Visions of a Freeman - August 12, 2013
Cultural pornography for children made in U.S.A.
Look at their faces and face the victims.

Official Fan Club of Justin Bieber Venezuela.
Club de Fans Oficial de Justin Bieber Venezuela.

We can look a little closer:

The girls of my country, Venezuela. Young, innocent, that deserve a good education, a good moral education so that in the future they might have a nice family. As you can see in the photo there are also boys, there are more photos, I just put a few.

So I have two questions here:

1) Do I have to stand for this?
2) Should I just keep quite while the girls of my country are being pornografied?

I get sick of junk like this on the hands of minors:

Not that he ever cared about Family values and proper respect to relatives:
'It's My D**k In a Guitar!'
Justin Bieber is wise enough to know when a gift needs givin' ... but he didn't have a box -- so he covered his junk with a guitar and jammed out a naked serenade for one lucky lady fan -- HIS GRANDMA!

TMZ has obtained photos of a completely nude Biebs strumming away on his big wooden instrument ... at his grandmother's home in Toronto during Thanksgiving back in November 2012.

And why, you ask, did Bieber go ass naked for g-ma?
Our sources tell us JB had been staying at his granny's house during the holiday ... and slept in a little too late on Thanksgiving morning.

Bieber finally woke up after hearing family and friends stirring around the house -- so he thought he'd prank 'em ... by grabbing his guitar and playing a naked set a la Jenny from "Forrest Gump" ('memba that?).

We're told birthday-suited Bieber went right up to his grandma and started belting out some impromptu lyrics ... like, "I Loooove you grandmaaaa ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma."

We're told G thought it was pretty funny -- and everyone in the home was cracking up -- but granny begged the pop star to get back in his room to put some damn clothes on, stat.

Thanksgiving -- they go balls out.

So how much JUNK do we have to tolerate in the hands of our children in order to keep being a "free society" of "Porn for everyone" the kind the United States represents?

This is why Venezuela needs a network of art academies, that cares about family values, good, healthy art for children and national talent.

The Industry of the pornographic child role model.

I know the United States does not care about the mental health and values of their children but we Venezuelan's REALLY do not need any more "Pornography for children, Made in U.S.A."

Enough is enough, we need Academic Networks that filter and censor these PIGS that are off to make profit out of hurting our children. Pornography Role Models for children IS NOT freedom of expression, it is FREEDOM OF CRIME, Prostitution and Women Slavery.

Children have the Human Right to be protected.


The best way is to create an Academic Network.
Added: November 04, 2013.

Immoral behavior will not stop:
By Andrea Simpson Published November 03, 2013Celebuzz

What happens in Rio stays in Rio.

But in Justin Bieberís case, that doesnít quite apply.

The Biebs was apparently spotted making a mad dash out of an infamous brothel in Rio de Janeiro with two ladies by his side. And paparazzi caught him in the act.

The Page Six pics donít exactly show the 19-year-oldís face as heís making his way out of Brazilís Centauros cathouse, and although the bordelloís very own bed sheet covering his face was a nice try, it didnít exactly make Bieber incognito. He was outed by his wrist tattoo and sneakers. (The surrounding bodyguards spraying photogs with water didnít help his undercover operation, either.)

He hopped in the back seat of a waiting SUV, and he was escorted back to his hotel along with some female guests.

The paps were reportedly tipped off about Bieberís brothel visit and confirmed it through the Canadian croonerís security team.

A news rape making a show out of family values rape.

Justin Beiber is a child entertainer, and so he expects to be shown in his fan clubs.

I suppose Justin does not expect ANY responsibilities with his fans, specially young girls and surely he does not care about children with a good family and even less about family values.

These are are signs of our time, those are the testimonies of a corrupt United States leadership in the word that simply does not care about family values, explaining the real reason why families are in crisis in the United States and there are so many children without fathers.
Added: November 16, 2013.

Related to the news above:
11/16/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That girl who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in Brazil may not be a hooker ... but she has been paid for sex -- at least that's what one porn site is claiming.

TMZ has learned says they shot XXX video of the girl -- Tati Neves -- a few years ago ... and they plan to release it this week to come up off her newly popular name.

We've seen the scene and it's definitely your run of the mill porn ... with a slight Brazilian influence -- they're banging on a soccer field.

For what it's worth ... our Bieber sources are adamant the singer never touched Tati.

After seeing the video he may change his mind.

I don't know about Justin Bieber's respect for family values, or even decency.
Added: November 18, 2013.

And there he goes again:
Justin Bieber's wild party was filled with strippers, report says

Published November 18, 2013

Talk about a wild night! Justin Bieber reportedly partied with strippers until the wee hours of the morning during a bash at his home this weekend that grew so raucous, police were summoned three separate times, TMZ reported.

The Great Gatsby-themed Friday night shindig included at least 20 strippers, TMZ reported, and Bieber allegedly dished out $10,000 in tips throughout the night.

The gossip site also reported that the 19-year-old's party was filled with alcohol and weed.

At around 1 a.m., the party which had approximately 100 guests, including Snoop Lion, grew so noisy for neighbors that the police were called. They warned the Canadian crooner to keep it down, but apparently the good times didnít stop because police were called again at 3 a.m. and then again at 5.30 a.m. by a neighbor who wasnít feeling so neighborly. He allegedly filed a police report against the star for disturbing the peace.

But fans may never know the full extent of just how wild Justin's party got. He made attendees sign a confidentiality agreement, according to TMZ, that stated it would cost them $3 million if they blabbed about his fiesta. The agreement demanded party goers refrain from taking pictures, and it stated they couldn't post anything about the Biebs' bash on social media.

Click here for more from TMZ.

And that is supposed to be a teenage role model, a teen celebrity...

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