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FoxNews against family values.

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Note: This content was not easily available from the main FoxNews in English, it was placed in FoxNews Latino.

Promotion of orgies.
Pregnant mothers as sexual objects.
"Woman are best in bed or on all four" thought.
Objects can be stored by hanging them from the roof.

*This material readily and easily available to children.

This one is about Family and drugs:
Jen Aniston strips, Jason Sudeikis gets an earful in 'Meet the Millers
Published August 06, 2013
Associated Press

NEW YORK – Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, who shared the screen in 2011's "Horrible Bosses," team up again for "We're the Millers," which has Sudeikis' character assemble a motley crew to play his family in order to complete a drug deal.

Like "Horrible Bosses," the new film — in which Aniston plays a stripper posing as a mom — is a dark, subversive comedy. Aniston said what makes it appealing is that it's fun.

"It's highbrow, but not too highbrow. It's based in reality, but obviously, a crazy reality," the 44-year-old actress said in a recent interview. "I think it's fun to have a zany group of people in these situations. And it feels different. That merging of pot smuggling, stripping, dealing, children, fake family, all of that."

Much of the focus of "We're the Millers" has been Aniston's decision to strip (she's not fully nude) in the movie, and her impressive, toned figure. Aniston, a fitness buff, said she worked out every morning to prepare for her big moment on-screen. She said much of that talk comes across as a backhanded compliment.

"When I was little, my mom in her forties looked like a mom in her forties. We have sort of erased numbers. I have, at least. I think we're also very health-aware," she said. "Nutritionally, we are very aware of what's good for us and what's not good for us, way more than a couple of generations ago. So I think we are learning how to keep our bodies fit and our minds fit and (keep) everything up and running."

She added: "I hate when people tell me 'For your age, you look great.' I can't stand that."

In one memorable scene, Aniston lets co-star Kathryn Hahn get a handful of her breasts. Sudeikis didn't have to deal with anything quite as intimate, though a scene with Nick Offerman penetrating his ear with a wet finger proved to be decidedly uncomfortable.

"It's not enjoyable, per se. I don't mind a Q-Tip in there, but Nick is a man's man. That's a strong, girthy, calloused finger. He was full in there, I couldn't hear anything but my own heartbeat," Sudeikis said as Aniston broke out in laughter.

For Sudeikis, the film may further solidify his box-office appeal outside of "Saturday Night Live." While "Horrible Bosses" was a success, it was also an ensemble comedy. In "We're the Millers," he gets top billing, along with Aniston.

Although Sudeikis has made it official that he won't be returning to "SNL," he said it hasn't sunk in that he's really gone.

"Truth be told, I won't feel it until September and the shows starts up again and I'm not there. Summers off is par for the course," he said.

But the 37-year-old admits to feeling something when his portrait was placed on the wall of former cast members.

"When my picture is 50 pictures away from Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. And maybe 45 pictures away from Eddie Murphy. Ten pictures away from Tina Fey and Will Ferrell. That was more of a shock. I have not gotten used to it, but I look forward to two years from now when I remember I actually did it," he said.

This is definitely NOT the kind of material a child should be seeing and I can't think of a reason why an adult would want to see a comedy about putting drugs above the family. I can't understand what leads FoxNews to publish this trash when so many other decent material is available.

Take another look:
What Are Men Looking For Online? A Cheater, Says Science
By Alexandra Churchill,, August 22, 2013

Picture your boyfriend on a night out with his buddies. They head to the neighborhood bar to watch the game over a few beers. It’s his guy time. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, a young woman slinks up next to him at the bar. She flashes him a smile and the two of them spark a fairly innocent conversation … but "friendly" turns quickly into "flirty," and they get a little too giggly over drinks. She leans in and murmurs in his ear, "Let's get out of here." Of course, his knee-jerk reaction is to say no. He is your boyfriend after all, and he says he's taken.

"Oh, me too," she says, flashing a wedding ring on her finger. "So?" He pauses for a moment, before being lured in by her kisses and the two of them slip off into the night.

Your worst nightmare, right? Well, a recent study confirms it as a possible reality: men love a cheating woman.

The Proof

OkCupid conducted a top-secret study to discover that men actually prefer women who are looking to have an affair.

Here's how the experiment went down. Researchers collected 40 real profile pics — 20 women and 20 men — and then shuffled them into four categorized groups: the Brazen Cheats, the Married Maybes, the Recently Taken and the Sincerely Singles. Two decoy profiles from each group were then planted into one of five cities deemed by the infamous cheater's online haven as unfaithful hot-spots. And there's no mistaking a decoy cheater's profile when you see it. One such profile reads: "My profile lists me as single but I'm not going to lie to you, I AM in a relationship right now. I'm here because I want to meet someone new but I don't want my current partner to know about it. There, I said it."

Over time, they tallied up the total number of messages that each group received and (surprise, surprise) the female Brazen Cheats were the most popular group. Within a week, the group received 336 messages with coy, flirty offers like "You are the most striking woman I have laid eyes on in years. Let me know if I can fill any holes in your relationship for you … " and, "I am in a relationship but I'm getting really bored with it. I'd really be interested in meeting someone where we can just chill with no expectations and just have fun."

While these messages were mainly empathetic (if not a tad forward), cheating guys didn't get that same online love. Male decoy cheaters received 44 messages in a week, 36 of which were scathing insults or judgments like "I presume this is a joke. If not, then wow," and, "WTF are you serious?"

The Allure Of A Taken Woman

As alarming as these results are, we have to wonder, are they all that surprising? Just this year, 33 percent of men admitted to committing affairs in their relationships. And I don't doubt that the idea of romancing a "taken" woman is tempting for the guys. Think about it: She's already taken, so there's no pressure to marry her — and there's an easy cop-out if you should get caught in your fling. All that sneaking around is enough to get your heart pumping. Based on this ever-growing list, why wouldn't a man want a woman who is already spoken for?

YourTango expert Charles Orlando, also the author of "The Problem With Women ... Is Men," says that the initial appeal of being party to a sordid affair with a taken woman is the eroticism. Men want what they can't have. They secretly lust after their best friend's girlfriend.

"A woman who qualifies herself as willing to have sex is going to get a lot more messages than women who are after a relationship," Orlando explains. "Because she's married, what she's really saying is that she'd like to have sex with someone, and not have a relationship. No strings, no commitment — nada."

But it goes beyond just sex. These trysts offer a sort of fantasy escape for men who are disenchanted in their relationships. After all, 48 percent of men who committed affairs claimed to feel emotionally disconnected from their partners. And according to our expert, there’s an emotional tie for single men pursuing taken women, as well. When a man hooks up with a taken woman, he's serving as needs — emotional as well as physical. This gives men the ego boost they crave.

"From the man's side, not only is she willing to have sex, but if she selects him as the man she wants to cheat with, it's a huge boost to his ego," Orlando says. "Not only did she pick him over all the other men on the dating site, but she also picked him over her husband/boyfriend."

Still, even with these endless reasons (ahem, excuses), does it make the circumstances any more understandable for men to pursue women who are already in committed relationships? There is still an innocent victim in all of this: the guy she's cheating on. Whatever happened to "bro code," guys?

The fact is that in a pornographic society there is little regard to family values and the pornographic industry is not interested in men with good relationships, so neither is FoxNews, which is by all means a pornographic site available to children.

And that is what FoxNews has to share with our kids, specially young boys.

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