Visions of a Freeman - Saturday, November 09 of 2013
Playboy sexually harasses Delta Goodrem.
Playboy attacking the feminist movement.

Delta Goodrem ‏@DeltaGoodrem 25min
🐰💋 xx “@Playboy: "I knew who I was as a girl but I had to find who I was as a woman." - @DeltaGoodrem #quotes”

My comments:
@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Playboy :S Yea, Delta as a women is not a toy for men :D That is who she is, not a Playboy bunny to sexually abuse.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt I take it that Playboy just harassed Delta :I They think they can use ANY women as sex toy, no respect.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Male Chauvinist magazines are the main enemies of Women's Rights. The main obstacle for healthy girls. :I

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That of course other than Porn industry, but Playboy IS a PORN magazine. Which means a boy-toy magazine.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And you are no Boy-Toy and nor are your fans that deserve respect as well. :I Assholes those PlayBoy Pimps.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Feminists fight PRECISELY to STOP rape and women being treated as sex objects. That is what a feminist truly is.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So that little girls have a healthy, good, happy life as adults :) Feminists are heroes & protectors of children.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Besides mentioning you without your permission in that strip bar they call Playboy is NEWS RAPE. Period! :S

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt They start little, testing, poking, but if you let them then they want to stick the whole hand in and then you know

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt What they want to stick in... :S!!! Pathological rapist that think women are merchandise objects, sex toys.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt So Delta that was NOT a friendly gestures, you see friend... WOLFS do not smile to LAMBS... LLOOLL!!!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt You should protest and ask them not to mention you any more. :I They want NOTHING good for your long term career.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt They just want to put you on a post and burn you alive, like witches were burned in the middle ages. Barbaric!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt And by doing so doing a massive damage to all your fans, specially female fans that trust so much in you.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Playboy is THE ENEMY of Feminists, plain and simple. ENEMY of ANY good Feminist. Don't let them touch you! They slavers!

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt Any pornographic magazine that mentions ANY women without her written consent is an act of News Rape. If you let...

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt them they will gradually step up the abuse till they try to extort you and force you and then RAPE YOU.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt That abuse, that news rape HAS GOT TO STOP. It must be voluntary to appear in those hell holes, on free will.

@DeltaGoodrem @emhewitt To appear mentioned on a PORN MAGAZINE must be STRICTLY VOLUNTARY AND AUTHORIZED. If not, it is NEWS RAPE. PERIOD!

I think I was clear enough.

NEWS RAPE and Unsolicited exposure of women in PORNOGRAPHIC MAGAZINES is SEXUAL ABUSE, not only to the celebrity but also to her fans.

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