Visions of a Freeman - November 04, 2013
FoxNews sexually harasses celebrities.

A clear sexual harassment directly from FoxNews:
Kendall Jenner turns 18, is offered millions for sex tape

Published November 04, 2013

Kendall Jenner just turned 18 on Sunday, officially making her an adult, and some porn companies are already inquiring about a potential sex tape from the young star.

Reports say that at least six companies are interested in a sex tape featuring the younger Kardashian star, with one reportedly offering the tall beauty $1.8 million to star in a video with a partner of her choosing. Sheesh.

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Sure, Kim Kardashian did it. But little sis Kendall Jenner has set herself apart from that sleazy side of the business, often booking classier gigs like age-appropriate cover shoots and fashion-forward runway shows. Plus, she JUST turned 18. Shouldn't Kendall enjoy being legal for a while until she's bombarded with all these sexed-up offers?

But... we're not exactly surprised there's so much interest in her already. Jenner is beautiful. And she's certainly not the only young star in the industry who's considered sexy for her age.

From Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez to Miley Cyrus, who do you think is the hottest young starlet out there right now?

There is no doubt that FoxNews allowed it's platform to be used to sexually harass a young celebrity. Just another case of News Rape.
Added: November 05, 2013

These are the kind of family values promoted by TMZ, a branch of the FoxNews tree:
11/5/2013 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

First of Many
Porn Offers To Come

Kendall Jenner's 18th birthday triggered an onslaught of offers by porn companies for her to follow in her big sis Kim Kardashian's sex tape footsteps.

That's the good news. The bad news -- her family's reaction.

So I take it that to TMZ it is great news that 18 year old celebrities are sexually harassed to become prostitutes, not strange considering that TMZ is actually part of the prostitution industry and that is exactly how the behave, as pimps and corrupters.
Added: November 08, 2013

And FoxNews does it again...

This time it is a women called Courtney Stodden and again FoxNews serves as a free platform for the needs of the prostitution pimp Steven Hirsch:
Vivid honcho wants to recruit Courtney Stodden for porn
Published November 08,

"Courtney Stodden was born to be a porn star,” according to Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch.

Hirsch is hoping to get the newly single 19-year-old blonde in work with Vivid in some way, he told Fishwrapper.

"There is no question that she would be a huge star as she exudes sexuality. ... I would love to sign her to a contract and now that she's going to be single, maybe she'd be interested. If not, she would be a great host for us on VividTV [our cable network] until she felt fully comfortable,” he added.

He said Stodden’s surgically enhanced figure would make her an excellent adult film star. He also stated that she stands to make a lot of money in the adult entertainment world.

“A successful porn star can make several hundred thousand dollars a year. Courtney would surely make more."

Stodden recently announced she was splitting from her much-older husband, 53-year-old Doug Huchison. The two were married when Stodden was just 16, and she’s stated that she wants to live the single life.

It's incredible than after all this evidence some people still believe that FoxNews is a conservative media... Conservative of Porn, that is for sure.

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