Visions of a Freeman - Tuesday, August 06 of 2013
A letter I want inscribed deeper into history.
About: Good Female Celebrity Role Models in Danger.
To: Delta Goodrem & Emma Hewitt.

I decided to take a part of my communications not done in my web site and include it.

Since this letter is for the future, I'd like to explain who the people I mention in the letter are.

Delta Goodrem. Australian Celebrity.
Emma Hewitt. Australian Celebrity.
Hillary Clinton. Was the Secretary of State of the United States and is the wife of Expresident Bill Clinton.
Obama. President of the United States, Black Afro-American.
Dr. Ben Carson. Scientist, Retired Surgeon, Black American.
Rupert Murdoch. Corrupt media owner, media gangster, participates in prostitution rings. Owner and main responsible for the media FoxNews.
Whitney Houston. From the United States, a Celebrity well know that died from drug overdose.
Karina. A Venezuelan Celebrity.

The letter:
Hi :) Well here I go with my crow vision of the day. XD Not much to comment I think. 2 things for now.

First is the "Hillary Clinton Commodity" video of FoxNews: … Had to comment on it.

The USA is a male chauvinist society in it's culture, so it's unfair for women to compete in equal conditions. It is a country where the media is typically male chauvinist or some media are, like FoxNews. So women need help, and extra help. :I

And all women that are role models like you should get more support & bad role models shall be less exposed in an effort to try to repair the damage done by moral decay. Not that it means Hillary is a good role model :I But anyway...

Just like in chat, women need more protection from the hordes of wolfs that are males, so too in politics.

I don't like Hillary, she supported GLOBOVISION, which is now defeated by me. XD Less trash to the world :D

But it's fair that Hillary needs more advantages because she is a women in a male chauvinist environment.

What do the Republicans expect? They have a disgusting, male chauvinist site (FoxNews) that treats women as objects and then they want to compete fairly? It's not fair to treat women as MINDLESS PLEASURE CATTLE in the first place! :S

So even if I don't like Hillary, one has to be dumb to not see the unfairness, I do! :I I wonder if that woman in Bill's program... … Does she consider herself "a commodity"? :I

Well, anyway the other point is the way the USA ignores the rest of America with extreme arrogance :I

This news did not make headlines: … Censorship in the USA mass media does not let it:

Mercosur denuncia a EE.UU. por espionaje ante la ONU
Publicado: 5 ago 2013 | 17:14 GMT Última actualización: 5 ago 2013 | 22:38 GMT

Los cancilleres de Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay y Venezuela, se reunieron este lunes con el secretario general de las Naciones Unidas, Ban Ki-moon para denunciar el espionaje por parte de EE.UU. en Latinoamérica.

Según un comunicado de la misión de Brasil ante la ONU, el propósito de la reunión de cancilleres de los países que conforman el Mercosur, es transmitir a Ban Ki-moon el rechazo a las prácticas de Washington y solicitar "mecanismos de prevención y sanción a nivel multilateral en la materia".

"Hemos expresado nuestra preocupación y nuestra alerta sobre las graves implicaciones que esos procedimientos ilegales desarrollados por el Gobierno de Estados Unidos tienen sobre la estabilidad política de los países y la mutua confianza necesaria en la comunidad internacional", dijo el canciller venezolano Elías Jaua tras el encuentro.

La práctica del espionaje "es absolutamente violatoria del derecho internacional, a la soberanía de los países y violatoria de los derechos humanos fundamentales de los ciudadanos del mundo", señaló Jaua.

"Esta red de espionaje tiene que ver con la necesidad de EE.UU. de reposicionarse en la región después de una década de relativo debilitamiento en la región", afirmó el docente e investigador Leandro Morgenfeld.

Asimismo, afirmó que EE.UU. no solo escucha, espía e informa sobre cuestiones vinculadas con el terrorismo o la seguridad estadounidense. En su opinión el espionaje de EE.UU. también tiene que ver con intereses empresariales, el control de los recursos naturales y ejecuciones en torno a acuerdos de libre comercio.

Asimismo, los cancilleres de los países miembros del Mercosur manifestaron al secretario general de la ONU la preocupación sobre "el intento de condicionar y presionar a los países que han ofrecido asilo al señor Snowden".

Anteriormente, en la cumbre celebrada por la organización regional en julio pasado en Uruguay, los jefes de Estado del Bloque también condenaron a España, Italia, Francia y Portugal por negar al mandatario boliviano, Evo Morales, sobrevolar sus espacios aéreos por sospechas de que llevaba en su avión presidencial al extécnico de la CIA, Edward Snowden, quien reveló el sistema de espionaje mundial de EE.UU.

