Visions of a Freeman - August 13, 2013
FoxNews says: I corrupt children because I am above the law.

I will use a text I already included in this web page, in the "Visions" section to avoid unnecessarily taking new copyrighted material. The objective is to make a point, not violate copyright laws. I am very respectful of the laws, yet I will show you that there are some that think themselves about the law of many countries, while living in a corrupt, lawless country himself.

Blood and Gore.

I call a vision named: "FoxNews Recomienda" at my web site:
Missouri Man Reportedly Left Sick Mother 'Rotting Alive, Fused to Chair'
Published November 10, 2011 |

An elderly Missouri woman was described as "a rotting corpse that was still breathing" after her son left her in a vinyl chair for so long her skin fused to the seat.

Carol Brown had to be pried from her chair by emergency workers after her adult son reportedly left her unable to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom at her home in Independence, Mo. The 74-year-old woman later died.

Emergency workers were called to a scene of filth and squalor when the man reported that his mother had suffered a stroke on Oct. 27, KCTV reported.

"The victim's legs were fused to the chair and her legs had to be physically separated from the foot rest portion of the chair leaving behind yellowish skin tissue," Independence police detectives said in an affidavit. "When she was removed from the chair, there were flying insects around her body."

The officials said that "bodily fluids and feces were heavily present" in the woman's home.

Hospital staff who treated Brown before she died said the woman had a maggot infestation on an open sore around her ankle, according to court documents.

Her son, who had filed an application to receive aid from Missouri State to be his mother's caretaker, told officials he had been honoring her wish to die at home.

Brown's daughter, who had worked and looked after her mother for six years before moving 1,000 miles away, expressed outrage over her older brother's treatment of the elderly woman.

"I don't know how you can leave your mother stuck to a chair. Nothing to eat or drink and she couldn't talk. She had her eyes open, but couldn't respond at all," Melissa Askren said.

She added, "You cannot sit here and tell me I was honoring her wishes by letting her die at home. You were leaving her stuck to a chair starving to death. That is not letting her live her last days at home."

Independence police are waiting for autopsy results before forwarding the case to the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office.

Newscore contributed to this report.

That vision was about how disgusting FoxNews is, but serves it's purpose here, again.

Intense Violence.

I am sure this is violence:
Iraqis traumatised, trapped in deadly violence
By Francis Curta
Published July 30, 2013

BAGHDAD (AFP) The Iraqi dentist never got over being
kidnapped, chained to a bed and abused. Today, like millions of his countrymen running the gauntlet of daily violence, he lives in fear.

"He's changed completely. He's
always nervous, even hostile. He never feels safe," says Dr Nesif al-Hemiary, a 50-year-old psychiatrist, speaking of his friend, whose identity he will not reveal.

Iraq is still
plagued by violence more than 10 years after US-led forces toppled dictator Saddam Hussein, with more than 3,000 people killed since January 1.

On Monday, after a wave of
violence killed dozens of people, the interior ministry warned of civil war.
Iraq is faced with "
open war waged by the forces of bloody sectarianism aiming to plunge the country into chaos and reproduce civil war", a statement said.

The dentist was
kidnapped from his practice in 2007, one of scores of such abductions that marked the height of Iraq's bloody sectarian conflict.

He was freed a few days later after a ransom was paid.

Many Iraqis have experienced similar
traumas, that have scarred them for life.

"They kept him
chained to a bed, blindfolded. They hit him, they insulted him," and had sex with a woman in front of him, Hemiary says of his friend's ordeal.

"They called his family and threatened to
kill him if they didn't pay up. They forced him to plead for his life.

"After several days, the family paid up and he was
dumped on a street in a terrible state."

Hemiary said his friend wanted to flee Iraq but his diplomas were not recognised abroad, so he just sent his two children to the United States.

Meanwhile, he became "
obsessive-compulsive. He fears contamination. Dirt. He's always afraid. He always takes a different way home."

