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High treason against the people.

Let me show you what a traitor school is all about:
N.Y. Senate passes bill penalizing schools for boycotting Israel

Bill doesn't mention Israel specifically, but its sponsor, Senator Jeffrey Klein, made clear that academic boycotts of Israel were what led him to introduce the legislation.

By JTA | Jan. 30, 2014 | 10:40 PM

The New York State Senate approved a bill that would suspend funding to educational institutions that fund groups which boycott Israel.

The legislation, approved Tuesday in a 56-4 vote, bans state funding to colleges that fund organizations boycotting “countries that host higher education institutions chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.”

A number of New York-based universities have Israel branches.

The bill does not mention Israel, but its sponsor, state Senator Jeffrey Klein - in a statement quoted by the news site Mondoweiss - made clear that academic boycotts of Israel were what led him to introduce the legislation.

I will not allow the enemies of Israel or the Jewish people to gain an inch in New York,” Mondoweiss quoted Klein, a Democrat representing the Bronx and Westchester County, as saying. “The First Amendment protects every organization’s right to speak, but it never requires taxpayers to foot the bill.

A similar bill introduced in the state Assembly this month by Speaker Sheldon Silver has 48 sponsors among the chamber’s 150 members. Silver said he initiated the measure “in response to the American Studies Association’s boycott of Israel and its academic institutions.”

The ASA, one of three U.S. academic groupings to boycott Israeli academic institutions last year, said the legislation was an attack on free speech.

“While proposed in the name of academic freedom, the bill is a direct attack on such freedom,” an ASA statement said. “As the American Association of University Professors notes, it proposes a political litmus test for faculty seeking research and travel support and thus recalls the McCarthy era, one of the darkest periods of political repression in U.S. history.”

Politicians punishing Academies and forcing them to take a political position that is not even consulted with the base of society, violating Academic Independence. It is not true that Boycott should not be funded with tax money because they did not even care to ask the people of New York what their opinion is.

Now we see schools to serve the interests of another country and not those interests pertaining to the Unites States. Thus we see schools to serve Israel which is a different country that does not share the same interests and goals of the people in the United States, to the point that it is possible to serve Israel opposed to the interests of the people in the United States.

I am not so sure the people of the United States of even the people in New York City wants to create and maintain schools that commit treason against the people of the United States to favor the interests of Israel instead that are administered by Israeli spies. We are talking about a country that according to the United States laws commits severe crimes against humanity, for Israel is a rogue state that severely violates the United States Constitutional Rights and even the New York Laws.

You cannot have a school in a country that serves another country that has made it a huge practice to violate the laws of the hosting country. The United States cannot hold schools inside the United States belonging to countries that violate the laws of the United States... That would effectively be then a school of crime or disobedience to the laws of the United States.

For example:

In the United States freedom of speech is a Constitutional Right.

In Israel freedom of speech is NOT a Constitutional right, it is an exclusive Jewish right.

In the United States there is freedom of reunion.

In Israel you cannot even marry without the permission of state officials while preserving all privileges of a citizen.

In the United States there is freedom of religion.

In Israel there is no freedom of religion. Only Jewish of their philosophical interpretation can enjoy all the benefits, rights and recognition from the Government.

In the United States every single person is entitled to Habeas Corpus (fair trial) for the purpose of Justice.

In Israel there is no such Habeas Corpus guarantees for anyone not Jewish, leading to massive amounts of Palestinians and Arabs, maybe even just Israeli Arab protesters jailed without the full set of civil rights, rights that are guaranteed in their full extension only to the Jewish people that are recognized by the government.

In the United States every single murder is a crime and must lead to an investigation. Killing innocent people is a very severe crime in the US and can be punished with long prison sentences even for police officers.

In Israel those not members of the Government's sect can be killed without any responsibility from the Government of Israel, severely violating the International Laws. For example Israel can throw a missile with an area effect close to a refugee camp and kill an innocent girl and it wants to try to justify what is to all human logic a war crime and even have freedom to do such acts.

In the United States it is illegal for people of other countries to spy on it's territory or indoctrinate people to serve the interests of any other country and not that of the United States. For example a school to worship and serve China is totally illegal in the United States and if such were to be found hidden, they would be trailed at the espionage courts.

