Visions of a Freeman - Saturday, October 12 of 2013
Tips to my Chinese friends.

China is already a moderated society but I wanted to give it some useful tips.
1) Connect the Moderation Systems of the Internet and Media to Academies.
2) Teach the students the harmful consequences of a lack of moderation.

Examples like I placed on my site are good to teach students the horrible consequences of lack of moderation in society.
3) Teach the students how news Agencies can cripple a society.

By patenting the words of politicians they make it a lot harder to hold a social debate, which in turn creates more conflicts and the greedy media try to exaggerate the conflict for more profit which leads to more polarization and that in turn leads to more crime.
4) Teach the students how news Agencies are used to control the opinion of an invaded country.
5) Lessons on how do criminal countries try to infect and remove the Academic Regulation of countries in order to rob from them by promoting and allowing corruption.
6) Teach them about how ironic it is that media owners corrupted society so much that Academy did not even defend the journalists any longer, making the corrupt academy serve as a protector of the greed of corrupt, unelected  business owners of the media.
7) Teach them the harmful effects on pornography and how it destroys the social tissue by creating women that are then regarded as junk and forgotten.
8) Teach them how junk culture destroys the vulnerable sectors of society.
9) Teach students how corrupt countries evade talking about Academic Regulation of the Media in order to take profit from the lack of Academic Moderation on other countries in order to commit crimes in them to their profit.
10) Teach the students that Academic Regulation is an essential part of social peace.
11) Recently China was attacked accusing it of running a prostitution ring in five star hotels, attacked from a country that has legalized prostitution shows (Pornography) openly and to the public... This kind of awesome irony has to shown to the young students.
12) Show the Chinese Students about the system of Bigotry slavery of extremes of philosophy to enslave people and cripple their common sense. I am talking about the "Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal" bigotries to eliminate social empathy and cripple dialog and common sense.
13) Teach students that Democracy is a failed system because it lacks a strong Academic Regulation to stop the destruction of society and the expansion of corruption and then teach them about Scientific Democracy based on Academic Regulation (I think they call that Scientific Socialism, not sure).
14) Teaching the extremes of a broken system of Bigotry the students can learn the importance of Academic Moderation not only for the purposes of education but as a powerful tool against crime.
15) Teach the students how the Ideological Bigotry tyranny increases drug abuse.
16) Show the students how the lack of Academic Regulation leads to a culture of prostitution, abuse against women and violence culture.
17) Show all the Chinese women that it is to their best interest to support Academic Regulation for the well being of themselves and for a better future to themselves and their children.
18) Show the Chinese students, specially the your women the consequences of a non moderated society and the huge harm it does to women who are seen as please toys without feelings.
19) Show the students the lie about any type of regulation that is not Academic Regulation and how greed from media owners can buy politicians in any other type of moderation system. That is why it is important to connect the Moderation Systems to the Academy and even have students participate in the moderation as part of their education.
20) Show the students how criminal media exploits crime and the harmful effects it has on the people of a country.
21) Create profound studies of the cultural colonization by News Agencies and how they cripple the autonomous communications of sovereign nations and even participate actively in politics.
22) In all the steps the students must be shown powerful examples do that they understand how crucial Academic Regulation is to their own safety and that of their future.
23) This kind of Academic Moderation will make China stronger in it's defense against Social Cancer and Business Mafias that profit from Chaos, Disorder and Conflicts.
24) The goal is to create a society that is stronger resisting vicious attacks aimed at crippling China in much the same way countries in the west are crippled and full of crime. The young people must learn the importance of Academic Moderation and have it as their own self interest to live in a moderated, thus civilized society.
25) Many countries in the Western World run networks of prostitution, be it from the business world to the cultural world. They will use prostitutes to attack China as well, that is why it is so important to teach the Chinese about prostitution industry in the Western World and the harmful effects it does to the social tissue, specially the most vulnerable.
26) Above all: Never trust their Western partners, they are SNAKES and while with one hand they give you their hand, with the other they try to stick a dagger on your back. If they are happy with you is only while they can exploit you without paying anything. Imperial mentality was always imperial mentality and it is not about to change.
27) The Chinese Revolution was made by students, now once again students must understand the dangers in this world and take the battle for a Moderated, Academic and Educated society to themselves, and I with the best for my Chinese friends for a better future for all of humanity, a civilized, wise, educated, academic and moderated society.

There was never a time when a slaver gave a metal of freedom to a redeemer...

You will never see those that support bigotry supporting Academic Moderation. China must understand that those that claim to be their friends might as well be their best enemies. The only good friend to any civilization is the Academy, mother or all societies, trust only in your academies, do not let any other academies diminish your own. Students in China must learn, even more, to respect their teachers and Academy, as a wise guide to a civilized world that we in the Western World sadly cannot enjoy because of the reckless and merciless greed for leadership of criminal imperial mafias.

I trust we Venezuelans can find in China a millenary wise culture that respects with dignity and regulates with their brain. I believe less in DemoNcracy even less than most Chinese, I do not believe in a society without Academic Moderation, that just brings pain, crime, suffering, tears and horror.

If we have to reinvent politics, lets just call it a search for an Academic, Moderated and Scientific Society.

May the Chinese people never get to suffer the unspeakable horrors we the western countries have had to suffer under the criminal leadership of a Tyranny of Bigotry, Ignorance and Greed.

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