The dentist refused counselling because "people here don't want to be stigmatised as being
mad or possessed," says Hemiary, who teaches at Baghdad University and runs a private practice.

People in Iraq are "
anxious, frustrated, tired, depressed, and have no hope in the future," he says, hoping his own children will emigrate.

Iraqis, he says, are like
rats in a cage.

"When you put a
rat in a cage with different compartments and give it an electroshock, it escapes to the next compartment. But if you keep doing that, it ends up not moving because it has learned there's no escape.

"It's the same thing for Iraqis. Those with the means to leave the country have already done so. The others know there's
no way out."

violence plaguing the country has disrupted Iraqis' lives in many ways, including a marked increase in divorce and domestic violence, says Hemiary.

Some Iraqis, he says, are "just
permanently stressed" and will jump at the honk of a car horn or get into arguments at the drop of a hat.

really hard. I'm always on edge, always tired," says Qaisar, a 26-year-old traffic policeman, standing in the midday heat on a busy Baghdad thoroughfare.

"When I get home in the evening, I
don't even have the energy to talk to my wife or children. I go straight to bed."
Qaisar, who declined to give his surname, admitted he was
constantly afraid of being killed and thought of quitting the force.

Tahisir Khaled, a 28-year-old pharmacist, says many customers want to buy
sedatives, "even without prescription."
This is true of young men especially, "because they are on the front line, while women mostly stay at home," she adds.

Khulud, a 45-year-old woman who did not want to give her full name, suffers from
high blood pressure.
lost my husband in 2006 when I was three months pregnant. He was kidnapped and killed. Since then, I'm always sick and everyone says it's stress-related.

"You get very
nervous when you hear explosions, even if you're used to it. Every time that happens, I call my family to check that everyone is okay."

Her seven-year-old daughter, Wadaq, often asks to see a picture of her father and said one day that she wanted to take a taxi "to go and
fetch daddy in paradise."

Other than
drugs, two things help make Iraqis resilient, Hemiary believes.

"They see themselves as
victims. They feel that everything is beyond their control," so there is no feeling of guilt attached to what is going on.

And for Muslims, he adds, it is easier to accept one's fate because "everything is in the hands of God."

That has simply got to be the most intense news about violence I can remember. Look at all those intense words.

After showing that small sample I have to write about the crime circus in which FoxNews tries to convert horrible crimes into net profit.

Take a look at how easy is it to get there:

As you can see, it's a click on "U.S." and a click on "Crime".

So let me show you just 10 headlines of what is live on FoxNews web site today.
Found on:
Authorities say body found in park is missing Calif. federal investigator.
Court appearance for
teens accused in vicious bus beating.
bombing suspect's friends face charges.
School bus beating suspects appear in court.
Teens charged in
school bus beating due in court.
Owner of Ind. house that
blew up claims abuse.
mob boss convicted; much still unresolved.
teen faces long recovery after rescue.
Alabama businessman
kills self with poison after child sex conviction.
Ala. man takes
poison after child sex conviction.

Strong language.

Let us go to the TMZ section of FoxNews.

I will show only headlines, don't need to show the actual content itself to make my point.

I am sure you are not interested in reading what Chael has to say about his genitals, nor how they disrespect weddings and thus family values but this about murdering vagina is something that not even a porn site does. Pure vulgarity.

Lets move on.

Mature humor.

Even if I do
NOT think the following is funny, they are clearly trying to make it funny and make profit out of it. There is no doubt that the context is sex, given the title.
4/13/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez
Which Disney Dude
Would You Rather?

[No need to place picture of 2 men]

It was a former Disney dude buff arm battle, as "High School Musical" hunk Zac Efron, 25, flashed his tan, ripped muscles before hurting his wrist while filming his new movie in L.A. this week (left) -- while musclebound "Camp Rock" boy bander Joe Jonas, 23, pumped up his God-fearing biceps in a
funny new video clip (right).

They've both grown up to be fine young men, so we gotta ask ...

