Visions of a Freeman - Thursday, February 20 of 2014
Freedom of war.

Today My Twitter account was suspended. It was not hacked, I can still enter it at this time. It was suspended.

All I did recently was question CNN and BBC News in My Blog and I got My account suspended because of that, even if I have done nothing wrong according to the Venezuelan laws.

So I guess it is illegal at Twitter to discuss the news, even if those news can cause severe damage to society. The real Independent voices being silenced, the human rights voices being silenced while just about nobody of the so called "Human Rights Movements" cares at all. Goes to show how fake they are.

Anyway questioning the media is banned on Twitter, it can get your account suspended, which means freedom of expression is illegal in Twitter.

But let Me cross the road to show you what is legal un those Neo-Nazi organizations:
I found that in Facebook = Facebook allowed that in Venezuela.

Questioning the media is illegal in Twitter, but I will read to you the kind of messages that are legal in Facebook.

It says:
Look at the he face of this mother fucker, it is the devil himself, a mentally sick and a sexual maniac, it was he that ordered that the students be raped with the cannons of the riffles.

Rats like that general, who's stars are too big for him will be taken to the International Court of the Haya so that it can respond to his crimes against humanity.

That son of a bitch is a WAR TARGET.

Distribute the face of that mentally ill that belongs to the putrefaction of the National Guard in Venezuela.

So now you can better understand what is allowed and what is not allowed. It kind of recalls what Germany lived before Hitler went totally out of his mind. The voices that challenged the lies were silenced and the media allowed the calls to violence, which eventually lead to the Holocaust.

I see it happening again. The voices that challenge the unquestionable media are silenced but the messages of extreme hate are allowed. That is a very alarming situation and a very dangerous one too.

If that is the kind of material you would normally expect to see in Facebook Venezuela and the world then I am very fearful for law and order in the entire world.

Facebook is responsible for that. It is not a silly freedom of expression thing, it is an open act of war the original Nazis would have been proud of.

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