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FoxNews abuses their female employees.

May 24, 2012

Turn on the Fox News Channel at almost any time and you're like to see fairly attractive, young women (usually blonde) featured as the news anchors. Typically they will be wearing very short skirts or dresses, showing their legs, and often wearing tops showing cleavage. Fox is deliberately doing this by design, critics of the news outlet say. Sex sells and it get ratings for news broadcasts as well.

The slide show with this article shows several pictures from Fox News. Perhaps the most egregious is the morning show called “Fox and Friends.” Maybe they think a good dose of soft-core porn goes well with the morning cup of joe to wake up the men in the audience. While the men on screen are almost always quite appropriately dressed in professional attire for a news broadcast environment (suits and ties), the women are barely dressed in most instances.

Very often the female hosts on “Fox and Friends” will be seen pulling at their very short micro mini skirts and short dresses, sometimes even showing a little too much. Is this a news broadcast or a peep show, you might be wondering when you see it happen. At the same time, you can see the male hosts looking the other way or pretending to not see the exposure.

This is not coincidence. Clearly the executives at Fox News know that sex sells and bring them ratings. Those ratings allow them to charge high advertising rates and maximize profits.

The trend is getting more extreme over time. The skirts are getting shorter and the cleavage is getting more exposed. At some point the process of cheapening the news broadcast to the point of it becoming a soft-core porn peep show borders on becoming outright pornography. Fox News is serving the audience that clearly responds favorably to what they offer. Perhaps when this goes too far the market will respond and Fox News will have their female news anchors dressed a little more appropriately in professional attire.


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