Visions of a Freeman - August 21, 2013
Pornographic Jews and the Rape Industry.
Jews and the schools of Women Rape.
The Crow - The Death of Tin Tin
The purpose of this text is to remove some errors in what remains of the ancient, once TRIBalance texts that are now just for museum memory.

I will open the vision with this news:
Meet ‘James Deen,’ Jewish porn star

A prolific performer who has earned as much as $22,000 in a single month, Deen reportedly 'still has the money he invested from his bar mitzvah.'
By Nathan Burstein Nov. 23, 2011 | 8:33 AM

Apparently “nerdy Jewish dudes” are a hot genre in porn — or they’re becoming one, thanks to an up-and- (er, never mind) performer who’s had a bar mitzvah.

The star in question — whose nom de porn is James Deen — is billed as “What Women Want” in the winter issue of Good magazine, which includes a lengthy profile of the 25-year-old. Although the piece doesn’t go into serious detail about his upbringing, Deen clearly identifies as Jewish, regularly “crack[ing] Jew jokes” and referring at one point to his “over analytical Jew brain.” (That’s not a euphemism.)

Combined with his wholesome but unexceptional good looks, these sorts of behaviors are part of Deen’s appeal to growing numbers of female fans. “Deen has carved out a niche in the porn industry by looking like the one guy who doesn’t belong there,” Good reports, describing his less desirable colleagues as typically “sporting neck chains, frosted tips, unreasonable biceps, tribal tattoos.”

Read more at the Forward

Now lets look at the forward:
November 21, 2011, 4:00pm
Meet ‘James Deen,’ Jewish Porn Star
By Nathan Burstein

Apparently “nerdy Jewish dudes” are a hot genre in porn — or they’re becoming one, thanks to an up-and- (er, never mind) performer who’s had a bar mitzvah.

The star in question — whose nom de porn is James Deen — is billed as “What Women Want” in the winter issue of Good magazine, which includes a lengthy profile of the 25-year-old. Although the piece doesn’t go into serious detail about his upbringing, Deen clearly identifies as Jewish, regularly “crack[ing] Jew jokes” and referring at one point to his “overanalytical Jew brain.” (That’s not a euphemism.)

A prolific performer who has earned as much as $22,000 in a single month, Deen “still has the money he invested from his bar mitzvah,” the article reports.

Combined with his wholesome but unexceptional good looks, these sorts of behaviors are part of Deen’s appeal to growing numbers of female fans. “Deen has carved out a niche in the porn industry by looking like the one guy who doesn’t belong there,” Good reports, describing his less desirable colleagues as typically “sporting neck chains, frosted tips, unreasonable biceps, tribal tattoos.”

The 5-foot-8, 150-pound Deen, by contrast, boasts physical traits that include “wavy brown hair, bright blue eyes” and a certain appendage that is, shall we say, bigger than average.

Over at Slate, the female-oriented XX Factor blog analyzes the reasons for the porn star’s appeal, arguing that his “school-boy charms” and “ability to connect emotionally (or at least appear to) with his female co-stars” set him apart from his male colleagues. The piece argues that Deen’s desirability among female viewers may be a problem with men, which the author attributes to a “rather nasty and subtle strain of homophobia.”

Whatever you think of Deen and his profession, his background has increased his appeal for at least one presumably Jewish viewer. “He was almost like a guy that you would just hang out with at Hebrew school,” one fan tells Good — and she means that as a compliment.

Like if that was not enough promotion:
The Jewish porn star next door

James Deen, an award winning porn star, gets frank about losing his virginity at Jewish summer camp, aspiring to be a porn star since third grade, his ‘quasi-monogamous’ relationships, and which Jewish figure he’d like to play in a porno.

James Deen’s role opposite Lindsay Lohan in the upcoming Bret Easton Ellis film “The Canyons” is the actor’s first mainstream film appearance. But it’s hardly his first time on screen: Deen, 27, has performed in thousands of pornographic movies since he was 18 years old. At 5’ 8” and relatively slight of frame, the Pasadena, Calif.-native stands out among the brawnier, alpha males of porn. As a result of this softer image, he has developed a legion of female teenage fans that call themselves “Deenagers.”