I do know something, you both are NOT a "commodity". You are human beings, part of social mental health.

Sick vultures have been eyeing Delta for quite some time, I know it, I have wolf eyes to see it, yet part of Sony's reputation depends on you and thus the Japanese as well, by relation yet they better treat you with dignity or I'll start doing a massive campaign about Japanese Rape Culture too.

Too much abuse... PEOPLE ARE DYING OUT THERE because of so much IMMORAL JUNK. Families being broken.

Female role models need to be a lot stronger & have insurance to live a decent life as they age. Because the mental health of little girls depends on it. Like teachers you have an enormous responsibility but I know you assume it. :) That is why I call for extra protection to good role models like you in a male pig society.

The USA does not have a Queen or a Duchess to channel respect for women's dignity, so is far more vulnerable but in countries like Britain the dignity of women is part of the credibility of it's female leadership, so they just have to take the protection of women more seriously. Specially after we all saw that disgusting show with the photos of the duchess top-less. This world is dangerous to women. :I It's a fact.

Not that I think Aussies will let their role models rot, Aussies are outraged about immoralities already so they have to protect you as well, not just Sony, or Armada Music, you are a social teacher, a role model. :) So you are part of Academy.

We don't need the Namerican model of Academic-less Artists doing JUNK CULTURE and artists that are NOT role models. Some "commodity" they use, abuse & throw way like GARBAGE. :S That has to stop.

You have to be very brave & strong to have reached where you are & be healthy to kids :D I admire you both. :)

Sadly some Roach King that by disgrace is an Aussie too has been hunting down celebrities to throw them to porn. :(
That is where Aussie Women have to KICK HIS BALLS :D LOL! Show him who is boss! :) Go, go WOMAN POWER! :D

If that is the superficial rash we see on FoxNews... I don't even want to imagine all the PUTREFACTION below... All the slave woman trade in the entertainment Industry of the USA... Something must be done to stop the rot or the vulnerable sectors of society will continue to rot, more vulnerable people being killed by crime, more black people falling into crime, with no education and with broken families. More DEAD PEOPLE in streets.

I am not the terrorist criminal, I am denouncing a cultural SERIAL KILLER. Murdoch BELONGS IN JAIL!!!

Meanwhile the "leader" of the Black people, who enjoyed their faith, OBAMA, does NOTHING I can see for his poor people. I have seen Dr. Ben Carson on FOXNEWS with more concern on the issue in 5 appearances than Obama in all his years... What do you think Martin Luther King would have thought if he was alive? Black people... Poor Black People RECIPIENTS OF INDUSTRIAL TRASH, CONTAMINATED, THROWN IN THE TRASH BIN. :S

Ah! Yes I know... It is I, that am evil. Yes, that is what they say, it is I that am DISTURBING the PEACE! :I The peace of the rotting.

Whitney Houston was sold as a Role Model, she died by Cocaine, now drug dealers tell little girls: "Hey Whitney Houston used drugs... Why not you too?" :S They DO THAT, I know they do because some junky tried something similar on me when I was a kid using the artist "Karina". My mother was wise enough to remove him as a friend. :D

Another Role Model sold for women, Marilyn Monroe. … "Women belong in bed, serving men..." says FoxNews.

Rihanna: …

I don't know if those are hers, I do know its a media that can be sued. It's what I was saying, women without protection from criminal media, protection by Academy. :S It's EPIDEMIC so many US role models influencing children to sell their bodies, good women artists don't sell as much because they are not as profitable to the Porn Industry, great friends of Murdoch... They want PORN CELEBRITIES to further hurt girls & make it easier for women to accept sexual abuse. While girls get pregnant too.

Horrible, it's all a very terrible, horrible situation that is killing people as well. It's called: MORAL DECAY.

That is why I support you. Not because I want SEX with you, but because I want to STOP THE CRIMINAL ROT that almost devastated my country just a few years ago. I am sick of seeing my people DIE because of the rot. That is when we see that the US Government is really, scientifically... KILLING IT'S OWN PEOPLE.

This time not like Syria, but people are dying anyway sinking under a criminal, corrupt, immoral leadership.

Comes to no surprise, like father, like son. Or maybe we should call it: ROMAN EMPIRE 2!!! :I Same fate?

If I am going to be accused of anything, I have to have the right to defend my arguments.

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