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Murdoch buys creative freedom.

Take a look at this:
20 December 2013 Last updated at 17:32 GMT

Storyful social media firm bought by Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch's media company NewsCorp has bought Storyful, an Irish "social media news agency".

The Dublin-based firm has been acquired for $25 million (£15.3m).

Storyful specialises in licensing and distributing social media content to major news organisations such as the Wall Street Journal and BBC.

"We believe that journalism in the age of social media needs to be open, innovative and collaborative," Storyful founder Mark Little said.

Mr Little set up the company in 2010. He had previously been a presenter on Irish TV network RTE.

Storyful's business is in verifying online video authenticity, and also licenses usage rights to broadcasters for popular viral video.

The company will remain at its current location in Dublin, and will act as a standalone company.

Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp, added: "Storyful has become the village square for valuable video, using journalistic sensibility, integrity and creativity to find, authenticate and commercialise user-generated content."

My spell checker says there is a lot of spelling errors there. Well anyway...

Let Me explain that with detail.

Suppose a user has a very cute pet. Any person, and wants to share his love for that kind of pet so that people all over the world appreciate better that kind of animal. Lets say the animal is an Owl.

So the person creates a nice video about cute owl because he really likes owls.

So the person makes something like this:
Cute owl video.

Just a video about a very cute owl or more than one owl.

Then the video gets very popular, it was a video made by the users for the users to enjoy and pretend it was made by the user so that people love owls more, thus increasing ecological consciousness and the need to protect those animals for their survival and thus a better future for an ecological, sustainable humanity. So there goes nature lover and creates a nice owl video so we all love owls a bit more.

There is a problem though...

Then comes evil Murdoch, the Roach King and decides that the video:

1) Now belongs to him.
2) Even if it was made by the users, no other user can use it without his permission.
3) Tries to buy the creator of the video, that will not create any more free, user sharable content.
4) Uses the videos that the users liked to put right next to his content, to promote his junk which includes Porn.
5) Nature lovers loose big time and the whole conservation promotion campaign to protect owls is hurt.

The end result is that ecological love is severely hit since the more cute owls people use on their own videos the more people learn that owls can be adorable so it hurts the conservation efforts of people.

Nature conservation will be a top priority for humanity.

Not only that, since you can't use the cute owl or any such video any longer then you have less material to practice your own art and exercise your own creativity which leads to not only less creativity but to less personality and self esteem.

A video that was made by users for the users in the hopes that it was freedom for the users suddenly became a prohibition to use material by the users and any other similar owl will be made obsolete by Murdoch's marketing hitting all other owl videos or any kind of video that is now used for marketing control of the users.

The next step is that you will see the cute owl right next to nudist artists, crime shows and pornography promotion at FoxNews for his interest, not for the interest of the users that made the video popular in the first place. That is buying democracy.

"We believe that journalism in the age of social media needs to be open, innovative and collaborative," Storyful founder Mark Little said.

I believe that Copyright Licensing in the age of social media closes opportunities, stifles innovation and makes it a lot less collaborative for the users. For example if they License the little owl image, users can't use it any more without Murdoch's permission so it stifles the openness of the social media. You cannot create your own art innovations with it because it is licensed so it stifles innovation and you can not share it without his permission so the social network becomes less collaborative.

Then the cute owl is used to further enhance his publicity of drugs, vice, crime and sex... Converting the cute owl made to gain the favor of the users in a positive way, into an authentic tool to promote Social Cancer and thus DESTROY SOCIETY.

With the cute owl now at a Porn Page of FoxNews, the owl conservation effort failed and the end result is that more owls will eventually die and nature would be at more risk and thus humanity.

Murdoch wants to END Openness, Innovation and Collaboration on the Social Networks.

In the end he buys so much stuff that it would be very hard to know what is licensed and what is not and due to the great amount of news about Murdoch suing people they become afraid to create and thus opt for not creating at all and thus the whole idea of the free social network just DIES into TYRANNY where you basically cannot create without fear or without asking permission to Murdoch.

That is why an Academic Copyright is needed. One that makes it legal to use it openly for Academic Purposes but that is limited only to the corporations or business that uses it, NOT the user.

That way the License only applies to the business, not the students of an Academy. The students can still use it openly, but the Business would have to pay to use it to the Academy and even if they pay it will still be of free use for the students and the Academic Network.

