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Interests and values in an orgy.
An Academic Exercise for adult students.

You have got to be serious...
John Kerry: United States, EU stand with Ukraine's people

By Laura Smith-Spark and Nic Robertson, CNN
February 2, 2014 -- Updated 0354 GMT (1154 HKT)

Munich, Germany (CNN) -- The United States and the European Union "stand with the people of Ukraine" in their fight for the right to choose alliances with countries other than Russia, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday.

His comments come after a week of political tumult in which Ukraine's Prime Minister and Cabinet have resigned, a controversial anti-protest law has been repealed and the President has signed off on a contested amnesty bill for anti-government protesters.

"Nowhere is the fight for a democratic, European future more important today than in Ukraine," said Kerry, speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

"While there are unsavory elements in any chaotic situation, the vast majority of Ukrainians want to live freely in a safe, prosperous country. They are fighting for the right to associate with partners who will help them realize their aspirations -- and they have decided that means their futures do not have to lie with one country alone.

"The United States and EU stand with the people of Ukraine in that fight."

The protesters have been in Kiev's Independence Square, or Maidan, since November, when President Viktor Yanukovych reversed a decision to sign a long-awaited trade deal with the European Union and turned instead toward Russia.

The government's attempts to crack down on protests appear only to have strengthened the opposition's resolve. Violent confrontations flared after the anti-protest law was signed two weeks ago, followed by an uneasy standoff on the streets as the battle in the political arena has heated up.

Kerry also had a word of advice for Moscow, which has accused Europe of meddling in Ukraine's affairs while denying itself exerting undue influence on Kiev.

"Russia and other countries should not view the European integration of their neighbors as a zero-sum game," Kerry said.

"In fact, the lesson of the last half-century is that we can accomplish much more when the United States, Russia and Europe work together. But make no mistake: We will continue to speak out when our interests or values are undercut by any country in the region."

Kerry added that while U.S. democracy was "a work in progress," he was not going to shy away from calling out "a disturbing trend in too many parts of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans" where people's aspirations "are once again being trampled beneath corrupt, oligarchic interests."

After his address, Kerry met with three Ukrainian opposition leaders -- Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the Fatherland party, Vitali Klitschko of the UDAR party and Petro Poroschenko of the "Euromaidan" street protest movement -- the State Department said.

'Time is on our side'

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy also highlighted events in Ukraine as he opened the second day of the conference Saturday.

"Today Ukraine is on all our minds," he said. " As people across the country are taking to the streets, Ukraine's political destiny is still in the balance."

Van Rompuy said he and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso had had "a frank exchange" with Putin this week at an EU-Russia summit in Brussels, Belgium.

"We answered his concerns about the impact on Russia of closer economic ties between Ukraine and Europe. We also pressed the point of the rights of independent countries," he said.

"Whatever the geopolitics, we have offered Ukraine a closer association with the European Union, the countries to its west. Not for free, but upon conditions -- which were close to fulfilled. And not against the great neighboring nation to its east, with which it shares a history and culture.

"The offer is still there. And we know time is on our side. The future of Ukraine belongs with the European Union."
But Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov presented a rather different take in his remarks to the conference.
"What does incitement of increasingly violent street protests have to do with promoting democracy," he asked. "Why don't we hear condemnation of those who seize and hold government buildings, attack the police, torch the police, use racist and anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans?

He suggested European politicians were encouraging Ukraine actions that they would punish as violations of the law in their own countries.

Lavrov also said the United States and the European Union appeared to be trying to push their own ideas on Ukraine. "Freedom of choice is being imposed, and Russia is not going to engage in this," he said.

Torture claims

Meanwhile, Ukraine's opposition parties continue to call for constitutional reforms to shift power away from the President.

They say the new amnesty bill -- which only comes into force if protesters vacate seized government buildings and unblock roads and squares -- is unacceptable.

Yanukovych, who has been out on sick leave since Thursday, has resisted calls for him to stand down and defended the government's handling of the political crisis.

On Friday, Western leaders voiced growing concern over reports of the kidnap and torture of opposition activists in Ukraine.

One, the visibly battered Dmytro Bulatov, reappeared Thursday, more than a week after he went missing. He told reporters he'd been kidnapped and tortured by his captors -- who, he claimed, "crucified me" by piercing his hands -- before being dumped in a forest.

Both EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and White House press secretary Jay Carney condemned his cruel treatment.

"We are deeply concerned by increasing reports of protesters disappearing and being beaten and tortured, as well as by attacks on journalists," Carney said. "It is especially concerning that some of these reports have suggested the involvement of security forces."