He’s developed a reputation as “Porn’s Boy-Next-Door” and as the “Nice Jewish Guy of Porn.” Yet Deen is more than a pretty face (and other parts). At age 22 he was the youngest person to win the Adult Video News “Male Performer of the Year” award (the porn industry’s version of the Oscars). He has a reputation for being one of the hardest-working actors in the porn industry, rarely taking a day off from shooting, producing or editing films. Deen also deeply identifies as Jewish and has a tallit from his bar mitzvah hanging in his bedroom.

He spoke with the Forward’s Emily Shire about getting suspended from Jewish day school, having sex for the first time — at a Zionist sleep-away camp — and which Jewish figure he’d like to play in a porno.

Emily Shire: How much was Judaism a part of your upbringing?

James Deen: Judaism was a pretty strong part of my upbringing. What I embraced most was the encouragement to ask questions and always search for truths. My rabbis always loved me, because they would be, “God says do this,” and my response would be, “Well, why is that?” They always encouraged that questioning of the Torah and all the rules set forth. I never really bought into the faith-God type of situation, but what I did enjoy was the Zionist movement, the culture behind it, the community.

You once got in trouble in elementary school for saying that you wanted to be a porn star.

In third grade [at Weizmann Day School], we were talking about what we wanted to do when we grew up, so we could do these personal book report projects. My response was that I wanted to do porn. It was just, “Ha, ha, what do you really want to do?” and I said, “No, I really want to do porn.” I ended up getting suspended because they thought I was disrupting the class.

The first time you had sex was at a Jewish sleep-away camp when you were 12. Did you feel there was a strongly sexual culture there?

No more than anywhere else. I’m a pretty sexual person. In addition, all sleep-away camps are like that; it’s a bunch of kids, and the oldest person supervising them is 20 or 19 years old. He’s going to say: “Just don’t bother me. I’m trying to have sex, too.” You throw a bunch of kids in the woods unsupervised, and they’re going to start humping each other. It’s almost like the go-to, easy way to teach your kids about sex.

You come from a very educated family. How did your parents feel about your decision to go into porn?

No one had any issues other than making sure I was healthy and safe and that if I was going to do this, I had some sort of career plan. Rather than porn, I think their concern was that I was engaging in an entertainment career. They taught me you need to diversify and invest — you can’t just pull an MC Hammer. They said, “Look, we love you no matter what, and that’s not going to ever change” My parents are very good parents, and they are proud of their son for doing something that he loves and being successful at it.

Do you see yourself eventually marrying and have a big, loud Jewish family?

I am open to the thought that one day I will change my mind and have kids, but currently, I don’t want to. I would rather date someone for 10, 20 or 30 years, and then when we’re old and gray get married. I want to get married once and only once.

Does working in porn affect pursuing a monogamous relationship?

No, I’ve had monogamous relationships before. I call it “quasi-monogamous” because when you’re having sex with other people for work on a daily basis, it’s hard to call it monogamous. But, there is a huge difference when you’re at work having sex with somebody or when you’re at home. Just because the physical feeling of it is just as enjoyable doesn’t mean that the emotional response is the same.

Jews have a complicated relationship with sex. We’re often thought of as much more liberal toward sexual expression, but we’ve also got the overly neurotic, guilt-ridden hang-ups going on a la Alexander Portnoy.

I think Jews are more open about it. I think the neuroticisms, self-deprecation, the guilt, are 100 percent true. But, for example, even though Orthodox Judaism is very specific about sex — you only have sex with your wife, you can’t have sex with a shiksa, etc. — there are also all these weird gray areas. I’ve never felt oppressed sexually, ever, in Jewish culture.

Do you happen to have any Jewish role models or figures in the industry?

