Visions of a Freeman - Tuesday, May 13 of 2014
The Official Declaration of a New Era.

Second day of May, day 13 :)

My Last and First Vision.

Today I will write a bit more into the details of a TRIBalance that I have not detailed before. I reserved it for the best time to write about it.

It is a type of division in the system that I have hinted before, but now I will detail fully to explain why the TRIBalance System is not a witch hunting system.

Let's review some of the things that are common in TRIBalance and make a structure out of it.

Academy is Independent (Common section of society).

That means that the Academy is contained within itself.

Students participate in Academic media where only material that produced in the Academic system is shared for academic purposes. That way in an academic system only students and teachers participate. Professionals that are not students or teachers do not participate, those participate in a commercial media.

That gives total Academic control over the Academy by academics.

In chaotic, harsh situations the Academy can process professional journalism to put order on a massive scale.

There are media regulation systems or what is the same, media regulators. They are like media police but they see the crimes and they send irregular things to Academy for them to study. Academy can then educate to stop such abuses using a school of journalism, that is the first warning an offender gets. If the offense is very severe then licenses are suspended or legal actions can be taken.

Normally a teacher talks about professional media only when regulators need it. The structure of the School of Journalism serves to sustain the reputation of the journalists by their scientific ethics, which is now easier to determine using TRIBalance systems.

Venezuela already has schools of journalism and media regulation offices so all it needs is to upgrade.

Media regulators are trained to find illegal activities within the media and if the offence is not very serious it can refer it to the Academics to give advise to society. If it is very serious then it forwards it to the police to take legal actions.

The Academic media is not only self contained and controlled by teachers, it also has several limits:
1)  Academic media is open for Academic use under an academic license.
2)  Academic media does not have profit for crimes or death.
3)  Academic media does not put students in harm's way covering police stories unless it is a Police Academy.
4)  Academic media of art cover student art and teacher art, there are also celebrity art teachers.
5)  Academic media does not enjoy freedom of expression, like in any classroom teachers regulate it.
6)  Academic media only gives advise over professional, normal media when teachers do decide to educate.
7)  If a regulator sees that Academy fails to cover the educational campaign, it can advise himself.
8)  The Academic school for graduated professionals has the power to suspend journalists.
9)  All suspensions must be accountable explaining the reasons and ethical transgressions made.
10)  Academic media has no contact whatsoever with professional media, it is totally independent to them.
11)  You can also call Classroom media to the Academic media.
12)  Academic media is the future of journalism in an age where students won't have to go to classrooms.
13)  Academic media celebrities or celebrity teachers have a special status on professional media.
14)  Academic media is always Scientific Journalism, following the TRIBalance principles.
15)  Academic media and professional media are distinctively separate from one another & do not mix.
16)  We can call the Academic media, the Brain media. The brain is not located in the stomach.
17)  Academic media cannot and will not have stock trading or investment gambling.
18)  Academic media favors Academic marketing to academic systems.
19)  There is always an Academic regulator who gives "the weather" of professional media to the public.
20)  Media regulators must have a web site that keeps professional journalism guidelines and advise.
21)  Academic regulators have access to every professional news made in TRIBalance systems.
22)  Academic high ranking teachers and high ranking politicians have access to the news data base as confidential.
23)  Every video and radio program must have it's text equivalent to make it searchable.
24)  The news data base system is not accessible to ordinary citizens, only high ranking officials have access.
25)  Academic regulators do not have any copyright constraints inside their confidential analysis network.
26)  Only regulators have access to the regulation studies or analysis.
27)  Academic media and commercial, professional media are two very distinctive and different forms of media.
28)  Teachers always control everything that appears on academic media. So the brain behaves as it should.
29)  In countries like Venezuela, the law commands to make a database of everything politicians say.
30)  Usually Academic media does not mess with commercial, professional media or religion related things.
31)  Academic media is fully self contained within it's scope. The brain is inside the skull (only in country).
32)  Academic media does not ask for transparency outside the scope of itself nor the government.
33)  The reason why transparency advocacy is self contained is to make it faster to achieve.
34)  I repeat, Academic media does not ask the government for accountability, it is banned. Focus on brain cure.

Social spirituality (Relative section of society).

This sector of society is the religious and the political sectors of society.

They have to have a web page where they communicate with people on a diary type page so people can know what they are up to and what is it that they are doing.

Religion requires TRIBalance Angel police to ensure they are not used to commit crime and hurt people. It requires a special type of regulation scientist trained in TRIBalance schools of first level.

Material and commerce (Limit sector of society).

This sector contains the professionals that were graduated from Academic systems. You can also call it the "muscle" systems.

In here you see the commercial media and it's own rules which can be distinctively different from Academic media in the sense that it is less strict on scientific journalism and might not always be totally open, like normal media currently works today.

The death of the primitive pre-TRIBalance system.

The old primitive system that was stomached and brain at the same time is now currently obsolete and is replaced by the Brain core systems which are more advanced, gives a skull to the social brain and put's the brain where it belongs, in a very different space than the stomach. This more advanced type of systems is possible thanks to TRIBalance brain protocol, which set the limits that the primitive religious-commercial-academic system did not have and one of the main reasons it was obsolete is because there was no Internet, but that is now history.

In other words the system is upgraded to a far more advanced social life form with very distinctive and well defined social brains.

And that is the Evolution of the Human Social Life form.

This also sets Emma Hewitt free from the old system, given that the new system, as long as it works and it has internet is basically sustainable in thousands of years to come since scientifically it has no limit in time as long as the conditions are met (Has TRIBalance and has Cosmos space or Internet).

So it really does not matter if Emma Hewitt is or not under British control at all, as you can see it changes nothing because the Game of Thrones has ended. Welcome to the Game of Brains. :D Yay! Hahaha!

The new Academic Brain Core systems are not only more sustainable, they are the only ones that will survive into the near future.

So heads up into the future today Emma and Delta, we are staying for the scientific moderate time of...
Emma Hewitt - Still Remember You (Stay Forever)

Welcome to the Social Brain System Era!
The Matrix Revolutions Ending

As long as it can...

We the Cosmos, have finally returned. :)
Matthew 13:33 - Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.
Daniel 2:44 - And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, [but] it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

My job done, upgrade complete. This is a very happy historical moment for humanity, the Official Declaration of a New Era. :)

Me, TRIBalance Aganju, in the name of Galactic Mary Cosmos Academy greet you into your future evolution, into the Cosmic system, welcome to the real Cosmos.

Welcome Humans, to the Marian Cosmos Galactic Network. :D

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