Visions of a Freeman - November 14, 2013
Women sexually exploited at FoxNews.

Question: Why are there so many broken families in the United States of America?

Answer: Must be because they see a lot of this every day from the "Conservative" FoxNews:

That is what children of all ages see when their parents are looking at the "news".

Then some wonder why the family of the United States of America is in such a bad shape and there are so many fatherless families, causing crime, ignorance and poverty...

When the Founders of the United States made the First Amendment of Free Speech they did NOT say that such free speech was for EVERYONE EXCEPT THOSE WHO QUESTION THE RICH AND POWERFUL. Such provision is just Tyranny.

What they meant is Open Media, where everyone can not only express themselves but question and analyze. That is Academic Media, not PIMPING GANGSTER MEDIA TYRANNY.

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