Visions of a Freeman - Friday, December 13 of 2013
The Nazi Israel.

I have not placed in a single place all my thoughts about the Nazi Israel, but I will do so now so that my words are not twisted as some people try to confuse what I say.

There was a Philosophical System in the world that stated that the Academic Control of Philosophy had to be hidden. Philosophy as well, as a secret organization. The whole purpose of the system as to control people using leadership. Leadership was the only goal, the main goal of philosophy and thus the Seol system was implemented.

The Left-Right, Conservative-Liberal systems were implemented as well. The purpose was to control for leadership reasons, imposing a sharp Bigotry. This problem became ever more apparent when the extremely bigot philosophies started to collide, which led to World War 1 and World War 2 as the "Left" ideology still educated at Academies clashed with the "Right" ideology. Accountability was forbidden simply because both of those systems were created for imperial purposes and accountability was no good for imperial leadership gain so it was removed from the system.

The consequence was a system that could not be questioned, a system that could not be held accountable similar to the current day Copyright System.

A very powerful Bigotry system was imposed with no accountability. Back then there was no technology for that on the media. The media became extremely polarized in it's views under a powerful control for leadership, what we can call: "Thought control".

The philosophical thought control for leadership and ideological slavery was far worse than it is today on FoxNews, where they can't seem to talk about anything without mentioning right and left. Everything was extremely polarized in strong ideological bias on the media while there was a conflict between the polarizing sides.

A tyranny of thoughts control was imposed over the people, that could not be questioned, that could not be exposed, a bit like it still happens today. That lead to a society where those that were very greedy for leadership gained ever more power while the base of the society was exposed to hatreds and exclusion, there was ideological slavery.

The heavy hunger for leadership led to corrupt the religion as well, as the Hebrew texts were used as the justification of a boundless quest for thought control. Judaism then became the ultimate perfection for the quest for leadership and control over people, it was leadership over religion itself and so most people that were hungry and greedy for leadership were enticed by the possibility to control religion itself. A small powerful class with all the leadership gained power while the poor people were controlled and they were not allowed to question the media and thus the powerful.

But it resulted very dangerous to have huge unquestionable media machines under extreme Bigotry and the poor people, the excluded people who were very angry started a Revolution against that greedy for leadership minority. Add to that the fact that the "Left" of Communism without transparency (Imperial Communism) simply pushed extremism out of control in a way that questioning anything in the media could be seen as dangerous and...

Then all hell broke loose. The very greedy for leadership minority that were seeking the power of leadership ever in Religion itself was confronted by a Revolution against the "Communist Left" (Which led it to be very extremist and unquestionable) and against the powerful unquestionable leadership greedy minority. That is when Hitler took over power.

Hitler was supported by the United States and Europe at the start of his rule because he was against Imperial Communism, but he found a huge media apparatus that was not only very powerful but was also very unquestionable and that is what made Hitler so very powerful: The fact that no one questioned his media and no one even wanted to because of the ideological war with Communism. Lies on the media were justified in an all out ideological war against Communism and people understood it that way.

Then the disaster. Hitler took the media machines that the corrupt and greedy leadership seeking corrupt minority had created and used it against them! But it also cost the lives of millions of people on the process, millions of people that were innocent and had nothing to do with the criminal, unaccountable and greedy for leadership minority. He lied thousands of times on the media, there was no accountability and no one to challenge him, he took control of extremely corrupted media that was already in place and people that were accustomed to not question the media.

With control of the media and virtually unchallenged by questions as there was no such thing as media accountability he proceeded to initiate and execute the holocaust while always denying that he was doing so and they always denied it, they called it war propaganda by the enemies or simply kept silence to pretend nothing happened and millions of German people believed it.

Still today very greedy people try to stop the accountability of the media, which is the same as to embrace the power of media corruption to get rich and powerful. Media corruption was rampant at the time Hitler took power and it was rampant because if the Greedy and corrupt leadership that worshiped the power of intellectual control with so much greed that it grew to religious levels.

The religion of ultimate greed for corrupt leadership devastated the German's resistance to be ideologically controlled like simple puppets and so they were used exactly like that by Hitler as he took control of that broken and corrupt machine. Then Hitler killed millions of innocent people that were not even looking for leadership at all, producing one of the most horrible tragedies in human history: World War two.

The war was over, but not the causes of it. The extreme greed for leadership so insane it was elevated to a religious level would not stop even in Europe or the United States. Now things became even more difficult because the extremely greedy in Philosophy were using a shield, the shield of the Holocaust, supposedly to protect themselves from a tragedy but they actually HELPED CREATE the Hollocaust. It became even harder to hold the extremely corrupt in Philosophy accountable while corrupt, unaccountable media was still rampant. Which lead to a second Holocaust: The killing of South American social activists in what is known as the so called: Cold War, which I would call the "Anti-Media Accountability war".

