Visions of a Freeman - Sunday August 11 of 2013
No obsession for destruction.
Eagle does not hunt flies on the excrement.

The purpose of this page is to remind people that I am not moved by hatred nor a desire for vengeance, nor is my purpose that of shadowing criminal media.
Song: It can't rain all the time by Jane Siberry
I must remind people that all I want to see is Academic Media.

Academic media that has among it's features:
1) It has content that is adequate to students.
2) If is scientific.
3) It allows people to freely question it's content and research.
4) Has systems that allow high participation of people.
5) Cares about the mental health of children, specially young girls.
6) Helps Artists, specially new artists.
7) Helps Journalists, specially new journalists.
8) Servers to regulate normal media.
9) Does not profit in any way from crime, death or tragedy.
10) Encourages and enforces Transparency and Accountability.

Some people might think that I am some sort of outlaw Vigilante who takes laws in his own hands to destroy intellectual property, or some hacker activist. That is WRONG. I do NOT encourage people to break the laws, on the contrary I always advocate for the respect of laws and all I do is on the basis of respecting the law. Venezuela has laws that protects me in the case that I denounce criminal activities that are harmful to society or severely violates human rights, I think the United States too, with laws that protect Whistle Blowers.

But my purpose is not that of making a web site that lives out of being a parasite to the media, but instead that of advocating and raising consciousness of the need to create Academic Media, giving strong reasons of why they are needed.

We are at the Internet Age, there is no reason why Art Academies and Journalism Academies cannot have their own web systems, the fact that they do not exist just shows how primitive they are and how lazy or CORRUPT the Academics are inside such Academies.

But as you can see I am not moved in any way by hatred, nor do I encourage anyone to hate as a purpose in their lives. Hate is not what moves me, you cannot build civilization around hatred.

Commercial media, corrupt media and obscure media are not going to go away right now nor is it my goal, I am not asking people to hurt the media. All I am asking for is Academic Media and showing the world why we need Academic Media.

I do not want to be an example of an outlaw, because I am not. I want to give reasons of why we need Academic Media in order to enforce the values and the laws that build civilization.

So lets not go and destroy stuff, leave that to the evil parasites that we must replace, lets focus on building the future, lets focus on constructing civilization.

My purpose is not that of destroying what exists, but that of making something better, evolving into the future, ascending as a collective into a better educated society.

I guess that you could say that I am an Activist for Academy to have a better, more educated society.

Note: A criminal is not a fly, a criminal has to be brought to justice.

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