Visions of a Freeman - Friday, November 22 of 2013
Technological Medical Revolution.
It had to start some day... So make it yesterday.

People should not SPECULATE with the health of hard working people who earned their hard earned money and try to attack science to preserve their ill conceived and obsolete privileges.

Medicine needs a Technological Revolution.

Doctors trying to stop science and engeneering?
History of the Crossbow

The History of the Crossbow dates back to 600BC in Ancient China. The Greeks and the Romans were also known to use this weapon. The Medieval crossbow was introduced to England by William the Conqueror in 1066. The medieval Knight was the most powerful and effective warrior and said to be worth 10 foot soldiers, often just peasants who were regarded with the lowest esteem and considered expendable. The crossbow could be used by an untrained soldier to injure or kill a knight in plate armour. The crossbow, itself, was therefore viewed as an inhuman weapon which required no skill and had no honour. It was even banned by the Pope! The crossbow was used throughout the Middle Ages. Richard the Lionheart's army had both crossbows and longbows. King Richard died as a result of gangrene after being shot by a crossbow bolt at Chalus-Charbrol near Limousin, France, on 26 March 1199. The threat of Mercenaries flooding England from the continent, willing to fight for the highest bidder, led to one of the clauses in the Magna Carta (1215) seeking to banish all foreign crossbowmen. All attempts to apply a weapon ban on crossbows failed and all such requests were ignored.
Take a look:
Unnecessary health care

Unnecessary health care, commonly called overutilization or overtreatment, refers to medical services that are provided with a higher volume or cost than is appropriate. In the United States, where health care costs are the highest as a percentage of GDP, overutilization is the predominant factor in its expense. Factors that drive overutilization include paying health care providers more to do more (fee-for-service) and covering patients' costs by a third-party (public or private insurance) payer. These factors leave both doctors and patients with no incentive to restrain health care prices or use.

Similarly, overtreatments are unnecessary medical interventions (therapies). They could be medical services for a condition that causes no symptoms and will go away on its own, or intensive treatments for a condition that could be remedied with very limited treatment. Overdiagnosis, when patients are given a diagnosis that will cause no symptoms or harm, can lead to overtreatment.

Cost, quality and policy implications

In the United States, overutilization is a costly expense that lowers the quality of health care.
Between $.30 and $.40 of every dollar spent on health care is spent on the costs of poor quality. This extraordinary number represents slightly more than a half-trillion dollars a year [in 2005]. A vast amount of money is wasted on overuse, underuse, misuse, duplication, system failures, unnecessary repetition, poor communication, and inefficiency.

Fisher et al. demonstrated that "there is no apparent regional health benefit for Medicare recipients from doing more, whether 'more' is expressed as hospitalizations, surgical procedures, or consultations within the hospital". Up to 30% of Medicare spending may be cut without harming patients. Overuse of medical care in the United States is costing Americans billions of dollars every year. Gibson and Singh have documented harm to patients from overuse of surgeries and other treatments.
Ideas I copied from my social web site posts:
I was thinking on one of the greatest rip offs of our time:

Paper Age Health care.

That is I think the biggest pop bubble.

Except for cases where a patient has to be operated, like Dr. Ben Carson does, most healthcare does NOT require to open someone up. A computer can diagnose better than a human. PERIOD! In fact you can have a machine hospital, where the patient steps in and the machine does XRay, blood tests, urine tests, any test with little to no human intervention. All the machines at a single place.

Then the computer can look into it's vast memory base of efficient medical treatments fed by doctors into the system. Eventually the computer will calculate better than a human all the possible reasons for sickness and variations of the cures way faster than a doctor.

Like for example, head ache. Computer will have 100 causes, 50 tests ready, 30 medicines prepared.

Not even Dr. Ben Carson can match it! It's like playing chess with a SUPER COMPUTER. His brain is small in comparison! Then the computer can even send patients to Dr. Ben Carson for opening up. But if it does NOT require cutting a computer has a neural logic superior to humans.

Give you one example. My mother was ill for years. They gave her medicines and they did not work. Doctors were clueless, just ripped the money out of her hands. One day a doctor came and said: You have a fungus inside of you, that is the real reason why you are sick.

Dudes! After so much time and money wasted it was a fungus. THAT IS REALLY ANNOYING! Stupid small brain Doctors.

A computer on the other hand can screen dozens or even HUNDREDS of probable causes of pain and sickness. It checks the pains and ills against a huge database calculating that it can be a fungus, ALL THE FREAKING species of such fungus known and all the medicine for each individual species. Can a Doctor do that? Or a pain in the stomach. A computer can calculate maybe hundreds of causes & ask for exams to reduce the possibilities.

There is NO WAY a Doctor can match a computer. Why? Because the human body IS A MACHINE. Like it or not.

So why not simply build these medical computer systems?

Want the real reason? Ok, prepare for the real reason:


But as a PROGRAMMER I AM... Sorry Doctor Ben Carson but we can DEFEAT A DOCTOR, WITH COMPUTERS. So yes, face it Ben Carson the entire Obamacare mess is one BIG, HUMONGOUS BULLSHIT!!! Just BUUUUULLLLSHIIIIT!!!

A computer can not only diagnose far better than a human... It can charge you 2$ per session Doctor Ben Carson so yes friends, medical attention is I think today's BIGGEST SPECULATION BUBBLE. I am going to spell it out to Doctor Ben Carson the way only I do it these days. So read well Dr. what I am going to say...

EXCEPT for opening patients up for surgery... WE THE PROGRAMMERS CAN DEFEAT ANY DOCTOR and charge sometimes... 1000 times less money. Doctor like Ben Carson have to face it or are they going to BULLSHIT US? They know it is true because some even use basic versions of such systems!

So all this Obamacare BULLSHIT is just a waste of time trying to justify a CRIMINAL, SPECULATIVE SYSTEM of Medical assistance that should have been computerized a long time ago and it has not!

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