Ukraine's Interior Ministry has said it is investigating what happened to Bulatov.

Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, is home to 45 million people. The clashes earlier this month were an escalation of weeks of largely peaceful public protests prompted by Yanukovych's decision in November to spurn a planned trade deal with the European Union and turn toward Russia.

He and Putin agreed on a $15 billion deal for Russia to buy Ukrainian debt and slash the price of natural gas.

The purpose of this vision is to make an academic exercise for students that want to study Intellectual corruption. It can be done by any student in any Academy where there is Academic Freedom of thought and analysis.

The purpose of this excursive that can be done in countries like China, Russia, India, etc is to use the student's analytical skills to find and research information for the purpose of character building and moral education. This is a limited exercise due to the fact that it is better done in the time I wrote this, but hopefully the result of these academic exercises helps historians in the future, to better understand the time I wrote this.

The "Academic Homework" consists of finding examples of the following activities done by the media of the United States:

1) Pornography for children.
2) Promotion of pornography.
3) Promotion of drugs.
4) Destruction of core family values.
5) Support for the Porn Industry directly.
6) Gross inequality.
7) Promotion of religious discrimination.
8) Crime families on the media.
9) Role models related to drugs.
10) Glorification of greed.

I recommend that this anti-corruption exercise be done specially by:

1) Russian students.
2) Chinese students and all Chinese internet moderator personnel.
3) All Chinese teachers of Philosophy.
4) Japanese teachers and students of Philosophy.
5) Academics in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
6) Academics and students in India.
7) Academics and students in South America, including Police training Academies.

No cheating allowed.

It is lazy to use content already in my site. Must use other content so don't be lazy students. Each one has to research, the idea is that a lot of different examples are gathered to make it more interesting and even creating books and collections that would be of great value to the historians of the far future like today the tales of the Roman Empire society are of great value to us. So lets help the future understand the present in order to fix the errors we made so that they can have a better future. Lets be useful for the historians of the far future, I always try to be useful for the Academy of the future, as much as I can.

So here is a list of "Examples of Values and interests" that may not be used:

1) Pornography for children.

Do not cheat and use: Shakira, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Disney Porn, the artists that did the voice of the movie Frozen of Disney and some other few Disney artists that I have included at my site. Don't worry there are very many left that do immoralities in front of children in the United States, the country that has the worst kind of these cases in the world.

2) Promotion of pornography.

Do not cheat and use material from FoxNews Maxim and TMZ drugs and porn magazine, Playboy and Cosmopolitan magazine that I have included in my site. Teachers will be well aware if such material is used. But you do not have to be lazy, I am sure you can find at this time literally thousands of examples of pornographic material advertized in sites rated for children or rated Parental guidance 16.

The United States is the country that promotes the most amount of pornography using media rated for the general public in the world and as such has the most depraved and immoral media in the world today. Learning how they did it is learning how to stop it.

3) Promotion of drugs.

There is a vast amount of promotion of alcohol in the US media, to such a degree that media like FoxNews are much like a bar, where everyday you find a bottle of alcohol being promoted for sale. That is why I say that FoxNews is a vulgar bar of thief's and thugs complete with murderers, drugs and strippers. Just do not use the pictures I have used on my web site, I continue to collect them.

But do not worry, in the USA there is plenty of Alcohol and drug marketing material all over a large number of media that end up in the houses with children and in the Child's hands, one such example is the Cosmopolitan magazine (cool tip on my part), you can use that if you feel lazy, or be creative and explore the vast network of promotion of vices in the United States.

4) Destruction of core family values.

Stimulation of male gay couples stealing babies from their mother, promotion of sex beyond the basic male to female relationship in order to sell more sex material and power the pornographic empire, promotion of promiscuity and multiplying it greatly with multi sex behavior, promotion of the importance of greed and specially the disrespect and attack on Government are common in the USA media.

This topic has a certain degree of relative but try to have material that is different from what you would normally find in the other topics. I remember using one such cases: One case of the promotion of pornography in schools by Vivid Entertainment. The sexual dance "Harlem Shake" on schools may not be used as well.

It would be interesting to include the horrible consequences that it has on the United States, specially the data about the destruction of the Black American families.

5) Support for the Porn Industry directly.

This is publicity to the Porn Industry directly by name. FoxNews has done it and one such case is mentioned at my web site. TMZ has done it a lot and you may not use those cases. Google is a major distributer of Pornography in the world and the Google result pages and numbers of results may not be used.

