Visions of a Freeman - 29 of August, 2013
Naked instinct of the beast.

The Human body is born with basic instincts, behavior which all humans have. Among those raw instincts is sex.

Nakedness in TRIBalance is thus, raw instincts, which is the lack of education, no education to cover it, it is raw instinct.

The clothing that goes over the raw instinct is the Academic clothing, the education that makes us behave in a civilized way and not by instinct.

Let me give you one example. If a man was truly naked he would go out to the streets naked and just get any women he sees as sexy and rapes her because he is physically stronger. That is nakedness, it's to behave as the body wants, has nothing to do with the brain, it's pure brutality, pure animal behavior.

Nakedness leads to slavery, since people that are lead by instincts are not educated, they are ignorant or they help propagate ignorance, which is more instinct and less education.

That is why the Academic, educated woman has her instincts covered with the clothing of education, which is good for her stability as a woman and for the formation of young, healthy children.

The best way not to be possessed by the evil is being covered in education, not covered in instinct since instinct does not reason, it is brutal but it still is necessary for the body.

There is a common error for women to think that sincerity, transparency and honesty are related to nakedness, that is false, it is totally false. Instinct just drives people to be insincere, corrupt and dishonest because it has no scruples, no shame, no control or limit to greed so values are far from nakedness.

I will invent a new word to describe nakedness: "Instinctness", even if our language has a better word for it: "Idiot".

There is no nakedness in an Academic Woman that she would want to show to deprive her of her education and values that are far from the basic brutal human instincts.

I will show two types of women, the first one believes in nakedness, in the instinct, in animal behavior, in the disregard for education and who like to try to inspire little girls to leave education and abuse their instincts:

That is a woman that disregards education, leads little girls to abandon education as well. She is far worse than a prostitute because a normal prostitute has no intention of hurting the education of little girls, education which is just learning how not to be the slaves of the instinct of others... That is the Nakedness of Brutality or just call it: "Naked Brutality".

Now I am going to show you a picture of a woman that tries hard to NOT BE SLAVE of her brutal instincts. The purpose is not to create a religious debate, it's just to show a woman that does not want to be possessed by her animal instincts and does not want to be a slave of the instincts of others. She wants to be covered in education and values.

I am sure you have noticed a DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT woman there. She is not trying to tell little girls, with her clothing, to let loose the BEAST OF INSTINCT that is inside them. Some people do not like a given religion, but that does not mean they have to dislike when a woman does not want to promote beast instincts on little girls... Some things have to be admired by responsible parents that want well educated children.

I have to show you how Nakedness looks like in the eyes of a responsible parent of a little girl:

Nakedness, in the eyes of children is: THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

The mark of the beast instinct, the brutal instincts of survival inside us.

Some things were never meant for children, some examples are not the correct examples little children must follow, regardless of what the adults like.

All Academic women should avoid promoting naked instincts to children and I do not think I have to explain why.

NUDITY CORRUPTS CHILDREN as it pushes them to instincts, which causes them to not concentrate or leave education and sometimes even getting pregnant while still children. Adults might like it, but it has NO PLACE in front of children who need to learn how NOT to be slave of instinct.

Instincts without education just lead to SLAVERY and ABUSE.

Nakedness is just like the genital parts of humans, they must be covered in front of children. Anybody that does not understand this is a sexual child molester or a pedophile like for example the news Media FoxNews that truly enjoys showing porn to children, openly and then puts children on their own porn sites.

Nudity should not be a topic for Academic music or contained in Academic music since it only promotes instincts, not education.

This is important to learn if you will be an Academic Artist.

Remember the balance of Academic art gives three types of scopes: The Material (The Flies), the Spiritual (The Butterflies) and the Intellectual (The Bees). Nudity generates more "Flies" in the mind of children and flies often bring sickness with them.

All Academic Art is by default meant for children unless it is strongly rated otherwise and kept out of reach of children.

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