Again, millions of people died, if not directly like in the Colombia tragedy they died of poverty and crime created in part thanks to the unaccountable media system which the United States led called the Interamerican Press Society, which was really just a media tyranny system and it still is today.

So we are seeing the same factor repeat itself in the three cases: The German Leadership's corruption, The Rise of Hitler and the Cold War. That factor is: Corrupt, unaccountable and unquestionable media systems.

But the greed for leadership would not stop, like a fire that cannot leave the burning oil even if showered with water, the next tragedy of extreme leadership happened: The invasion of Israel for the power of religious leadership. That too caused extreme pain and hatred that eventually led to wars and great suffering and exclusion.

The same people that were responsible for the German people's tragedy with Hitler were the same people that created Israel. But who would ever even dare to question their extreme philosophical corruption if they would claim they are being hunted down like the innocent Jewish that died under Hitler?

So the Holocaust became a shield for those unaccountable criminals of Philosophy to become untouchable and unquestionable. If anyone even dared to question their crimes for leadership they would be branded as Anti-Semitic and punished severely as a criminal.

It is then no coincidence at all that FoxNews today belongs to the "Conservatives" of the United States, which is to say: The hunger for leadership. It is no coincidence that Bigotry is very strong in FoxNews even today as they can't seem to talk about anything without it and it is no secret to anybody that it is illegal to even question FoxNews or hold them accountable in public with evidence. The same sickness that lead to Hitler, strong and powerful at FoxNews and finally it is no surprise that FoxNews seeks shelter under the Jewish protection shields to commit it's crimes so if anyone even dares question them they will say they are being attacked because they support the Jewish system.

No surprise they support Israel, which is the crusade for control of religious leadership to further enslave humanity in an unquestionable and unaccountable tyranny. No question that the most corrupt and less interested in media accountability are the same ones that support Israel. The Conservatives of the United States and the European Academies, conservatives of Bigotry, Conservatives of media unquestionable tyranny, conservatives of imperial, rapist philosophy. But how can you possibly denounce them? They would immediately run to hide behind Judaism and call you a Neo Nazi, when it is people like them the responsible for the rise of the Nazis.

Unmask them and then they say you want to destroy all the innocent Jewish people and all the Israelies and that you want to create a holocaust... When all you did was observe extreme philosophical and also media corruption.

But open your eyes and just observe. The Nazis always denied they were doing the Holocaust but the great majority of them did not even know it was even happening. The majority of the Nazis and other German soldiers had less hatred for the Jewish than the so called Jewish in Israel have for the Palestinians...

It still is a crime to question the extreme greed for leadership that has gained even religious dimensions in the United States and European Academy and the corrupt, unquestionable and bigotry slavers can't be any more happy that the Holocaust happened because they thought it would serve as a perfect shield to stop anyone from wanting to question them or risk being called an Anti-Semitic, or a Neo Nazi and then taken to jail or exposed to the hatred of people.

Then there is the innocent people who have no idea this is going on that are used as human shields against their will.

I do not want to hurt innocent Israelis, on the very contrary I want to help those that are being hurt by extremely corrupt philosophical machines. Hitler is now the President of Israel and the Corrupt Anti-Accountability Imperial Academies continues to support him while they do everything they can to stop open and accountable, responsible and Academic media that would grant Independence to their slaves.

Wake up and see that it is not Me that is the greatest enemy of the people in the Middle East or the people now living in Palestine. If there is one thing you can be sure of is that I am the biggest Anti-Nazi that even the Israelis have ever known in modern times.

Now, some people are talking about changing Judaism, they call it a "Reform", which is funny and absurd because actually it is already changed, what they need is to recover the original Hebrewism as it was before the Romans altered it and destroyed the last of the TRIBalance temples. It is not a "Reform" but rather a "Return" to true Hebrewism, and that is the TRIBalance.

This will settle once and for all the imperial lies that call Me a Jewish murderer, when on the very contrary I am the KING OF ALL HEBREWS. The problem is... There are non... :S So much for a Kingdom... *Laugh*

When I say Nazi, I mean:

Unaccountable, Unquestionable, Corrupt, Bigot and Extremely Greedy for Leadership person or Institution that is insanely in search of enslaving humanity with Philosophy. You can easily see where they are: They do not want open, accountable and questionable Academic Media, they do not want corruption out of the media.



Washington Post
Wall Street Journal
BBC News

Or any other media that under the grounds of Copyright refuses to be held accountable and exposed by the Academy of any country where it operates.

In other words: Corrupt Intellectual Slavery Institutions.

If you help the Academic Redeemers we can stop more unintended consequences (Hitlers) from destroying humanity and producing more Holocausts. If we do nothing, Cancer will grow and more horrible tragedies are sure to come.

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