But do not worry, publicity in the General media to the porn industry is huge in the United States and is exported, for example the Haaretz media in Israel openly promotes and markets US Porn artists and so does Globovision. I am just helping, you can find very many such examples in the media, of open publicity to the Porn Industry.

6) Gross inequality.

This is a data excursive to research about the gross inequality in the United States. Examples of the consequence of it can also be included. You may use material from movements like Occupy Wall Street if you are feeling lazy, but try to be creative.

7) Promotion of religious discrimination.

This one is easy, the promotion of the religious theocratic tyranny on Israel where only slaves to the revised version of New York Judaism are allowed to have all rights under the law, if they are not then they are discriminated. Attacks against Muslims can also be included.

8) Crime families on the media.

You may not use this:
01/02/2014 | Actualizado 11:00:22 am |

Padilla reveló que los Isaías han financiado una activa campaña de conspiración contra el gobierno de Ecuador. Además, financiaron a políticos para lograr su permanencia en Estados Unidos.

El ex presidente ecuatoriano Abdalá Bucaram, los hermanos Isaías –prófugos de la justicia ecuatoriana por el feriado bancario de 1999- y la cadena de noticias estadounidense CNN crearon una alianza contra el gobierno ecuatoriano para desprestigiarlo y evitar la extradición de los banqueros al país suramericano, afirmó el periodista Alberto Padilla.

“Siempre se supo que los Isaías habían contratado a esta agencia de relaciones públicas, New Link, para promocionar, para empujar entrevistas con analistas, escritores, etc., que eran conocidos opositores del gobierno de Rafael Correa. Cuando yo me di cuenta de que lo que había es una agenda de entrevistados todos opositores yo pregunté: ¿Quién está pagando esto? y me dijeron que son los hermanos Isaías”, aseguró durante una entrevista, a la que tuvo acceso la Agencia Ecuatoriana Andes.

La Oficina Federal de Investigación (FBI, por sus siglas en inglés) investiga el financiamiento de los hermanos Roberto y William Isaías al senador Robert Menéndez quien podría estar dilatando el proceso de extradición de los banqueros, quienes tienen también orden de captura (notificación roja) por parte de la Interpol.

Padilla reveló que los Isaías han financiado una activa campaña de conspiración contra el gobierno de Ecuador. Además, financiaron a políticos para lograr su permanencia en Estados Unidos y obtuvieron una conexión con la cadena CNN en español, mediante la creación de una frecuencia latina paralela.

El periodista informó que una prima del ex presidente Abdalá Bucaram, es una alta ejecutiva dentro de CNN en español y es un hecho que los Isaías son dueños de cuatro de las cinco estaciones que componen la red de CNN Latino, en las que controlan el 100 % del contenido de los noticieros, porque ellos los producen.

Padilla cuestionó la objetividad e imparcialidad de la cadena al vincular entre sus propietarios a fugitivos internacionales requeridos por la justicia ecuatoriana, que pagan campañas antigobierno en el país suramericano y que CNN esconde de manera burda.

Alianza mediática anti-gobierno

Se sorprendió ante el hecho de que "lograron ponerse en el bolsillo" a una cadena de noticias internacional como CNN por medio de la creación de una red de noticias que se llaman CNN Latino, cuyos canales afiliados son propiedad de los hermanos Isaías.

"CNN Latino se compone de cinco canales de televisión, cuatro de ellos son de los hermanos Isaías y eso es lo realmente sorprendente", dijo.

“Los hermanos Isaías o quien sea que contrate a una agencia de relaciones públicas para empujar una agenda determinada es perfectamente legítimo y es perfectamente legal, lo que es sorprendente es que los hermanos Isaías hayan logrado el que CNN les permitiera formar una cadena de noticias separada con el nombre y logotipo, y apoyo de CNN”, agregó.

La misma empresa contratada por los hermanos Isaías es la que produce el programa de Andrés Oppenheimer, periodista abiertamente opositor a los gobiernos progresistas de América Latina.

Padilla ha mencionado también que los banqueros prófugos han financiado la publicación de libros contra Correa al ex presentador de televisión Carlos Vera y al analista Pablo Lucio Paredes.

Correa denuncia sistemáticos ataques de CNN contra Ecuador
Publicado el 2/03/14 • en el tema Ecuador • Visitas 352 , 352 en este día •

El presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, denunció hoy los sistemáticos ataques contra la revolución ciudadana que realiza la televisora estadounidense CNN en español, dirigida por los hermanos Isaías, prófugos de la justicia de este país.

