Visions of a Freeman - 05 of June of 2013
Killing in the name of peace.

This vision was made with some words I used in a messaging system on the Internet but I got a little carried away so I will make it better on my web site to clear out confusions.

Why is UNESCO giving prizes to military interventions? :I
5 June 2013 Last updated at 19:05 GMT

Hollande wins Unesco peace prize for Mali intervention

France's president has received a major prize from the United Nations' cultural organisation for his decision to send troops to Mali in January.

Francois Hollande was awarded the annual Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize by Unesco at a ceremony in Paris.

The president of the jury praised Mr Hollande for the "solidarity shown by France to the peoples of Africa".

The decision was criticised by some human rights groups, who noted the continuing unrest in Mali.

Earlier, the Malian army said its soldiers had clashed with Tuareg separatists near the northern town of Kidal, killing several rebels.


The Houphouet-Boigny prize, created in 1989, is intended to honour people that have made a significant contribution to peace and stability.

Other winners include former Irish president Mary Robinson, South Africa's former leader Nelson Mandela and the first president of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao.

President Hollande was presented with a diploma, a gold medal and a cash prize of $150,000 (98,000, 115,000 euros), which he will reportedly donate to two relief organisations working in Mali.

Joaquim Chissano, president of the deciding jury, said: "Having assessed the dangers and the repercussions of the situation on Africa and on Mali in particular, as well as on the rest of the world, the jury appreciated the solidarity shown by France to the peoples of Africa."

Mali's President, Dioncounda Traore, thanked Mr Hollande and referred to the "humiliation" suffered by people living in the north of of the country before the French troops arrived.

Benin President Thomas Boni Yayi meanwhile told the news agency AFP: "If France had not intervened, where would we be? God alone knows."

'Cynical' decision

France has begun to withdraw some of its 4,000 troops from Mali after driving Islamist groups from the main towns and cities of the north.

It plans to gradually hand over to the Malian army and a UN peacekeeping force before presidential and parliamentary elections are held.

But tensions remain between the Malian authorities and the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), which is fighting mostly for the rights of the minority Tuareg community. There have also been attacks from Islamist militants hiding in the mountains and desert of the north.

Mireille Fanon-Mendes-France, president of human rights organisation Fondation Frantz Fanon, told the BBC that the decision to award Mr Hollande the Houphouet-Boigny prize was "cynical", pointing to unresolved issues in Mali.

The choice of recipient was perceived by some to be both cultural and political, reports the BBC's Catherine Zemmouri in Paris.

The prize is named after Felix Houphouet-Boigny, a politician who served in the French government before becoming the first president of the Ivory Coast and playing a leading role in the decolonisation of Africa.

I tell you, humans are more dangerous than apes, and a lot more crazy. Why would a cultural, academic center award military actions?

Because UNESCO is highly corrupted & now to the service of France & the world academy had NO VOTE on it. That's the truth. If it was a little fair then every country in the world would have gotten a chance to vote. Did it happen? NO!

So what is that piece of shit UNESCO that serves & prizes military actions over cultural, academic actions? :I

Just like vomiting Nobel Prizes, it was meant to serve the interests of mostly Europe, not those of the World Academy. But the horrible part is that they give prizes even if the world never got a chance to vote on it. I hate some French because they hate Venezuela & SAmerica with their terrible AFP Agency tyranny of unquestionable media.

I got happy when China said that it would probe into taxing French wine. I went: :DDD!!! Yay! Go go go China! :) LOL!

UNESCO giving prizes while WIPING IT'S ASS with World Academic votes. :I NOW I'M PISSED. This is BEYOND GROSS! To use the Academic Core to give prizes to VIOLENCE!!! This is beyond my understanding. Totally SICK!!! This is NOT what I meant by UNESCO prizes in World Democracy where every vote counts... That one is a tyranny.

But I will not cease in my efforts to FIX IT & make it work for THE WORLD & not as an immoral adulator to France and it's unilateral military actions.

ALL THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD should be shocked they were never consulted on that award. ALL OF THEM!!!

Is that the kind of UNESCO France wants? The: "I do what I want, you do as I say" kind of UNESCO... I don't want it!

That was a stab in the heart of UNESCO with the dagger of tyranny imposing the will of France over that of the entire world to praise VIOLENCE & WAR, not education & peaceful resolutions of conflicts... All this is extremely sad and beyond simple words.

Awarding a peace prize to a war action... :S If it were not real I would have not thought it possible. So evil.

But I do know one thing :) My distance with the French people has just grown A TERRIBLE LOT. I won't take kindly to their atrocious acts against world academy & world democracy, which is by the way the whole purpose of the United Nations & UNESCO.

Now I have to see this little Napoleon Bonaparte crown himself an award with no International Academic votes. :S! A PEACE PRICE for sending soldiers to kill seems to be the favorite sick degeneration of the current human kind's leadership.

And they don't peace prize me that have resolved great issues & stopped massive violence without a single shot of a gun. :I I would respect the votes of all world Academies & just because of that get another peace prize! XD LOL! :)

How's about France stops wiping it's ass with the opinions of World Academy & show respect for democracy? :I Really!

I know the rest of the chickens won't dare to say it, even huge countries, but I do. France: UNESCO is not yours.

UNESCO is not a self complacent adulation institute for France's military actions. Peace is not war. :I

Peace prize to Obama who sends soldiers to Afghanistan, to Hollande, who sends to Mali... If that continues the more peace prizes, the more invasions... :S Good grief, those ASSHOLES are totally INSANE!!! S.O.S.! :S

No peace price can be given to any sick PIG that kills ANY HUMAN BEING & even less to disrespect Academic Democracy.

This is just another testament in history of how corrupted & evil humanity has become, twisting essential truths. Of course this is not the UNESCO I want, that prizes peace to those that kill or totally disregard world academic democracy.

The UNESCO I dream of is democratic, prizes peace to best peace solutions WITHOUT KILLING ANYBODY in an Academic, democratic system.

Now let's all contemplate the smile in Hollande in that picture in as he says the following: "World, look how I wipe my ass with your dreams of a democratic UNESCO. Keep funding France's NGO UNESCO". :S

Why do the people of the world have to fund an institution that gives prizes without our consent? WHY OH WHY?

Killing in the name of peace... And getting an award for it... :S



Hollande given a UNESCO Peace Prize for being the BOMB EDUCATOR.

Song says: "Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses".

Video of the song: "Killing in the name of" by the group: Rage against the machine.

Hmm, well maybe I am just a bit ROCKER XD LOL! But not my fault that song is so cool :I LLOOLL! And true too!

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