Visions of a Freeman - October 10, 2013
FoxNews, a license to rape.

In this case they used the pimps at TMZ branch of FoxNews to openly sexually harass Miley. There was no need to make it public, if it was made public is to harass her. Period. It's bad enough celebrities get listed and shown without their permission, but this is one step to far, this is extortion and trying to force her to prostitute herself. I do not even know if Miley likes it, I do know this kind of attack against the mental health of all celebrities has got to stop and while they are at it, they might even allow women at FoxNews to use pants...

Lets see the sexual abuse:

... to Direct
It's the next logical step in Miley Cyrus' career ... PORN ... and one company just offered the singer a cool $1 million ... TO GET BEHIND THE CAMERA ... TMZ has learned.

Adult retailer GameLink is NOT asking Miley to strip naked, but they definitely want to get her elbow-deep in a hardcore sex scene ... from the director’s chair.

GameLink fired off a letter to Miley's people on Wednesday, offering her $1 mil for the directing gig (including full creative control) and even took a pot shot at Sinead O'Connor while they were at it. Burn. Check out the letter.

Now ... here's our list of Miley porn name ideas: 1) Wrecking Balls, 2) Dirty Twerk, 3) She Can't Stop, 4) MTV VMA-nal ...

We reached out to Miley for comment -- so far, no word back.

The letter:
October 9, 2013

c/o: Reign Deer Entertainment

Dear Ms. Cyrus:

We at GameLink have been watching your career with great interest as you break past your child persona and become an empowered young woman that is unapologetic about your lifestyle, especially when it comes to expressing your sexuality.

We believe that as an empowered 21st century woman, you are the ideal choice to show the world your vision as an artist in the world of adult entertainment. GameLink would like to offer you the very lucrative opportunity to direct an adult film, giving you full creative control, for ONE MILLION dollars.

We at GameLink feel this gives you a chance to finally show the world you are not a little girl anymore, and you won't bow to the pressures of the likes of Sinead O'Connor, who is jealous of your success.

GameLink is not only the largest online retailer of adult movies and novelties, but a respected leader in cutting-edge entertainment that focuses on giving our customers top talent in the latest technological format.

While we understand that you have many new opportunities in your busy career, please consider GameLink's unique offer if you really want to shake things up and create a buzz while feeding your creativity.

Please visit our website at


Jeff Dillon
Vice President of Business Development at
Consultant for

As you can see the letter is aimed at trying to extort Miley into being a massive marketing tool for the Prostitution Industry. They even lie, the most technological form of entertainment is NOT using real women, but computer generated ones thus saving real people from exposing their lives.

Note that there is open publicity for a porn sex site on a web site that is supposed to be for the general public.

That is by all means pornographic content not suitable for children, it is Adult content and it is a sexual offense.

There was no need to make it public, that is an act of sexual extortion.

Psychological rape is so bad in the United States and specially FoxNews that they try to make a sex offense seem natural as a site that is clearly pornographic and that advocates for the porn industry is not rated at least as an Adult site, even if it openly does pornographic publicity and offers. Add to that the show with extreme violence and there is no way FoxNews cannot be listed as an Adult web site if the judicial and legislative system was not so corrupted and bought in one of the most morally corrupt nations in the world.

So THAT is one of the reasons Rupert Murdoch of FoxNews needs copyright protection I see... To be able to freely harass and do sexual offenses against celebrities with impunity, something that I call: News Rape. Murdoch thinks he has a license to RAPE.

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