Visions of a Freeman - 8 of March of 2013

Minus zero degrees.

Scientific Academic TRIBalance System.

Judgment Day. A social brain is possible.

This is meant to be my most detailed work about a system of TRIBalance Scientific Journalism.

It's purpose is to better train journalists in the Academy and to make the information better suited for scientific purposes. It is an ethical system that is perfectly legal and relatively easy to implement in an Internet environment.

The TRIBalance system is orientated to gain the following features:

1) Better accountability of the news.
2) Better scientific value of the news.
3) Better quality of information.
4) Better information to the people.
5) Automatic pressure for transparency in society.
6) Automatic reduction of ideological conflicts.
7) A valuable tool to fight corruption in journalism.

There are three basic spaces in a TRIBalance System: Common, Relative & Limit.

The "Common" Space.

The common space is divided into two basic sections:

1) The Common Index of the news (Structural Index)

These are tag indexes that are set in place to serve as keywords for a particular news.

Such keywords are defined by the users of the system that have an operator status.

Keywords can contain:

a) Names of people.
Example: Mr. XAnyone
b) Tags to group similar news by type of event.
Example: X Meteor
c) Tags to group similar news in a case study.
Example: Space Exploration

Every single tag has it's own definition that people can consult.

If a tag is not included it can be requested to the operators of the system.

All tags have an alphanumeric code.

2) The Common Index of the analysis of the news (Analysis Index).

These are tags that are related to the observation of the news and it is done by the analysts.

They refer to the characteristics of the news.

Spelling error. A spelling error detected in the news.
Circus with death. A news about death exploited in a sensationalistic way to gain profit.
Includes news about crimes that have some type of publicity on it.
Circus with death in another country. News about death to exploit for profit in another country.
Includes news about crimes that have some type of publicity on it.
Circus with sexual crimes. News about sex crimes exploited for profit.
Includes news about crimes that have some type of publicity on it.
Use of crime for political reasons. A news about crime exploited for political reasons.
No accountable references. The content of the news has no accountable sources and thus can be fiction.
Evidences required. The news does have a source but lacks the necessary evidence (limit tag).
Information source not accountable. The information source has a habit of not providing credible evidence (scientific facts) or refuses to do so.
Information source lacks detail. A source was mentioned but there is no reference to the details of the information itself.
Ghost subjects. People are mentioned but they have no name.
Uncertain data (A "maybe" news). Information that is based on non mathematical probability.
Probability data (A "forecast" news). Information that is based on a statistical probability.
Celebrity news not authorized. News about a celebrity that was not authorized by that person.
Dignity transgression. News about another country that is not justified and can be linked to the other country directly. (No need for third party).
Copyright authorization required. The news source cannot be accessed because it has a copyright.
Content not appropriate for children. As it's name implies.
Women depicted as sexual objects. As it's name implies.
News about death. As it's name implies.
News about a news. As it's name implies.
NAAN: Inaccurate information with evidence. News about a news, evidence it is inaccurate.

Every single tag has it's own definition that people can consult.

If a tag is not included it can be requested to the operators of the system.

All tags have an alphanumeric code.

The "Relative" Space (References).

This space is used to indicate other sources of information or news that were used to create the current news.

It is all the content of a news that is not concrete evidence and that was referred to in the news.

The things a person says in another news is a reference as well.

The tags here refer to the index number of the other news.

The "Limit" Space (Scientific Data).

The information in the limit space is considered as a hard evidence or scientific fact.

It is marked as such by the operators of the system.

They require concrete evidence following the same rules as a scientifically accurate information.

Only full declarations of a person can be included here without cuts or modifications.

The background source of scientific data must be accountable and openly available.

If an evidence is not included it can be requested to the operators of the system.

Marking the referenced text.

Text can be marked to show where a given tag was assigned to a part of the news.

It has an opening statement and a closing statement.

The opening statement simply contains the code of the tag surrounded by brackets ([]).
The closing statement contains the same code and brackets and contains a closing character (/).

Example: [CA001]The text that is part of the news here[/CA001]

The software package can toggle these markers according to the user's need and even color code the text or place image markers on them.

The operators.

Normally the users have different levels, according to the section of the scientific media.

There is the supervised level (members of the public).
There is the student level or journalist level (authorized user level).
There is the instructor level (operator level).
There is the official academic level (supervisor level).

The features in the system and the level of authorization required for them can be set by the users of the supervisor level.

The children filter.

Every news must have a value that indicates if the content is appropriate for children or if it is not.

