Visions of a Freeman - Monday, May 05 of 2013

Organizational Skills.

Organizational skills are not the same as leadership because leadership is often easily corrupted and related to dishonesty while organizational skills are often related to honesty and scientific though.

That is why there is NO LEADERSHIP SCHOOLS in a TRIBalance Academy but there is a lot of organizational and programming schools inside it.

A leader is not necessarily an organizer but an organizer channels law and order so that is why the organizers are called organizers, not leaders.

I am an enforcer, I am an organizer, I am a programmer. I am not a leader. Leadership schools are schools of corruption, organization schools are schools of science.

The social system is maintained not by leaders, but by organizers.

I can easily explain that. You see organizers belong to the Common scope or reality, the Intellect part, while the leaders belong to the Relative part, the social part. So too much leaders and too few organizers can effectively destroy the common sense of society with the unbalance.

I do not support any leadership school, they always come with dependency and a compromise of slavery these days, due to the very high Bigotry. I support organization schools, to strengthen the common scope which is most needed at the time I wrote this. It depends on the social balance of course, but right now organizational schools are the priority in My country and world.

If you are tired of Bigotry, you might want to try supporting an organizational school.

The core of an empire is often located at the Leadership schools... Let's use Academic Light on them! :D Yay!

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