I don’t go into a place and think, “I’m Jewish. Who else is Jewish? I need to work with them.” Respect goes universally across all races, creeds, colors, religions, everything. The Jews know we’re better than everyone else. That’s all that matters.

That’s going to be the blow-up quote in the article.

(Laughs) It’s true. We’re the Chosen People. (Laughs) It’s a fact.

Have Judaism and porn ever intersected in your work?

I identify with Judaism as a culture, and the culture encouraged me to learn, ask questions and strive for knowledge. I know how to shoot and light and edit, because I’m always trying to strive for knowledge at work. I don’t think I would have this type of mentality if I didn’t have my Jewish upbringing.

Is there any Jewish figure you’d ever like to depict in a porno?

Maybe Jacob. Didn’t Jacob have four wives or something? I feel for a good porno, you should have a lot of sex in it, and that would be a dude having sex with at least four different girls, so that’s pretty solid, right?

Emily Shire is the chief researcher at The Week magazine and is a freelance writer. Find her work at

Why so much publicity?

Let us look at this James Deen, and some of his movies as in the web site

This is the kind of horror that is so bad that even the most enthusiast Feminists have fear of mentioning and some cannot even touch the point because of the copyright on the evidence itself.

The schools of Women Rape, The Industry of Rape (A Feminist's most painful subject).

The following picture is on a movie by James, but it reminds me a lot about the topics I have covered recently:

Says: Unless you want this tape leaked to the press... Come alone. Reminds me that news rape in the USA is blatant and that country does NOT protect Women's human rights but now I am going to demonstrate that even further.

James Dean is the teacher of a school of RAPING WOMEN for the RAPE INDUSTRY.

I have the evidence:

All of which are videos of EXTREME ABUSE TO WOMEN.

A small example in the detail, with pictures:

James Deen is directly responsible for the abuse, torture and even death of probably THOUSANDS OF WOMEN in the World and is a major ENEMY OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE. A CULTURAL WOMEN MURDERER dedicated to promoting SEXUAL ABUSE TO WOMEN as something FUN.

So take fans of the Role Model Lindsay Lohan of Disney:
And show them this:

In order to DEVASTATE WOMEN and Feminism, to KILL WOMEN RIGHTS by using culture.

Look again and understand why Hareetz has an interest in promoting a CULTURAL RAPIST to DESTROY FEMALE IDENTITY:
he has developed a legion of female teenage fans that call themselves “Deenagers.”

So I will respond to two questions, the questions are:

1) Why is Hareetz promoting James Deen?
2) Is James Deen a Jewish breaking the rules of his religion?

I will let you read so you can respond those questions to yourself:
Sexism in the Torah