This allows parents to filter out content that is not appropriate for children in the academic use of the media.

All content in the Academic media is appropriate for students, if it were not then it simply would not be an Academic media at all but this filter is set to mark content that is available to children.

The treatment of celebrities.

The system cannot include news about a celebrity if the celebrity does not authorize the news.

The reason for this is very simple: Academy must protect the role models & must promote respect in society.

There is only one exception to this rule and is when an Academy of Art itself wants to make an official communication about a given celebrity. But like I said before, it requires supervisor level.

International news.

The purpose of the system is to gain news that can be used as academic news in the scope of the Academy or dignity space.

There is no International news for all users EXCEPT the highest supervisor level and that is usually used only for self defense.

One of the purposes of the system is to promote the values of respect in the world.

I have to recall the definitions used in the TRIBalance:

Wisdom: The respect for Integrity.
Dignity: The respect for the integrity of others.
Honor: The moral example in the respect for the integrity of others.

All these values are important for a healthy academy & students with a healthy mind, better prepared to learn in the peace of civilized behavior.

In order to show news about another country that other country must have a system that can be linked, but it's content cannot be controlled or included into the system of another country being that at most it can only have a direct link to the entire system of the other country.

For example:

Suppose an unidentified object has landed in Portugal. This is news that is very sensational in the sense that it attracts the users to it. Lets say there is a system in Spain. In that case the system in Spain CANNOT make a reference link to the UFO news in Portugal, no matter how spectacular it might be. The system in Spain can only link to the entire Portugal system with, for example, a button that says "Portugal" and LEAVE PORTUGAL ALONE.

This system behavior teaches people to respect their neighbor, a value that is very much needed in a peaceful world.

The only exception to this rule is that the Academies reach an agreement to make a union portal where each decides what to put in it without the interference of the other part. But that must be done only from the supervisor level.

Rules about news about crimes or death.

All crimes have to be correctly tagged in the system and also have the child filter.

There is a strict rule about death news that simply cannot be ignored:

All news about death or crimes in any of it's parts must NOT contain publicity of ANY KIND.

Some news simply cannot be totally ignored, for example if a huge airplane crashes in the middle of the downtown area of a city it simply cannot be ignored and it will get a lot of attention but even so that news must have no publicity whatsoever and not be included as a source of profit for the Academic Media simply because an academic media does not profit from death or crimes.

All news about death or crimes that do have to be published must have the signature of the Police Department or in case of fires & storms it also requires the signature of the fire department or any other authority that must be taken into account. For example news about fighting irregulars with war weapons must have the signature of the military.

This is to get the people used to respecting the authorities, a valuable lesson every academy should teach.

This is also a very good practice considering that the Police Academy can participate, happy to do so in the national system, promoting respect for the law & providing material that helps prevent crime. It takes into account the Police Academy, an Academy that cannot simply be left out.

That means ANY news about crime that does not have police signature of approval does NOT get published at all. This of course helps students respect and value the police forces, something very necessary and that they would greatly appreciate.

For most cases news of common crime are not needed and do not have to be shown, unless it is an internal Police System of course. All news about crime have to be weighted to see if it actually provides something useful for the community and in most cases it does not, it only generates alarm, panic or fear. That is why the supervision of police is required. In military events the participation of the Military Academy is required.

Phases of revision of a news.

There are three phases of revision of any news: The past, the present & the future.

The "Past" phase.

The news is added into the system but has not been marked as ready to be published at the appropriate date, it does not have the authorization of the operator level nor did it complete the revision time in case another user wants to comment on it adding tags to be revised by the original author before it is published.

The "Present" phase.

The operator considers the news almost ready to be published and can revoke the news.

The operator includes operator tags to the news if it is needed. These operator tags are visually seen in the news published. For example they can have an asterisk (*) attached to it and be included in the text with asterisk as well, example: [*CA001]The text that is part of the news here[/*CA001].

The operator cannot change the content of the news itself, it can only add tags.

The "Future" phase.

The news is published to the general public.

The general public can suggest tags as well.

The "Closed" phase.

The user tags are later revised by the operator when the time to add tags is over and include the appropriate tags sent by users in the first closed version of the news.

The tags include the exclamation character in it's definition.
Example: [!CA001]The text that is part of the news here[/!CA001]

As usual the client software can filter the tags and color code them as necessary.

Reference time locks or limited evidence block.

Sometimes an Academy wants to publish a news that was hard to get and wants some reward for its finding in the form of an exclusive news. In that case the references and evidences of that news can be blocked for a limited time of up to 7 days.

