Visions of a Freeman - August 25, 2013
Patents to destroy society.
The profitable genocide.

Let me show you the French Tyranny called AFP Agency and FoxNews promoting prostitution openly in society and around the world.

US ex-porn star in Brazil to promote new erotic book
By Natalia Ramos
Published August 23, 2013

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AFP) With her first erotic novel, out in Brazil this week, US ex-porn star Sasha Grey says she aims to forge a new path in literature while promoting women's self-empowerment.

The 25-year-old was mobbed by 1,000 fans Wednesday at a launch in Sao Paulo for "The Juliette Society," -- a book she hopes will emulate the success of "50 Shades of Grey," the 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E.L James.

20th Century Fox has already bought the rights to turn the book into a movie.

The novel, already out in the United States and soon to be published in 40 countries, tells the story of Catherine, a seductive film student who discovers her sexuality in a club frequented by some of the world's most powerful people.
In the club, bankers, media barons, arms traffickers, decorated military officers and even high members of the Catholic clergy mingle to relax and satisfy their deepest and kinkiest sexual fantasies.

"Catherine enjoys being sexually dominated, but she knows how to take control and have the power," said Grey, a round-faced Californian whose real name is Marina Ann Hantzis.

"Like Catherine, I was a young woman with a lot of sexual fantasies," she added, arguing that the written word offers "a lot more creative freedom" than pornographic films.

Asked her views on feminism, the former pornstar told AFP: "I consider myself a self-empowered woman.

"Feminism is such a blurry, watered-down term. It is hard to define what that is," she said. "I want to help women with my book. It is fiction, but there are always elements that the readers can take to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence."

The 1.70-meter (5-foot-seven), black-haired Grey launched her career in adult films in Los Angeles just after turning 18.

Initially she toyed with the name Anna Karina, taken after the French New Wave actress, before deciding on her present name.

The name "Sasha" was borrowed from Sascha Konietzko of the band KMFDM and "Grey" represents Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Outside pornography, she appeared in Steven Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience" from 2009, and has had a variety of television roles.

In 2011, she quit the pornography business, saying she felt she had achieved all she wanted to. She tried to set up her own production company, but the project fell apart.

she quit the pornography business, saying she felt she had achieved all she wanted to.

Lies, the Porn Industry had no more use of her, from that age onward the Porn Industry proceeds to throw the porn actress to the trash and forget that they are even human beings, like a used bubble gum, like a used condom.

There is no blurred line in what Feminism is. Any Feminist cares for little girls and their healthy education so that they later have a good, decent and fulfilling job when they grow up, a job where they can retire and have a healthy, stable life.

Prostitution is only a job until the age of around thirty years old, there is too much competition and when women try to leave that world the healthy women have a better position to gain jobs and compete, being that it is healthy hardworking women the main obstacle for spoiled women to find jobs as they rightfully claim their rights as good parents to have a job for healthy families and be good social examples.

But what we saw here is FoxNews, 20th Century Fox (Owned by News Corps which owns FoxNews) and the AFP Agency openly promoting prostitution in forty countries.

This prostitution craze then erodes the base of society causing women to be pushed into sex trafficking creating unstable families that are easy victims of vices and crimes due to the poor education and lack of opportunities to the spoiled mothers, and I am not talking about small exceptions, I am talking about the case in general, the majority of the cases.

The result is that in the end the base of society rots, producing not only more crime and death but also less freedom, freedom which quickly erodes.

Take a look at this:
Picture taken from:

It says that in the United States of America 1 in every 106 white males go to jail, 1 in every 36 hispanic males go to jail and 1 in every 15 black males go to jail. So as you can see the so called "freedom" is just an illusion, when in the real practical terms they imprison more people than what you would normally find in a brutal dictatorship or a tyranny so there is no such freedom, it's just an illusion. The real fact is that people in the United States have FAR LESS FREEDOM than people in a country like China, country which would need a jail the size of New York to have the same proportion of people loosing their freedoms in jails as in the United States.

The author of that book was aged 25, she did not quit, it's just that at that age she starts to find it difficult to remain in the prostitution industry so she passed to retire from it promoting more prostitution to other women.