That way innovation is not stifled in a crucial area such as Academy and it is very important in the ecological campaigns to promote nature conservation. That way an Academy and a team of ecologists for example can create free to share videos about love to nature to raise consciousness on people to preserve nature. Even organizations like GreenPeace can do that. Then with the Academic License business media have to pay to use the material but the users, students and Academy do not. The end result is that the cute owl gets extensively used in a lot of creations and thus propagates faster, making the ecological consciousness effort more effective.

The Academic License also makes it a lot more fun for the users since they can safely know that their creations are for real collaborative use by anyone else, which makes it a lot more fun and attractive to artists since there is no "fear factor", thus increasing the freedom of creativity, the openness and the innovation. Students will find it a lot more fun and lovable and if any person tries to throw chains of tyranny into the creations that stifle and cripple creativity then the Academy can defend the rights of users to exercise creativity, which is very important at the Academic space.

Murdoch just told us why Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. is a source for a dying freedom sucked away by a social cancer tumor such as Rupert Murdoch, the Roach King.

You just saw one more reason why TRIBalance Academic Systems are so superior to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other non Academic so called Social Networks but that are really just Data storage facilities to spy on people, own the freedom of people and use what the users like to push them to buy stuff they don't need, like drugs and crime news.

So as long as our happy and creative students took the pictures of the animals themselves, no student has to fear that an owl of another user is prohibited for use, they can create freely, happily and creatively learning to collaborate with each other. If some business media wants to use it, they pay, but students can still use them as if nothing happened because it is an Academic License that limits only the businesses, not the users and in art that freedom is not only very much needed, it is also very much appreciated and artists would love that idea, specially young people that need to exercise their artistic mind in an age where it is so necessary, I know their parents would like the idea as well.

It is called: FREEDOM TO CREATE.

It is only possible in an ACADEMIC NETWORK.

That is why:

Academic media is the solution.

Now, can the so called Social Networks of the United States agencies be any worse and go as low as to sell the user's freedom to the Roach King Gangster and his media brothel of crime shows, sexual harassment, abuse to women, open marketing of pornography and even pedophilia?

The answer is: Certainly yes, those spy agencies can go even lower.

Look at this:
Snowden revela 9 países europeos que espiaban junto a la NSA

Publicado: 19 dic 2013 | 20:19 GMT Última actualización: 19 dic 2013 | 20:45 GMT

España, Francia, Alemania, Noruega, Países Bajos, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Italia y Suecia son los países que participaron en el espionaje masivo junto con EE.UU., según nuevas filtraciones de Edward Snowden.

Una nueva porción de documentos secretos revelados por el extécnico de la CIA confirma que estos nueve países europeos, denominados como "socios terceros", entre ellos España y Alemania, trabajaban junto con la Agencia Nacional de Seguridad de EE.UU. (NSA).

El documento fue revelado por el canal de televisión sueco SVT como parte de un documental sobre la participación de Suecia en operaciones de espionaje, informa 'The Copenhagen Post'.

En este contexto cabe recordar la existencia del denominado 'Club de los Cinco Ojos', compuesto por EE.UU., el Reino Unido, Australia, Nueva Zelanda y Canadá. Es una alianza de intercambio de inteligencia que funciona con estrechas relaciones. El sistema tiene alcance sobre un 90% de las comunicaciones mundiales de internet.

Spain (EFE), France (AFP), Germany, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden does massive spying with the United States.

United States (AP, Bloomberg, FoxNews, CNN, etc), Great Britain (Reuters, BBC), Australia, New Zeland and Canada part of the "Five Eye" Internet Spying club on the rest of the more than 150 countries in the world.

Now you can understand why those same countries, their Media and News Agencies are the ones that most actively promote Google (YouTube included), FaceBook, Twitter, Linkin, etc. They do all that free publicity not for free... But for the right to see the spied data of the rest of the world in the "Five Eye Spy club". Something that violates the International Law, not only by stealing private data from sovereign countries, but by promoting monstrous monopolies that stifle Job Creation, Marketing Business, Academic formation and innovation in the entire world and even in their own countries, like a huge Leech.


Can it get any worse than that?

Now Google is stepping up efforts to reduce jobs even more using robots, making the unemployment industry more technological... Just what the world does not need and all for the privilege of just a few countries to rape the rest of the world...

That is why:

Academic Media is the solution and the legal way.

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