For example, lets say some explorers found dinosaur bones from four dinosaurs, but to report it the journalist had to go deep into the forest. The reference material used, the evidence can all be blocked for up to seven days. That means it cannot be used until the time has expired. Of course other journalists can provide their own evidence as well and this would not be blocked.

It is good to remember that a news without evidence is considered a fault in an Academic system and receives a negative tag for that same reason.

Pictures enter in the category of evidence but only when marked as such by the system operators with the authorization to grant scientific status to a reference.

Benefits of an Academic Journalism System.

This new type of journalism systems have an abundance of advantages, lets review some of them:

1) It is better for most of the journalists.
2) It is better for Academies since it strongly promotes scientific thinking.
3) It is better for the users since they are more respected.
4) It is better for society in general since it improves civilized behavior.
5) Builds civilization.
6) It is very necessary for ecological reasons since it improves scientific reasoning.
7) It is very useful to control crime.
8) Reduces political conflicts by asking for concrete evidence (harder to manipulate).
9) Reduces corruption.
10) Increases education.
11) Reduces hatred based on disinformation.
12) Reduces psychological violence based on disinformation.
13) Drastically increases transparency and accountability in the news and as part of culture.

The only crime is NOT TO DO IT.

Scientific thinking cannot be copyrighted, that would be the equivalent of slavery.

There are no more excuses...

News about a news.

In the TRIBalance System a news can be denounced and that be the news itself.

A news about a news.

Of course this provided that the news that is the subject of the new news contains all it's parts as a reference, if it has tags they must be present.

All news about a news must be appropriately tagged as being in the "Revision Dimension".

The "News about a News" tag can be filtered and is a major filter of news.

When a news is in the "News about a news" category and denounces an error it must include evidence or it will be tagged as "Evidence required".

The Academic Ecosystem.

Usually the TRIBalance systems have four basic systems.

The system for Journalism Academies.
The system for Art Academies.
The system for Police Academies.
The system for Computer Science Academies.

The one described here is made to the needs of the Journalism Academy.

Other types of Academies have special modifications to the system.

All the four when combined produce the Academic Ecosystem.

The Journalism Academy communicates the science from other parts of Academies or other types of Academies.

The religious Academy has a system too but it must comply with the TRIBalance protocol... I won't cover that in this text since it is way too advanced for now...

The Computer Science Academic System that uses TRIBalance is called a SAIG System. The name comes from the initials of "Simple as it gets".

The musical system has common, relative and limit as well but includes software to create music, to set what the tones relate to and the cultural limits for the musical pieces. For example the limits that define a "bolero", a "salsa", a "trance", a "rock", a "ballad", etc. The relative just marks when a sequence of notes is copied and from where.

The musical system is for graduated musicians or people that are studying to become musicians under academic supervision. Musical TRIBalance Systems or Emma Systems are highly reliant on specialized software but are part of the Academic System of Art Academies.

Basically a Delta System is an Academic System that uses TRIBalance and an Emma System is an Academic System for Music that uses TRIBalance. Quite simple really and yes, it is very necessary to give them a name to mark the difference from ordinary non TRIBalance software. For example a Delta System is never the same as a simple Word Editor, nor is an Emma System the same as a simple music making software. Delta and Emma systems are strictly Academic Systems that use TRIBalance.

I have still not defined the name for Academic TRIBalance systems for Visual arts. Since I discovered the TRIBalance and its method I have the right to do so but I have simply not done so yet.

The curiosity area (supervisor level).

This special area of an Academic media is freeform and it's content is decided by the supervisors though it is not necessarily an editorial, it can be any picture or news.

It functions as a "relative connector" or interest link. There are no rules as to what type of content is in that area as long as it is appropriate. This is set in place to remove the relative links from the rest of the contents of an Academic media.

The software and the TRIBalance system.

The software is relatively easy to make, all the indications of how to do it in its general terms have been included.

A generic Internet explorer would not do, since it requires special functions that can be added, like for example the filters of tags and their color coding.

There is sufficient technology out there to do this type of software.

The software type for most Journalist systems and knowledge bases are called a Delta System and the type of scientific method used is the TRIBalance method.

The software for musical systems that use TRIBalance systems are called an Emma System.

Both type of systems are unique in the sense that they use the TRIBalance protocol, which is independent and totally separated from the rest of the system, being it a "Core system" that is related to all Academic Systems.

