Visions of a Freeman - Tuesday, November 26 of 2013
Purpose of the lions.

Text adapted from my social media posts:
@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Hi :) Seems like some people get angry because I say I love you BOTH. Well that female being collective and male...
  being alone is the way of the Lions. XD If they do not like the lions then they don't go and see them XD LOL!
  But Academic Lions are simply like that :I Females gather to have more strength than male Lions. XD Like Academies.
  In some human cultures women also do that XD They gather collectively better than men do. Bonds between female...
  are often a lot stronger than between males. That helps balance the system. :) In a family the female is more...
  collective, while the male is less collective usually. So the Lion's way. XD Yay! Female power in numbers. :)
  I am an Academic Lion :I So I like the Lion's way. XD Women more than men. XD Yay! Hahaha, the feminist way too! :P
  Imagine if it were the opposite way :S 10 male lions, 1 female Lion... LLOOLL!!! I assure you that if nature did...
  THAT, Lions would have been extinct the minute they evolved into Lions :I LLOOLL!!! Auto destructed. :s
  So that explains why I want women to be more collective XD And male a loner, like Me. It is the Lion's way. :P
  It is the Marian way. :) Where women rule in numbers over men. XD Well male human's don't like that too much.
  They like to abuse women instead :S!!! They gather their male lions in groups like SIP Mafia to rape female lions.
  When it should be THE OTHER way around. :I Female Lions (Academy) gathering up to control the male Lion's greed.
  So I have to respect the Lion's way and promote collective female to control insane male Lion hormones. :I
  That is the logic behind why I always say I love you both. XD I want female numbers to control male testosterone.
  I want Academy numbers to regulate crazy male private media. :P The Lion's way is the Academic way. XD
  Like all good Lion I like women to be more than men, so I like to see two female Lions XD It's just how Lions are XD
  How can you balance a powerful male Lion so big & with so much muscle while females are smaller and weaker? :I
  Nature showed her wise solution. :D Yay! Hahaha. Make the smaller female COLLECTIVE POWER. :) Yay!
  No lion, no matter how strong would DARE face a pack of female Lions :I LOL! Nature is wise. :P Same happens...
  In a family where grandmothers and mothers are more than males. Usually girls grow up healthier XD BUT if there is
  NO male, then the imbalance actually makes it harder for the girl :( Balance is important! But in force see? :P
  You see male was made to be a sexual predator while female is not. That is the way of the mammals. :I
  A female Lion does sex every six months! While a male Lion every single day if it could. :S LOL! So nature balances
  Because too many male Lions would DESTROY THEMSELVES over a single female Lion. :I They would kill themselves off!
  So Lions have the collective female power as a rule of it's very own SURVIVAL! :O So must humans too! :I
  I feel better when two female Lions judge Me :P Because I know I am powerful Lion that needs balance. :P
  But I am not going to be like Lion David or Lion Salomon :I All TRIBalance are Lions. XD Hahaha. Bio Balance. :)
  Brutal sex instinct and vulgarity is nakedness of the animal. Pure acoustic art of Delta is elevated art. :)
  Delta's and Emma's art dressed in virtue, way, WAY above naked instincts, far into values and civilization. :D
  2 types of art out there. The naked instinctual PORN animal art & the art covered in grace, virtue and values. :)
  Might be a voice without instruments, but Delta's new album is dressed with beautiful grace and virtue. :) Yay!
  Emma you look so appropriate at a healthy music TV. :D Cause you are the real thing! :D Yay! Hahaha. You so cool :)
  Love you BOTH, even if people get angry XD LOL! Go, Go, Go women power! :) Collective female power! :)
  :) Delta has grown to be a real angel human, protecting integrity of children. :D Like real angels do. :)
  A flower to your Academy from Me: XD For being so wise and splendid. :D Yay! Hahaha.
  That is a great Christmas gift you give to Australia :) :D Angels protecting babies :)
  Emma shines light where people need it the most as they struggle to hang on to life. A life raft for Life :)
  Delta is to bring back children to light, while Emma is to bring back adults to light. :) Both Human Angels. :)
  I am to connect the entire planet and ALL it's atoms to the Galaxy Core System. :) To put this world ONLINE. XD

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