Sexism is quite rampant in the Torah, considering the Hebrews were once a very chauvinistic society when it was written. As a feminist, I find it my duty to site the following verses and remind fellow women of the sexist pig they are told to worship. I can not possibly list all of the injustices that the Torah mentions. Everything from the story of Lilith (who was booted out of Eden for having dominant sex with Adam) to how women are blamed for the fall from grace. I had to settle for merely presenting a sample list as of right now and I shall add more verses as I thumb threw the Pentateuch a second time. In the mean while, please feel free to utilize anything you see here.
Genesis 3:16 Says that all women must suffer great pains during child birth due to Eve eating the fruit of knowledge. (As if it is somehow just that humans should pay for their ancestor’s sins nor is a woman dying in labor some how befitting of a crime she did not commit.) The verse finishes of by saying a husband shall “rule” over his woman, stripping us off all power in between the sexes.
Genesis 19:8 Tells of a man named Lot who offers his daughters to a crowd of would be angel rapers. Later, Lot impregnates his own daughters after God kills his wife for simply looking back at the remains of her city.
Genesis 38:16-24 Tells a very interesting story of a man named Judah whom lived with his widowed daughter in law. His daughter in law was grieving and wearing the veils of mourning which Judah (a rather stupid man) mistook for the clothing of a prostitute. He ended up impregnating his daughter in law and she left the city. On a later date Judah sees the young woman again and demanded she be burned for being a prostitute (I like how only the woman is punished when THEY BOTH engaged in the sexual act). It wasn’t until Judah recognized the woman as his daughter in law and she was with his child, that he decided not to kill her. Basically, Judah can commit incest, use a prostitute (in his mistaken perception), and impregnate a MUCH younger woman, yet he thinks she is the one deserving of death.
Exodus 21:3-4 Says that if a male slave is given a wife by his master (regardless of how long they are wed, how much they love each other or if they have kids) he can not leave servanthood with his wife or children. The woman and children are merely property of the master and their personal happiness or sanctity of family doesn’t matter.
Exodus 21:7 God not only sanctions selling ones daughter into slavery, but he also gives out laws on how it should be done.
Exodus 21:10 God ordains men taking several wives and even sets up laws as to how multiple wives should be handled.
Leviticus 12:1-8 Explains that a woman has to be purified after giving birth because she is “unclean”. It goes on to say that birthing a male is cleaner then birthing a female, hence a mother must purify TWICE as long when having a daughter. This is BLATANT sexism from the point of birth. A woman is dirty simply for being a woman; this is obviously very biased and chauvinistic.
Leviticus 15:19-30 Explains that a woman having her menstruation must be avoided to the point of not even touching what she has touched. It is quite curious that women are punished for simply having a biological function that “God” claims to have created. What is so just about vilifying what you created?
Leviticus 18:19 Goes onto say that even LOOKING at a menstruating woman is wrong.
Leviticus 19:20 Says that if a man has sex with a slave or betrothed woman he must then “scourge” her. Scourging is a term for a severe flogging or whipping. I find it quite curious that the woman shall be punished to the point of a beating for such an occurrence, yet the man gets to go free for the deed.
Leviticus 21:9 Explains that unchaste daughters of priests must be burnt to death. What about his unchaste sons? Of course this isn’t even answered in the Torah, we are to assume yet again that men have the power to do as they wish and a woman must suffer the punishment for BOTH of them.
Leviticus 27:3-7 God places a dollar value on human life; with women worth less than men.
Numbers 1:2 Is the basis for the sexism that remains rampant today. In this verse Moses takes a poll of all the men who are able to fight in war, women aren’t even counted in the census. Apparently back then, just like today, us women are considered the weaker species and unable to battle. (Let’s not forget that during the time the Pentateuch was written women in Pagan cultures were FEARED and revered as the more powerful species. It is because of this patriarchal religion and it’s offshoots that we have been reduced to cowering sub-humans.)
Numbers 30:3-16 A woman can’t make a vow unless her husband allows it.
Numbers 31: 14-18 Moses tells his men to kill all the males, non-virginal women, elderly and children of the Midianite tribe. Of course, the virgin women are kept for raping. If you read later down in the scripture God states that the Jews can not even marry a Midianite woman (with exception to Moses). Hence these women who were captured were repeatedly raped and impregnated and they weren’t even allowed a marital status in which to protect them.
Deuteronomy 20:13-15 Kill all the men and boys in the cities that God “delivers into your hands,” but keep the women for raping.
Deuteronomy 21:11-14 If you see a pretty woman among the captives then just take her home and “go in unto her.”
Deuteronomy 22:5 Women that wear men’s clothing are an “abomination unto the Lord.”
Deuteronomy 22:13-22 Women, be sure to keep the tokens of your virginity. Otherwise the men of your city may stone you to death. This does not apply to men though, of course. What is interesting to note here is the actual wording, it says : “that if a man hateth his wife he may say she did not have the tokens of her virginity”. Since there is no way a woman can truly prove she had a hymen upon marriage the word rests on the husband and she can be disposed of simply when he tires of her.
Deuteronomy 22:23-24 is one of the most cruel and sexist passages of the Torah. It says that women who are raped and fail to “cry out loud” in a populated area are most likely enjoying the attack should be killed.
Deuteronomy 22:28-29 A rapist must buy his victim from her father for 50 shekels. Is this supposed to be some type of retribution? What about the victim here, what if she doesn’t want to marry a pig who raped her? All that matters is her father receives payment for his “property”.
Deuteronomy 25:11-12 Says that we must cut off a woman’s hand if she touches the “secrets” of a man who is fighting with her husband…“And thine eye shall not pity her.” Once again, there is no punishment for the man she touched, only the woman.