All software made with TRIBalance principles that are official must be registered. The different architectures for making Delta Systems are called "Goodrem structure" which is the same as "Delta system architecture" and the different official architectures for musical systems are called "Hewitt structure", which is the same as "Emma system architecture". Quite simple and practical.

The reason this is needed is to set the relative of new systems, to set the reference of a new system. For example the Venezuelan "Tio Simon" musical Emma Academic TRIBalance System architecture copied some registered Hewitt architecture from the Venezuelan "Alma Llanera" Emma Academic TRIBalance System".

All TRIBalance Systems become official when it is registered and is used by a big academy. This is because all systems must have a relative, even at it's formation, that is why it is a TRIBalance system, it has a common, a relative and a limit even at birth.

Ideally they are registered in UNESCO, to better plan for world wide educational campaigns. All Core systems must be connected to UNESCO eventually.

The implementation of the TRIBalance systems is what is called "Ascension" and marks a substantial change in the world's Academic System.

All TRIBalance systems are also linked to the religious Academies but I rather not touch that point for now since it is off limits for this text.

There is currently no real TRIBalance system and I am the discoverer of such systems on earth and of the TRIBalance itself.


Marketing is the main source of income for an Academic system.

There are no copyright limits for news within the Academic system but there is a copyright limitation for those who use the material outside the academic system.

The selling price of a license to a news produced for an Academic Delta System is three times the selling price a non registered, non academic system or news agency would sell it. I repeat, three times more expensive than the price the buying agency would sell it.

The reason of this is that non academic media are often copyrighted with a license to abuse, lie, torture, cause panic & mentally rape anyone. A license to NOT have accountability, to NOT have transparency and to NOT have scientific values, all of this which is greatly disgusting to any honest academic and more so any honest Academy.

As you might already know denouncing the following abuses from media that have a license to enslave, using the proper scientific evidence is illegal:

1) Picture women as sex toys.
2) Harass women to force them into prostitution.
3) Gain profit from crimes.
4) Corrupt children.
5) Commit the crime of fraud selling themselves as "Fair, balanced, impartial and accurate" when they are not.
6) Commit international crimes promoting extreme hatred among countries.
7) Deliberately cause hatred in the population for profit and interest.
8) Cause anguish, panic and pain to the public with fake, false news.
9) Cause terror for profit.

Corrupt media is unaccountable, non transparent & it is ILLEGAL to denounce their abuses, because they have a LICENSE TO ENSLAVE & ABUSE however they feel like it, any time they want to.

No academic that is honest can even think of being so criminal as to support the total disregard for accountability and transparency as a basic principle of honest academy. That is why there is a 300% penalty on corrupt media, simply because an honest person does not grant a "LICENSE TO ABUSE".

The other source of income is simply publicity, at least for the Journalism Activity that is. The Computer Science Academy & the Art Academies have other sources of income, like software for the first and concerts for the second.

The Art academy does not sell music for profit, since it is open for academy but can sell entrance to concerts and events as well as license music to radio stations & other commercial use of music like for example incorporating it into a commercial non academic movie. Yet the user can get the music itself for free from the Academic sites in a similar fashion as how they currently do so in video sharing web sites.

Remember that an Academic system is for students, so it does make sense for a musical academy to make concerts for the new musicians to perform. No sense to graduate a musician if no one hears him... Or is there? There has to be a constant promotion of new talent, the graduates themselves and this is why the concerts are a major source of income only that in this case the performers most likely get a bigger slice of the earnings than with record labels.

Banners and advertising make income but the publicity must be apt for children since it is an academic system after all. Good examples of publicity is marketing in favor of the products of art and computer science academies. That way the ecosystem benefits as a whole and thus a country.

Usually Musicians that have some time from being graduated are not promoted by an art Academy unless they want to contribute to academy or unless they are instructors or system operators. This gives space for traditional record labels. The purpose of academy is to promote new talents. Same thing applies with Journalism where new graduates and students must get some advantage. It does not mean journalists with a long time since graduated cannot participate. Like I said the purpose is to teach new talent, that is the whole meaning of academy anyway.

Of course traditional media don't care at all about new talent and normal record labels keep new talent out in order to sell old titles that make better sales. But that is of course not the purpose of Academy.

Other types of income include membership to special services in software, like chat software, social networks, games etc. Usually made by the computer science academy, they can give strength to Journalism academies.

There is a lot of money involved, yet the system is open, it lives on marketing and services.

Transparency & Accountability.

A TRIBalance system is made for honest people.

