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FoxNews protects porn industry.

FoxNews protects Porn Industry and lobbies so that porn can be an activity for social role models, even in front of the eyes of children.
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Super-hero parodies do for porn industry what super-hero blockbusters do for Hollywood
By Hollie McKay
Pop Tarts
Published July 30, 2013

LOS ANGELES – Super-hero blockbusters have been box office hits for Hollywood for decades. But now Superman, Batman and friends are topping the charts for another industry as well.

The porn industry.

Director Axel Braun has become most in-demand X-rated director in the world by taking popular super heroes and creating super successful porn parodies. The adult film director has directed more than 400 movies since 1990, but it was his work on Vivid's “Batman XXX: A Porn Parody” in 2010 that cemented his name when it became the best-selling and most-rented title of 2010. Since then, Braun has released everything from “Spiderman XXX: A Porn Parody” to takes on “Star Wars,” “The Avengers” and “Iron Man.”

And get this: he doesn’t even film the sex scenes.

Braun’s latest is “Man Of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody,” released to capitalize on Warner Bros' “Man of Steel.”
“I felt that Superman needed to step away from the dorky, fumbling Clark Kent cliché, and gain some of those elements that made Spider-Man so appealing to me as a kid, some of that vulnerability and not-so-perfect life. I tried to humanize him a little, make him a little more relatable to the general public and at the same time parody without resorting to slapstick,” Braun told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I also used characters that we haven’t been able to see yet in a mainstream big-screen adaptation, like Livewire and Silver Banshee. After all, I am selling a fantasy, and what better way to do so than bringing a bunch of obscure, sexy super-villains to life?”
Braun was inducted into the AVN (Adult Video News) Hall of Fame in 2011, and has become the only director to win Director of The Year three years in a row. He told us he’s setting a new bar for the industry to aspire to, and that his porn parodies are a notch above what other production houses are trying to do.

“I always have an emotional connection to the source material that I’m spoofing. As the porn parody genre became more successful, many companies jumped on the bandwagon, inundating the market with uninspired products shot only to capitalize on the popularity of a TV show or movie or comic character,” Braun said. “My approach is completely different, especially in regards to comic book material… I am first and foremost a fan, so I have a better understanding of what other fans would like to see. I am always respectful, and my movies rarely contain any profanity.”

And although his film stars end up taking it all off, and much more, just like every other porn star, Braun is known for casting actors who can actually act, and for paying meticulous attention to every wardrobe detail.
“Costumes can take up to three months to get made. For ‘Batman XXX’ it took me almost a year to find the exact fabric and dyes used in the 60’s TV show. Shooting is at least eight to 10 days, which is clearly laughable by mainstream standards yet huge in comparison with the typical one to two days on most adult movies,” he explained. “And then there is the visual effects, which is usually a couple of months worth of work. Nailing the look and feel is the main challenge, especially when you are parodying a $200 million movie on an $80,000 budget.”

Braun also sells clean, no-sex versions of his movies, which run about 30 minutes. And surprisingly, Braun says he has yet to encounter any legal troubles his super hero on super hero action. Some experts have gone so far as to suggest that such high quality porn parodies could be the key to rescuing the porn industry, which has been dealing with illegal downloads, Internet piracy, and amateur videos diluting the market.

Braun, whose father Lasse Braun was a groundbreaking porn director in the 1960s (his doctoral dissertation on censorship was used as the basis for legalizing pornography in his home country Denmark), says at the end of the day, he’s like any other 9-to-5 guy.

“I have always treated (my job) as a business, not a lifestyle. The most common misconception is that we are all drugged-out, promiscuous sex addicts who could not do anything else in life,” he said. “While this generalization may hold true for some, I am actually a happily married, monogamous family man with a PhD in Psychology, who does not smoke, drink or do drugs… I’m not sure if I see breaking misconceptions as a responsibility, but hopefully it serves as an example – or at least as a statement of my shamelessly over-inflated ego.

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.

Is this the so called freedom that cannot even allow people to denounce a break up on family values by mafia media?

The freedom to be immoral & have sick children in crime...
Sydney Leathers takes Anthony Weiner sext scandal to the bank, does porn
Published August 05, 2013

A week ago Anthony Weiner’s sexting buddy Sydney Leathers told Howard Stern she was considering an offer to do a porno.

Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch then confirmed they were the ones behind the proposed deal. “We have offered Sydney several options,” he said, “but as of now no agreement has been reached. We hope to get a deal done with her soon."

America, that deal is closed. Leathers has become the latest sex scandal sensation turned porn star.

Vivid posted a video interview and excerpts from the porno on its website.

"I'm Sydney Leathers, " she says in a promo video. "Anthony Weiner and I had a sexting relationship for several months and that came out in the press, so here I am."


"We did send each other pictures," she continues. "They were pretty much all nude."

In one of the photos from the shoot, Leathers poses topless with a fake newspaper blaring a “Weinergate!” headline.

Leathers has been in the news since revealing to another gossip site that she had engaged in phone and Internet sex with New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner long after he resigned from Congress after admitting to sending photos of his nether regions to other women.

Weiner was married then, and still is. He’s also still running for mayor.

Where are the Rating System laws?

Is this even legal in a country that says it has a content rating system?

Lets look at this page that is clearly easily available from FoxNews:

As you can all that had to be done to see that is click on the Entertainment section and right there, on the home page of that section we see that news.

So let me show you what can be viewed by clicking on that news to see it's content.
Break Time: First Sydney Leathers wanted her name kept secret, and now she's in a porno

Published August 05, 2013/

Here's what we've been clicking on the web today.

Anthony Weiner's sexting partner first claimed she wanted her name kept out of the media. Two week's later, she's done her first porno!

Over the last several years, designer pets like the puggle have come into fashion. Meet the zonkey.

A rich, entitled, unemployed college grad says dad now helping him get 'hot slampieces.'

More details from Sean Parker's 'Lord of the Rings' themed-wedding. Isn't that precious?

A man takes dead ostrich and makes it a helicopter.

The tannest people in the world. Sorry Tan Mom.*

Now I click on "done her first porno".
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for an epic shock -- Anthony Weiner's sexting partner Sydney Leathers has filmed a hardcore masturbation porn ... and TMZ has some pics from the shoot.

Yeah, we saw it coming -- Sydney paid a visit to Vivid porn HQ in L.A. just days ago ... and Vivid's fearless leader, Steve Hirsch, isn't one to waste time.

We've seen the flick, so we'll paint you a picture. Leathers gets naked, strikes a bunch of stereotypical porn poses, and away she goes ... strumming the old banjo.

It's your typical boy-sexts-girl-and-girl-gets-a-porn-deal story. You can check out the full video on Vivid's website.

It's unclear how much Sydney got paid.

Most people think Sydney wasn't hot enough for Weiner to risk his political career -- so, as for her new porn, we gotta ask ...
This is CLEARLY for Mature audience. So why is FoxNews GLORIFYING PORN out in the open and to children as well?
August 13, 2013
As you can see TMZ is directly linked to FoxNews web site, as if it were a section of it.
That appeared at the home page of TMZ, directly from FoxNews web site.
8/12/2013 12:00 AM PDT

Kris Humphries' Ex Myla Sinanaj -- The Sex Tape Pics

Again I remind people that this is going on in a site that is seen by children.

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