Ellos invitan a cualquiera para que despotriquen contra el gobierno de esta nación suramericana, señaló el jefe de Estado durante su habitual rendición de cuentas sabatina, celebrada en la parroquia Pascuales de la provincia del Guayas.

A propósito de ello, Correa dijo que ese planteamiento lo expresó el exfuncionario de CNN Alberto Padilla, asqueado y hastiado de lo que ha ocurrido en ese canal.

Esa es la libertad del capital, el cual es muchas veces corrupto, manchado de sangre y de deshonestidad, apuntó el presidente.

Los hermanos Isaías salieron huyendo debiendo al Estado 600 millones de dólares, quebrando el banco más grande del sistema, arruinando a familias enteras, produciendo suicidios, migración, y hoy viven más próspero que nunca en Miami, expresó.

Hoy se dan el lujo de darle espacio a cualquier desaprensivo que quiera hablar contra el gobierno de la revolución ciudadana, añadió.

El jefe de Estado reconoció que lo que ocurre con los hermanos Isaías en Miami también se refleja a nivel nacional, donde todavía hay unos medios que lo manejan ciertos grupos mafiosos y le dan espacio a todo lo que sea contra el gobierno.

“Qué descaro de esta gente, qué impune. Son prófugos que quebraron el país y tienen el suficiente poder para atacar al gobierno. Ese es el mundo en que vivimos”, dijo. Por lo que auguró que ojalá nuestras futuras generaciones vivan en un planeta menos corrupto, menos hipócrita, un poquito más honesto.

Asimismo advirtió la necesidad de que todos sepan qué poderes estamos enfrentando y el descaro de estos corruptos prófugos que quebraron al país y constantemente están atacando al gobierno nacional.

Así que cada vez que vean CNN en español, sepan que están viendo el canal de los hermanos Isaías, prófugos de la justicia ecuatoriana, indicó.

Sinvergüenzas, criminales, concluyó el presidente ecuatoriano al referirse a los dueños de CNN en español, quienes atacan las acciones que acomete la revolución ciudadana, en pos de construir una sociedad más justa.

Prensa latina / YVKE Mundial

It is a hot topic these days and it would be to easy to use that case.

Should not be hard since criminal media are related to criminal families. Just use the Murdoch family of crime if you can't find any other mafia gang. To make it easier you may use crime families members of the S.I.P. media cartel.

You can also use media families, the smaller media cartels contained inside a media family. The media groups. Just don't use the CNN - CNN Latino case since it would be too easy.

9) Role models related to drugs.

Rihanna and many other artists that are in some way related to drugs in some kind of scandal or openly promoting drugs like Miley Cirus. Do not cheat, don't use material on this site. There are plenty of examples of promotion of drugs in the United States, the country with the biggest drug related culture in the planet.

10) Glorification of greed.

This topic is about examples of how the media in the United States glorifies greed as one of the main virtues in human life. You have to be creative but it is common in the US media. Teachers have to flexible since it is sometimes hard for some people to find examples or it depends on the person.


The purpose of this exercise is in part to better understand the kind of "values and interests" that are common in the United States of America and that they wish to share, or like Kerry put it:
"In fact, the lesson of the last half-century is that we can accomplish much more when the United States, Russia and Europe work together. But make no mistake: We will continue to speak out when our interests or values are undercut by any country in the region."

I think BI-SEXUAL ORGIES are also compatible to those interests and values, but I will let people research and find out what kind of values and what kind of interests is the US infamously known for in the world and share it with the future generations. City Whore of Babylon don't be sad, you have a living relative... and that would be extremely interesting to historians in the far future, researching it today might even make you famous to Academy in the future.

It should provide an interesting experience for the historians of the future in order to understand human errors while they learn about the most depraved and immoral country in the world at these times: The United States of America. Far more depraved by large than the extinct Roman Empire.

I risk my life to serve the Academy of the future, in order for them to see the human errors they want to learn about but they do not want repeated, thus helping humanity have a better future.

Have fun studying history, maybe even find glory in the future by doing so, yes it is dangerous, but Glory was never easy, that written by Me... The man that DESTROYED THE EMPIRE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. With hope, even the people of the United States will be free from the horrible monster they created, free from intellectual slavery.

The reapers do not only appear to humans... But as you can see also to entire empires. Not the first time it happens... ask Jesus... *Laugh*

Why do we TRIBalance always have to have the hard part of History? Whatever, what had to be done was done, you might want to do your homework as well.

Future don't be sad, take your chance for the better.
Enigma - Age of Loneliness

May Academic freedom to research be a light for a better future.

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