Not casino players.
Not lazy parasites who play with money and gamble.
Not people who have money and want more by doing nothing but wait.

A TRIBalance system is NOT A CASINO, nor does it believe in easy money doing NOTHING.

So TRIBalance systems do NOT have shareholders. People actually have to earn their jobs & income and that is nice for a change...

Guilt is not needed to enhance performance, transparency & accountability should do the trick.

All the money in a TRIBalance system is moved in a way that is transparent to all, at least up to the point of an earned salary.

There cannot be shareholders but it is possible to borrow money.

There is a common agreement as to the limit of income in a given academic system and of individual persons. When it is reached money can pass to other academies and thus strengthen the common brain system. Since it is a transparent system it is easy to see when there is excessive income that might be needed for other academies.

Transparency is a major feature of all TRIBalance systems, even in games, that is why it can also be called a "Diamond system".

To journalists.

It's no secret that most of the journalists that graduate never get a job in that profession. This is a good platform for freelance working & to be able to publish news even if you are not employed, making it easier to find a job later on.

It keeps the journalists writing and being seen, even if you are unemployed, it gives you a better chance to be employed later on, or at least enjoy writing.

The combined brains of journalists from all over the country is far more than any commercial media can ever afford, giving the system an unprecedented level of social depth like it has never been seen, all the way from small towns to an entire country.

It is also possible to pay journalists for good stories with part of the money that comes from marketing, provided of course that the news does not have any negative tags on it and that the history of news of the journalist is frequently tagged positive. Good people that do a good job deserve a reward.

Of course to people studying Journalism this is the best system to have, since they learn and practice long before they graduate.

A network of Journalism students can also act as reporters while they practice, just like doctors do so in hospitals before they graduate. That way an Academy can have lots of reporters that don't need to be paid like a professional one, even if I don't know what is the big difference since in commercial media reporters ask what the editor tells them anyway and asking tricky, unethical and rude questions is hardly what is needed in an academic system.

Academies can help good journalists find a job as well.

To Artists.

Basically the works of the students are shown and that is great since they get to be known and that is exactly what they want if they expect to get a job later on.

It's an excellent platform for young people, specially now that they are in need of so much work or even places in which to expose their talent. It's very expensive to find an Art Gallery, while an Academy can do it for you.

Academies can even help you to find a job if they like your art, they recommend you. All that is great for an Artist.

What I am looking for.

An Academic Renascence.

Ascension, as it is called.

Powered by Internet & computers with Cosmos education to help us face the great difficulties coming to humanity in the near future and sustain civilization.

Academies can also be private businesses, in case sick extremists are temped to say that it's a new way for government to control everything and end freedom... TRIBalance systems can work in both private and public academic systems so that lame excuse wont work in order to stop it or scare people against it.

It is possible, it is legal, no reason why it should not be done:

The upgrade of the entire academic system to the Internet Age and social brain control (academic control) over the media.

The size of the brain.

The Unesco system can be humongous, in fact the biggest organization in the world if it links so many academies, we are talking about an organization so huge that nothing has been bigger before it that is not an actual country. After all it's a social brain.

This organization is crucial to survive the future while humanity changes and matures. Eventually and without doubt it can be a huge skyscraper where academies of all the world are represented, sort of like the United Nations itself but for the UNESCO. Of course it must be located in a place that most can agree upon and that guarantees the independence of the members to participate, which means no Visa needed for diplomatic Academic Intellectuals certified by Unesco which means it cannot be located at the United States since they have the horrible habit of canceling Visas to anyone that thinks in a way they don't like and that is hardly what an Academic System needs of course, an Academic system is to debate as well, even of we don't like what they say.

It's easy to see which countries are not good for that purpose. Look at the UN assembly, see which countries stand up from a session, like immature kids, kick the table like spoiled kids and walk away, which is extreme rude... Those are the countries that are NOT a good host for UNESCO. To host Unesco you must at least have education and hear what others have to say, like it or not, just like you would in a TRIBalance system that respects the dignity of all countries & they all have their word that must be respected.

If a TRIBalance system were hosted in the USA for example, and a country says something by it's academic right in a TRIBalance system that they do not like, they might storm the place with the police and censor it, then walk away just like they do immaturely at the United Nations general assembly. Intolerant people are not good for an Academic system and the USA media system is full of extreme intolerance up to the point that they even scream at each other.

A country known to be highly diplomatic is best for UNESCO.