There is no question about what Feminism is, it means taking care of the young girls and their education and it means taking care of the elderly women for them to retire in a decent job, with a good family and values. A feminist cares about all the life of a women, while prostitution cares only about the sexual use of a woman from the age of 18 to the age of around 30, which is just 12 years of use and abuse after which they are not useful any more and are dumped into the trash.

But this vision is not about prostitution, this vision is to revise why is it that AFP and FoxNews need Patents in our countries. As you know it is illegal to copy any material from them, it violates the copyright so it is illegal to study what they do. But I have to ask... What is it that they do that cannot be openly studied?

Here is what they do, as I have shown in previous visions:
1) Profit from crimes, turning gruesome crimes into net income.
2) Incite suicide on people and have a fascination for people while they suicide.
3) Show alcohol and other vices to children.
4) Portray women as sexual objects which is the same as sex slaves.
5) Do politics in a way that they can question the politicians but NO ONE can question them with evidence.
6) Insult and lower the public image of Police forces, emboldening the criminals.
7) Making profit from people mentally sick.
8) News rape people in a gross violation of privacy.
9) Sexually extort people by relating them, by force to Porn Actors.
10) Sexually harass people by pressuring them to participate in sexual activities with money, in public.
11) Avoid social political debate by taking essential parts of the discussion under copyright.
12) Promote Pornography in Elementary Schools.
13) Brutally rape the privacy of celebrities (Paparazzi), specially women and then extorting them.
14) Promote pornography which depict the brutal treatment of women to teens.
15) Change the actual words of politicians to fit their interests not providing the complete text.
16) Make publicity to dangerous and sometimes illegal drugs (depends on the place).
17) Corrupting childhood celebrities, which makes youth more vulnerable to crime.
18) Corrupting and destroying family values thus raising crime.
19) Corruption of the Legal and Legislative Systems to stop it from adequately regulating for child protection.
20) Violating the rights of children for privacy even going as far as using them for sexy pictures (News Pedophilia).
21) Using children in pornographic sites where people go to masturbate.
22) Telling women that the best way for them to be "empowered" is to be mindless sex toys of men.
23) Taking role models of teens and mothers and relating them to strippers and prostitutes.
24) Openly promoting the sexual corruption of government officials and authorities (You just saw it).
25) Promoting in public material that can seriously harm the mental health of children.
26) Sexual harassment of celebrities going as far as to offer money to anyone that had a relationship with them for pornographic purposes.
27) Use of material from Social Networks to make pornographic profit.
28) Taking legal actions and Gang Bullying anyone that dares question them with evidence.

Of course you have to respect copyright, I mean you would not want to bother them while they are abusing, sexually harassing or raping somebody, even if it is you or your children... Unfortunately in the United States showing evidence of media abuse is grounds for persecution, bullying and even death.

Now you know why they don't like my site, now you know why they want to take it down. I bother them, I am an obstacle for their crimes against children, against women and against humanity but thankfully I live in a country with more civilized laws than the Barbaric United States of America. I live in a country where children, women and men do have human rights, not like the Unites States and where criminal media practices that openly violate the law cannot be protected under the law.

I think it is legal, even in the United States to copy media material you see dangerous to human rights and take them to your local police. Even if you know they probably wont care, it should be your right to do so, specially if you are a mother or a responsible parent, the Police are obligated to listen to your concerns.

Patents were designed to help innovation, not to help DESTROY SOCIETY IN CRIME, PATENTS TO DESTROY SOCIETY.

Visions from a free man, a free man which has more freedom than any person living in the United States, freedom that they do not have, victims of a criminal and sick media system that is slowly abusing them, consuming them and KILLING THEM.
So that is why they want my site hidden, it makes it more difficult for them to DESTROY VENEZUELAN SOCIETY, PROVOKE THOUSANDS OF DEATHS, totally ignore the proper respect for Human Rights and avoid the promotion of healthy Academic Media.

My best advise for people that live in a Seol Criminal Tyranny of Bigotry and corruption is to advocate for, support and help Academic Media. It might not seem a big thing if you do a little contribution, but little by little it adds up.

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