Visions of a Freeman - Wednesday, November 20 of 2013
The Death of a Child's sexual innocence by Sexy.

Seems like it is raining on kids today...
Roxette - Queen Of Rain 

I think I can see some soft pornographic material on an adult magazine of sex:
Hot photos of a woman getting ready to sexually serve is good material for an adult magazine.
Hot, Sexy, Exciting for some males, good material to masturbate in the masturbation magazine.
I am guessing some men can be sexually aroused with that... Specially the one removing her panties.
Art and getting ass into position, I am sure that can attract a lot of attention from some men. Nudism and latex lingerie at a porn magazine are a commonly used method in the porn industry because some men like it.
Sexy and with the kind of lingerie you would expect on an adult magazine. It could be easy to masturbate on those for some men.
It says: "There was definitely decadence and debauchery."

I guess we can all agree on that, at least she is honest about her "adult magazine" modeling work.
It says: "The group treats me line one of the guys. They talk about body parts a lot".

First, usually guys do not talk about the body parts of other guys...

The last I read anything similar was on the tips of the Cosmopolitan magazine.

Body parts and nudity is what you have just been shown. I showed you a hot, sexy lady in positions men deem appropriate to inspire a passionate masturbation and sexual imagination and I am sure some adult men can like it and even praise that material on today's adult magazines.

Some men call themselves good fathers and would protest if this kind of material was removed from specially marked adult magazine material, claiming men have the right to masturbate on sexually arousing material, even more if it is on an adult rated magazine.

Would you care to see your little children masturbating too? I mean maybe it's a great idea for stimulating your child's child or teen pregnancies! Do you consider that exciting?

Fergie Launches Global Program for Universal Children's Day

Fergie stops for some photos while attending an event to launch a new global program with Unilever to celebrate Universal Children’s Day on Wednesday afternoon (November 20) at Solar Studios in Glendale, Calif.

The 38-year-old singer is helping launch Project Sunlight to motivate millions to live sustainably.

“Becoming a mom has naturally affected how I look at the future and the possibilities it holds for my son,” Fergie said in a statement. “Suddenly, every act, every event has more meaning. He makes me want to be better, do better and make the world a better place – for him and for children everywhere. That’s why it is important for me to be a part of the global launch of Unilever Project Sunlight.”

“Being a mom inspires me to make the future better for all children. Watch [below] & share your hope for a #brightfuture,” Fergie tweeted.

FYI: Fergie is wearing an LGB Printed blazer, Fausto Puglisi red and black plaid pants, a Rick Owens black top, a Loree Rodkin chain with tooth, Thierry Lasry black sunglasses, and Fergie Footwear black silver cap toe heels.

Black silver cap toe heels are so exciting that some men right now might even get closer to orgasm just thinking about them... Men like to see weird sexy stuff on sex magazines now days, by the time I wrote this.

But one thing is for sure, for whatever responsible mother or father in the world:


Children's sexual innocence...
Need I say more?

Maxim is not just any magazine, it is a PORNOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE.

It does not matter AT ALL if you like pornography or not. One thing is that you like pornography and another is that you like your little children watching pornography.

So do something responsible for your child today: BOYCOTT THE U.S.A. CULTURAL PORN INDUSTRY FOR KIDS.

That is why Academic Media is needed.

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