Visions of a Freeman - October 05, 2013
Let the sky fall.
When honesty means something in Philosophy and Academy, the corrupt fall.
About the Bigotry to avoid transparency and accountability.
:) Hi. Well today I am looking at wacko Bill O'Really talking about mental illness XD He is a madman :I But he looks normal only because he has money. But see him talk for a little while, you find: BIGOTRY to extremes. His brain can't seem to work without: "Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal" Mantra. :S That must be painful and it causes great pain on people as it destroys their empathy. Bigotry is terrible in the brain. :S

I know I do not like to be around people that have brain-split :I They are so sick & depressing, very sick too.

I do not believe in Left, nor Right, nor Conservative, nor Liberal. I believe in COMMON SENSE. :I Coincidently computers also do not believe in any of that BULLSHIT. I will tell you a cool tip :D Yay! Maybe it helps you a lot. People that are Insane in Intellect, Intellectualists have 2 basic problems.

First is that their intellectualism makes them go further away from limit, the material aspect. That explains why they crave sickly for it. meaning that they try to balance their madness with luxury & enslaving women. Trying to buy an appearance of common sense. The less Limit they have, the more they crave for it, but in their own terms, with fake limits. :I That is why the people putrid in Bigotry like Bill have a natural attraction to waste luxury & control of women for profit.

The second aspect and cool tip is that the Intellectualist fear transparency & accountability.

In fact all that bigotry is just an excuse for fear of transparency. In that sense all this talk about left, right, conservative, liberal is just to distract the brain from wanting transparency & accountability. Bigotry, my friends is used to cover CORRUPTION.

So when you see a person talking a whole lot about left, right, conservative, liberal you automatically know that person does not believe in transparency and accountability and is rotten in corruption. :I See how easy? XD

For example...

You see this new friend, you do not know if it is a healthy friend, well you test the person. :P Start by talking about Left and Right, Conservative and Liberal. If that person gets passionate about the topic, you just met a wasp, a potential ENEMY! :S A person that even without them knowing it will try to harm you. A person that is mentally ill in Bigotry. :S

Now if the person is like me and shows he does not like stupid Bigotry of the sheep, shines Logic & Common Sense and tries to calm you down or avoid the bigotry, then that person is healthy. XD Does not have a smooshy brain see?

All that Left, Right, Conservative and Liberal BULLSHIT is just a sick excuse to avoid Accountability & Transparency.

It is just like George Carlin said: The rich divide the poor to run away with the money. It is Intellectual slavery.

Bill is by far one of the biggest dividers in the world today. He does HUGE damage to the mental health of people.

You know when you see a good doctor when you ask the doctor about Bigotry as a mental illness. That test helps you see who are the real psychologists and doctors and who are fake. For example Dr. Ben Carson in the few times he appeared on FoxNews he talked about the dangers of Bigotry. :) THAT IS SO COOL! :D Yay! He is an honest doctor see? :)

But then there is this other VILLAIN that now puts himself as a judge of who is normal or nuts on a segment of FoxNews... Who says NOTHING! Dr. Keith Ablow of FoxNews does not see ANY problem AT ALL with Bigotry... :S!!! NONE AT ALL!!! And he claims to be a doctor. He CLAIMS TO BE. But in the ethics of a doctor with consciousness Ben is LIGHT YEARS further than Ablow. Maybe because Ben is trying to be honest, while ABlow is a mercenary for money dancing for Murdoch to support his crimes.

There is NO Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal. :I It's all a BIG, SICK, ILLUSION!!! Nothing more. A sickness.

Madness, that is all it is friends: MADNESS, INSANITY to avoid Integrity, Accountability & Transparency.

Same bullshit with that Capitalism... :I LOL! BULLSHIT! There is NO SUCH THING! Simple as that friends. What is real is the great FEAR that the corrupt have to light see? To Transparency, to Accountability. FEAR!!! Fear because the crooks are full of Bigotry to justify their hideous crimes against the mind of people.

Have you ever asked yourself why NOBODY EVER talks about TRANSPARENT CAPITALISM? XD LOL! Not once, not EVER!!! FoxNews talking about transparent Capitalism? Transparent Individualism? LLOOLL!!! Never!!! You see friends, ask yourself since when criminals & corrupt crooks advocate for transparency & accountability both in money administration as in media responsibility and content? :I LLOOLL!!! They never do! They never do because they know they are criminals that want to be unquestionable to be able to do crimes and enslave with Bigotry. :S

But I am not fooled by those sick Villains and doctors without ethics. :I LOL! Only Transparency & Accountability are real friends! Only Accountability & Transparency are real to an honest man, real to an honest women of light. :) Not BIGOTRY!!! That is all I do not want to see Bigotry in Universities & other Academies.


So I make those fake stars of Bigotry fall to the ground. Producing a Sky fall. The END.
Adele - Skyfall
Oh and Bill, Murdoch, Netanyanju, they BELONG IN JAIL. In freaking, hard cold JAIL!!! The Masters of CORRUPTION!!!

Imposing Bigotry corruption on people is soul corrupting.

FoxNews is all about that: SOUL CORRUPTION or crimes against Integrity. In Venezuela it is a crime, at least in text it is. XD Not in practice but in text and now Billy Asshole even DARES to talk about mental illness? :I Ben Carson should tell Bill what a cold hearted criminal snake he really is.

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