Visions of a Freeman - 06 of April 2013
A data Social Network.

The 3 tier system consists of a web page explorer that takes data from a web page and uses that data to show it in a software solution.

This is very useful to create social networks where the users can create their own way of presenting the data. This is about creating social network software which is specially good for students as they learn how to create software.

The social network sends the data as crude data that can be just data separated by comas or some other data format. The developer has the task of reading that data and presenting it as he wishes in his software solutions.

The data site can receive commands to filter data simply by changing the query string, which is the text that is after the internet page location.

For example this is a query string:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44770516,d.eWU&fp=53ad21bb1c09375c&biw=1330&bih=763

As you can see it's a bunch of parameters that are passed to the server using the direction of the page.

The data received will always be raw data for that site. The programmer will take that raw data and use it in a software solution.

The raw data cannot be seen directly from the data server in a finished way. This is to stimulate the downloading of the software.

The server will not send images on the web page itself, it will send the URL location of the image in that same server.

Like in all TRIBalance system the police Academy and law systems are linked, so the data servers are accessible to law enforcement as indicated by laws.

The programmers have a lot of freedom to create software solutions, thus stimulating the creativity of students and creating more jobs, specially in poor countries.

Since it reads data and it can be filtered there is no spam coming from the system itself. Any marketing is done by the software developer that uses the data. The software developer can pay for the expenses it generates to the data servers like if it were a hosting company and that should solve the problem with costs.

This is also good for marketing companies since they can work with software solutions, many of them even if it's the same data provider.

In the case of Academies the data has to be moderated since it is after all a system for students and students are also children. Images uploaded to the server have to be supervised, it's not like in junk social networks where sick, dangerous images can easily be show to children and that do not even have a way to report them. This including the images that can be used to bully other students or to try to hurt them, like for example mockery pictures made exclusively to try to hurt another student. That is dangerous and has been known to even cause suicides. Of course that cannot be accepted in an academic web site, just like it is not accepted in a classroom. It's that simple.

The data service gives the programmers the freedom to create, which is excellent for students. There is no way to compromise the independence of a university or to create dependency of a university towards another country. All that is received is raw data.

This is also great for counter-intelligence agencies in the entire world that have the mission to protect the privacy and interests of it's people.

The different academies can set how the parameters of the searches will be and how the data will be presented. They do so by consensus and by channeling responsibility.

This also means that fancy web page designs are not essential, since the software will present the data making it easier to program for some, depending on what they are going to show.

The proposal is very simple: A Raw Data Social Network.

That should stimulate a great way of creativity and programming talent as well as create all sorts of jobs in all of society, like I said before it is specially useful for developing countries and I would add that it is also useful for uncommon languages.

The data server itself does not do marketing, the marketing is done by the creators of the software, this is very good for people in the marketing sector. The Academies can choose which software to support and which software to reject. Every country has it's own systems to visualize the data.

Those that officially profit from the Data Server have to contribute to pay the expenses, expenses that are transparent. The Universities indicate which are the safe official systems recommended to the public.

The purpose of the Academic system is to make it decent and moderated enough so that children can be left alone in some cases or with little supervision in other types of data. For example visiting a profile page of children cartoons is quite fine for a child while posting pictures to strangers is not fine. All the systems do not have to be academic but those that are must be truly academic and that just means that it has the behavior you would expect in a classroom.

In Venezuela we have the public CANTV telephone company which can provide the Data Services that are strategic for the development of Venezuela and it's Academy.

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