to be closed and suddenly there was a revolution and it was made to be open. Leaving the users of the game the possibility to explore the media files looking for crimes and serious ethical offenses. Every so often new files can be added into the game as a result of a make believe judicial cases that allow it to be opened to the public and there can of course be virtual societies with different types of Government and corruption people can visit as they level up, to refresh the game.

Most of the crimes that I have shown in my site and most of all the visions in it can be adapted to the Virtual Reality World, enhanced and legally published in a TRIBalance site based on the situation of that Virtual Reality making the study of the media shocking as well, teaching the public about the crimes of the media and the consequences.

Other people simply might not like to participate in the media adventure, so they can do something else. Yet they will be affected of course by the state of the society around them due to the influence of politics and the media.

Done in that way it is possible to create literally hundreds of TRIBalance sites for Academic Enforcers in a Virtual, Open world with real media, but real Virtual Reality media where it represents no risk of being sued for Copyright reasons.

The world of TRIBalance is possible in Virtual Reality. Creating a virtual reality that works more like the future, helping humanity understand it's reality, the influence of the media and the advantages of Academic Systems, all in a computer generated Virtual existence that has an educative purpose.

In that sense it is possible to convert some users into Virtual Journalism Students in a Virtual Academy and create Virtual Media content. The world of TRIBalance advances are possible in Virtual Reality and there is no law that can stop that because virtual reality is not illegal, or even the concept of virtual open media since the human laws now days do not contemplate the existence of Virtual Realities.

There is no real reason why a TRIBalance site would only exist in the real world because the TRIBalance is a Multi-Dimensional Science, so it can work on Virtual Realities just the same, thing that the human current system cannot do.

Another example, my site has just a few cases of criminal sex behavior of the media, a TRIBalance virtual site can have dozens of severe cases similar but not the same as real world cases. The criminal practice of imposing Bigotry in society to stop people from questioning the media in my web site has just 1 example, in a virtual reality world there can be dozens of examples.

The possibilities are boundless, in a TRIBalance science that can work in any dimension of reality and there is pretty much nothing anyone can do about it with the current primitive law and judicial systems.

So welcome to the Multi Dimensional world.

In a Virtual Reality we can make ten academies, with enforcers and sites very much like my own but on a different dimension of reality multiplying my site by ten in only one game... Ten games with ten enforcers each is multiplying my site ONE HUNDRED TIMES all across virtual realities in multiple languages and multiple countries.

That could massively inform and educate people about the workings of Philosophy, Science, Religion, Politics and the Media in society without violating a single copyright in the real world, 100% legal. It is also a very good activity for young computer activists that want a better, open, more democratic society, leading them to participate in a more utopian world like the future they want and getting them away from wanting to be hackers, which is a crime.

Technically and legally speaking there is NOTHING that can stop TRIBalance now that the Virtual Reality gates have been opened into a multitude of new dimensions of consciousness and relating the virtual world to the real world people can make this world a lot better by experimenting with new options for society.

The Virtual Computer Worlds can help accelerate the ascension of humanity and make it far faster in order to reach a sustainable humanity. Games can educate, and that is what an Academic Game is all about.

So if you find yourself limited in the real world to say the truth and dream, well, we can do it on a Virtual Reality and share it with others to help society mature into something better. Nothing Efe, AFP, Reuters, BBC News, CNN, Globovision, FoxNews, etc can do about that. Nothing legal that is and it shows all their crimes and criminal practices without ever violating not one of their copyrights or even using their names. I think this is the first time anyone has seriously thought about this, simply... PERFECTO.

We do not have to wait for the entire society to change to see and better understand our dreams of a better future. We can do it now on Virtual Worlds and experience it right away making evolution a lot faster.

So lets do this!

Virtual Utopian Societies Game.

Alien Cosmos societies are perfectly possible even today.

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