Not that such laws are respected. The United States has foreign schools to serve foreign interests and even worship foreign countries which has a set of laws that is against the legal system of the United States. Thus inside the United States there are schools to incentive and support activities and practices that are illegal in the United States, thus they are crime schools. Crime schools because, like I said, the Israeli Constitutional and legal practices are illegal in the Legal system of the United States. They are incompatible legal systems.

Defending a foreign country with a set of laws and procedures that are contrary to the laws of the United States in detriment of the Academic Freedom of the people of the United States is by all means a Federal Crime in the United States and that is exactly what that Senator did.

I wonder if the Government of the United States tries to impose those immoral practices of treason against their own people to other countries in the world. They have not only committed treason against their own country, protecting what is to the United State's Judicial system a Rogue Regime, but they have also committed treason against the people of the United States for they do not serve the interests of the Academies of the United States and their Academic, Democratic freedom product of votes, but instead they serve the interests of Israel to severe and damage the Academic freedoms of the people of the United States.

Senator Jeffrey Klein is thus favoring Israel over the Academic freedom of the United States, seeking to further the interests of Israel while he is opposed to the Academic Interests of the Democratic Academies of the United States who should have the right to vote what issues they support in an Independent manner in respect to Academic Independence and Academic freedoms.

Sure bet those foreign schools of a country who according to the United States laws is a rogue regime then gets filled with Israeli Spies that defend the Interests of Israel and not those of the people of the United States to the point that their loyalty is for a foreign country to serve that country and not the United States, which done by a United States government official amounts to a break of it's oaths and thus HIGH TREASON against the United States and that is a Federal crime.

What is also a federal crime is why do people in the United States have to use public money to fund Israeli Spy schools. It is not a case of Boycotting Israel for it's human rights practices, it is also an issue of compromising the sovereignty and security of the United States and it's Academic, Democratic Freedoms.

The United States supposedly stands for the Independence and right to vote of it's Academies and they want to be a World leader under those exact premises... When as you can see in real practice it openly violates the Academic Independence of it's own Universities and removes the right to vote of Academics that work in Government paid Universities, which is the way it works in Israel by the way, but is not what the United States claims to stand for in the International stage.
You just saw a United States CORRUPT, bought and paid for government official crippling the Academic Independence of his own country and removing the right to vote of it's academics under the threat of economic sanctions from the Government.

Then they go around the world saying that they stand for Freedom of Speech, Academic Freedom and Academic Democracy...

Something that an average New Yorker would most probably respond to with just one word: BULLSHIT!!!

Government officials should not have to tell Academies what they can like or not like and suppress funding and make economic sanctions for the way their Academics think. It is very clear that New York is a state VERY HOSTILE to Academic Freedom and thus I have to logically ask any Academic in the whole world that values Academic Integrity to Boycott and not do any kind of business with New York, for New York is a state against Academic Freedom, which is a severe violation to Democracy's deepest principles.

New York Government is against the freedoms of the Academy and the people of the United States in favor of the interests of another foreign country known for it's gross violations of human rights and freedoms and recognized as a rogue state under International Law... That is too much sick corruption and a serious attack against Democracy in general.

So if you do value Academic Freedom and Democracy: You do not do business in New York.


For they claim to be democratic and they are obviously not. Better a sincere non Anarchy democracy (Demoncracy) Academic than a so called Democratic Academic that works to cripple and hurt Democracy and end Academic Freedoms. With friends like those... Who needs enemies?

I wonder what Bill O'Really of FoxNews (Pro-Israel Conservative as he is called) has to say to that flagrant violation of Academic Independence (Bill supposedly supports individual's rights) by the Government done by a so called "Democratic Party" state official... His brain would probably short circuit. *Laugh* I know it has nothing to do with Individual Freedom, let alone Academic Freedom.

Academies should not support those Government that threaten economic sanctions against Academic Democracy and that is why:

BOYCOTT NEW YORK as an enemy of Academic Freedom to favor Theocratic Slavery.

I call everyone that values freedom to join Me, specially Scientists (Programmers are scientists too, teachers and Human Right activists).

Government should not force Academic sanctions and threaten economic sanction against Academies and Academics based on their opinions for the government is not an Institution to administer opinions, that is the exact role of Academies.
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