As you can see, according to the text I have just exposed there is nothing wrong with James Deen as a Jewish... So that explains why Hareetz has no problems with promoting him.

But that is a very grim picture because Women in the United States are being ATTACKED LIKE ENEMIES OF ISRAEL even if supposedly the United States is an ally of Israel, thing that given all the evidence is obviously NOT true for some Corrupt Jewish. Women in the United States are being treated like WAR SEX SLAVE PRISONERS according to the Torah, by the Jewish in Haaretz, of Israel. I have provided enough evidence to sustain that claim.

Question: But why does FoxNews support the Lindsay Lohan rape with such enthusiasm? Doesn't FoxNews serve the United States and it's women?

Answer: No.

Fox News First by Chris Stirewalt launches

1 day 6 hrs ago, FOX News Videos
Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt debuts the new Fox News First newsletter. Sign up at and have our political insider note delivered to your inbox each weekday morning.

Their twisted form of Judaism first.
Rupert Murdoch first.
FoxNews first.
Republicans later.
United States later.
Women of the United States last.


I have given you abundant evidence to prove that is the case.

It's a Mafia, a small mafia. Do not blame the Jewish for this for most are innocent of this and also do not confuse the Cosmic Hebrews with the Pharisee Jewish. Even if on the same religion by name they are very different and so it says in the ancient history book that is the Torah and the Bible.

What can women do?
1) Before going to ANY church of ANY RELIGION be sure to ask if they have removed all Anti-Women texts.
2) Do not go to any religious site that does not make it clear, once you enter, that they have removed the Chauvinism.
3) If you can, DEMAND religious web sites to make clear their stance towards women from the very start.

What only I can do.

I am in a unique position in history that allows me to exercise my rights as the TRIBalance Messiah that I am in the eyes of Cosmic Science, out of which anything is superstition and ignorance.

Therefore I decree the total elimination of all Male Chauvinist content from all the religions that have given me that right, as the true Messiah, unquestionable and indivisible by Science. Right given to me by Cosmic Mary herself.

Apart from those Male Chauvinist ancient texts that I am not listing here, the following are removed from the Torah:

Genesis 3:16, Genesis 19:8, Genesis 38:16-24, Exodus 21:3-4, Exodus 21:7, Exodus 21:10, Leviticus 12:1-8, Leviticus 15:19-30, Leviticus 18:19, Leviticus 19:20, Leviticus 21:9, Leviticus 27:3-7, Numbers 1:2, Numbers 30:3-16, Numbers 31: 14-18, Deuteronomy 20:13-15, Deuteronomy 21:11-14, Deuteronomy 22:5, Deuteronomy 22:13-22, Deuteronomy 22:23-24, Deuteronomy 22:28-29, Deuteronomy 25:11-12

Along with any Male Chauvinist or Slavery enforcing texts. If you see anyone using religion to enforce these things take into account that you can inform the police.

I have a higher rank than Moses so I can fix the Torah, it is my scientific legitimate right but only as long as the cause is exceptionally righteous and overwhelmingly logical.

There is no Jewish born into this world that can overturn this decree in the eyes of pure science, even less in the Israel of the desert, where I am to the eyes of Science an Archangel of Israel in Cosmos.

The System has been thus reprogrammed to be Marian (TRIBalance Academy).

And to those that abuse Women's Rights or Promote and Entertain with abuse to women's rights my message:

We will find you and we will RESPECT THE LAWS and have them RESPECTED...

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