Visions of a Freeman - Saturday, November 06 of 2013
Home numbers.
Setting the hardware for the schools of the future.

This vision is about two machines I need build for the Academic Networks. It will help maintain the security of the network from outside attacks and is specially necessary in networks that involve the participation of children. Both machines are inexistent or very scarce in the world.

These machines are: An free standing, Independent Router and a USB Drive Read Only lock.

A Free Standing Independent Router (FreSIR).

It is a machine that has a digital screen where the user can input the IP Addresses it wants to allow the computer to use. It is like an address book application.

The difference to normal IP filtering by Routers is that this one cannot be altered from a computer, the addresses can only be fed manually into it using the device's screen.

There is no way anyone with any computer can modify the data in that device, must be fed into the system by hand.

All the Academic Systems will have home addresses that the users can input into the device.

The security advantages of setting home addresses and having a device to administer them is beyond the scope of this vision.

It is like having a cellular phone but instead of telephone numbers it includes IP numbers. The user can feed into it the IP numbers and the kind of operation it wants from those IP addresses, for example: Read, Write or Read/Write operations.

All Academic systems must be build with these devices in mind even if they are not available at the moment. If they are not available then Hardware Routers can be used and if those are not available then Software Firewalls can be used as a last resort.

This is an example of an IPv6 Address: 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:8:1

It is basically just 8 spaces with hexadecimal numbers.

The USB Drive lock.

This device is simple.

It is a lock device where you connect a USB disk drive or device. The lock will have a switch where the user can select: Read, Write or Read/Write.

Some pretty versions can include a light that turns on for a while when a device has been reading or writing.

In the Academy.

The Academy will have two types of computer connections for now. One is the computers that will be connected to the wide internet and the other the computers that will be connected only to the secured network (With the FreSIRs).

You definitely and without any doubt do not want to put a child left alone on an open internet network at school... And even less with the plague of Pornography all over the Internet so there is no doubt that schools will need the FreSIRs.

At Academy the FreSIRs can help the Academics and students follow the home number discipline.

Add to all this the RESPONSIBLE INTERNET security measures where every user has only one account to enable Internet Democracy.

I leave beyond the scope of this vision all the advantages that these Internet disciplines grant to schools and other academies and even the military, businesses and responsible parents.

To give the user the possibility to chose which IP addresses he wants to use is to empower the user to further increase security and privacy.

It is also Human Rights of children hardwared into the system so they can finally use the Internet alone without fear someone will rape them. A very indispensible step towards the Internet schools of the future which will require a lot more security than present today, which is the reason why I made this vision.

Rememeber: Children do NOT have freedom of speech and cannot enjoy freedom of speech, unless you want your children seeing hardcore pornography and violence from the age of five and chatting with pedophiles over the internet... Which I doubt would be healthy for them... *Laugh* Of course it will NOT be healthy for them.

So like school like Internet for School. I am just asking for the same security on the Internet for children as you would expect on a normal, responsible classroom with a good teacher.

Some adults just to to Academic Media to be civilized, healthy, well informed, have healthy fun and not consume toxic junk. A space for civilization on the Internet but for that:

In order for there to be responsibility there needs to be a responsible and for that we need home addresses.

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