Visions of a Freeman - 04 of August del 2013
FoxNews promotes women as pleasure toys.
FoxNews and it's war on woman.
Johnny Hollow - Boogeyman

FoxNews pushing for Softcore pornography.

The first photo in this set says it all, about the kind of content (soft porn content) that FoxNews wants.

This is for all those that do NOT think that FoxNews stands for:

1) Sexual exploitation of women as sexual objects.
2) Profit from nudity and sexual positions.
3) Corruption of women Role Models.
4) All the above exposed to children to see without any filter.

In many countries, specially the United States thousands of women enter the porn industry at a young age in search of money. Money that they get in small amounts for the huge damage they receive, leaving them incompetent to compete in a job environment with women with good moral values and previously good jobs.

At the age of around 30 the Porn Industry does not need them any longer and just like a chewing gum, they have been chewed, flavor sucked out and thrown to the streets, where they do not find a job and many times not even a decent family. Some did not study nor were prepared to live after the age of 30.

Thrown into the trash by society and excluded from a decent future when their past is know (because people prefer more competent women with higher morals & education) they only have themselves to blame, or that is what the irresponsible porn industry would tell them.

But I disagree. Society has the responsibility to protect their children and what I am about to show you is not for an adult audience (Parental Guidance)... It is for all audiences INCLUDING CHILDREN.

Let us see what FoxNews has to show to everyone, including young boys and girls aged seven years or more.


FoxNews the Child Pornographer has this to show this to young boys and girls:
Photo: Marylin Monroe, classical role model, as shown by FoxNews to children.




I don't think I need more pictures to make a point.

This is the kind of society that throws their children to the

This is a society with no morals that destroys it's population with the crimes of pure instinct, abuses it's women and if that is not bad enough, rapes the innocence of their young boys and girls in a pornographic society where the body is sold, where women are often trapped in a way they can't get out, thus enslaved.

They can't even have the
BASIC DECENCY of rating FoxNews site as PG 18 (Sex, Violence and Drugs) which comes to no surprise when Hardcore Porn is openly available to any small child, including hardcore sex videos...

Activism for a decent rating system to protect children.

If the United States did not have a judicial and legal system so corrupt FoxNews would have one of these:

Such rating system only applies to games, a rating system for web sites must be created.

1) Marylyn Monroe. At:
1G) 9 of August 2013
1H) (TMZ)

This is why FoxNews needs Copyright see? To depict women as sexual objects worthy of no dignity, thus no respect as simple sexual objects for pleasure, or obedient sexual toys in front of our children while stopping people, specially women from using the evidence.

Pornography for Children Rights Reserved by FoxNews. License to pervert children protected under US Laws.

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