Venezuela should work right away to change it's ways to adapt to this reality and stop at once all practice of interrupting rudely or walking away from debates, like our North American and European neighbors do and which is highly immature. Hearing everyone with due respect when the time comes for it is part of being a great host for a future Unesco where tolerance is key in order to deserve respect from everyone.

In Venezuela we have a saying: "Lo cortes no quita lo valiente", which is: "Courtesy does not take from bravery".

When the place that respects everyone is found and will not walk away or want to censor others is chosen then it can certainly be a huge organization.

In Venezuela we have had extremely intense political conflicts and we have largely proven we can think before we censor or act violently. I think that tolerance can be good for the future in terms of Academic institutions.

Meanwhile the system can be spread on the Internet without a need for a central location for now.

The TRIBalance was discovered in Venezuela so it is natural for me to want the TRIBalance central to be here as well, maybe not right now, but in the future, maybe when humanity is once again sustainable and the land full of life and centric becomes a highly valued land, that which I have called the land of prism.


There is nothing illegal about making news, sharing news made by academy or analyzing news.

That cannot be illegalized anywhere in the world since it is as basic as studying, in fact it is just a system to study and thus it is present in every academy in the world in the process of learning, in the process of the brain.

The simple process of indexing, relating or making references and finding scientific or credible evidence has been with us since we are humans. I am just systemizing the process of the brain into a computer software for a social brain system, thus making a social brain.

Making a software where data can be indexed is hardly patentable...
Making a software where you can set a biography is hardly patentable....
Making a software where you can set scientific facts is hardly patentable...

These are things the scientists do a lot. I am just passing the process to a computer to assist the human brain in a collective process.

Anyways it's impossible to patent a way of thinking, being it that it would really be impossible to enforce. People would not understand why they can't make software with the basic elements of studying, which are: Indexing, Relating and known facts. Our brain does that automatically.

Since a way of thinking cannot be copyrighted, at least in a normal and not insane country then this kind of system can be implemented anywhere, no real reasons why not to use it, specially since it has nothing to do with renouncing to sovereign rights, it's just a tool for studying and it respects the dignity of countries.

There is also no concessions to make since the source code itself is open, nobody would have a reason to fear that they are being invaded or abused by another country. The purpose is to help academies world wide and that students feel it is theirs, not of any other country, students really like that.

I guess I can say that it is something which is safe to believe in. In moderated countries like China or in insanely and unhealthy liberal and anarchic countries like the United States. It's just a tool to study, it does not hurt the independence of any nation and that is exactly why it offers a better solution than any other proprietary and/or closed solutions.

Namely: No one should be afraid to use it. It complies with the Right of Sovereignty specified in the United Nations and the International Law.

As you can see it has nothing to do with politics, at all. It is an excellent tool to cure social polarization and reunite countries under scientific thinking but its best feature is that people do not feel scared about it in the sense that it is organic, they can feel it is theirs, that they are truly independent so they can love it as part of them and the lack of fear only makes it more effective, from the corners of countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia to the corners of United states and Spain, it is for everyone & it still helps to develop civilization and to respect the neighbor.

At any rate, if there were any way to patent it, it would be patented under my name since I discovered it, but lets not be absurd, education when patented only guarantees ignorance for the non paying... That is clearly not the purpose of an Academic System and that is extremely obvious...

So yes, basically it can be used anywhere in the world. The degree of moderation is set by the operators who decide how deep is the control they need but at any rate it does improve the scientific reasoning and efficiency of Academies, thus making a better future for all.

So to the question: Is it legal? My answer is: It's extremely legal, in fact IT'S ALMOST ILLEGAL NOT TO HAVE IT.

The only people that might not be interested are those that are enemies of academic thinking. It does not require much effort to know who they are these days: CORRUPT CRIMINALS that are not interested AT ALL in accountability because they want you as a SLAVE.

The same group of gangsters that launched the bullshit of mass destruction that destroyed Iraq without the conscious permission of almost all humanity and even less from the world's academies.

But, I don't care, it's not my fault they are so obsolete, those dinosaurs, I am not doing anything illegal so beats me what they think. :)

You can start to feel like cattle right about the time I wrote this because not having collective thinking means you live in a society with slavery...

I am not guilty of using computers, computers are made to do something useful and to fight CORRUPTION. I am just using computer science and that is hardly a crime or something illegal. That their system is too archaic? It's not my fault.

There is nothing that can legally stop this, it's very existence is guaranteed in the declaration of Universal Human Rights, basically: You have the right to study in collective and that is what this system is all about.

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