That one has to do with using Disney as a sex tool, thus it's a Child Pornographer activity.
2/14/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Sorry, Deena ... From
the Bottom of My 'D' Cups

Deena Cortese from "Jersey Shore" can settle down ... the doppelganger whose boobs whipped up a Mardi Gras crowd says she -- and her tatas -- weren't trying to impersonate Deena. Or her yabos.

The look-alike flasher in question, Ashley Austin, tells TMZ she meant no ill will toward the 'JS' star ... claiming, "I personally really like Deena, and had no intentions of giving her a bad rap!"

TMZ broke the story ... Ashley flashed a New Orleans crowd and several cameras -- pissing off the real Deena, who fears the video will ruin her chances of getting on "Dancing with the Stars."

By the way, Ashley claims she "had no idea" she was being recorded,
which is funny ... since she's looking DIRECTLY at the camera.

Then again ... lots of people forget things during Mardi Gras.

That news has to do with relating one celebrity to another without the express consent from the victim celebrity, thus it is a
RAPE news.

Like I said before, if I have material that serves the purpose to prove my point I do not need to take new copywrited material.
From the Vision: FoxNews protects Porn Industry.
From the Vision: FoxNews promotes women as pleasure toys.

A well knows Role Model for American Woman:

I think that is enough to prove my point.

Strong Sexual Content.

I will take material that I already have from the vision: FoxNews protects porn industry.

I already put two images of a porn movie promoted by FoxNews in the previous section but it does get stronger than that. Let us see it:
8/12/2013 12:00 AM PDT

Kris Humphries' Ex Myla Sinanaj -- The Sex Tape Pics

Use of Drugs and Alcohol.

Here I can use material from the section: FoxNews promotes vices.

Ill just take a few of them:

So let me get this straight and list one by one the points I have shown you, in an image.
As you can see all the points of the ESRB regulation for mature content are covered. So according to that regulation FoxNews is an adult site. The ESRB is for Computer Games. There is a similar regulation for movies.

This means that for example, if I were to make a computer game where you can open the FoxNews News site then by that fact alone the game will immediately be an adult game, like I said only because of the fact it can view FoxNews in it.

Since it is an adult site by that standard, it requires an appropriate password simply to protect children, much the same way a minor cannot go to a software store and buy an adult game.

Questions and answers.

I want to make some questions and answers to explain what is my objective, my goal with this analysis of FoxNews.
1) Why are you violating FoxNews Copywrite?
  Illegal material cannot be copyrighted in my country.

The material that I expose in my site about FoxNews violates the law for Protection of Minors, the LOPNA.

Every country has it's sovereign right to chose what agreements on copyright it wants, but in all cases the copyrighted material must be legal not only in it's content but in the way the content was originated. That is not the case with FoxNews in Venezuela.
2) What alternative do you propose to fix the problem?
  I propose an Academic Network of Academic Media with rules that help make a healthy journalism for our children and students of all ages and for society in general.

I also propose an Academic Network of Art Academies and other types of Academies according to the specifications that I have detailed in my site. It might not fix the problem in the United States but it certainly helps clean the trash pollution generated by regular media in my country, trash which is producing a serious crime problem.
3) Do you hate FoxNews?
  FoxNews is just an expresion of the society of the United States.

I am not here as a hater, or a violent person, I am just looking for solutions to the problems in my country.
4) Do you think FoxNews would want to take actions against you?
  Definitely, FoxNews wants to keep it's freedom to show pornographic material to children, to push the role models of children into pornography, to promote and support prostitution, to be able to freely news rape celebrities and to sell drugs even to children to maximize profits so they would not want anybody that is against sexually abused and drugged children, it's not profitable to them, it's bad for business and it is bad for their ideology.
5) Has FoxNews taken actions against you?
  Yes, many times. It is always trying to change it's headlines to make a psychological pointer on people in order to refer to me. It calls me all sorts of nasty names, like the Miami Cannibal, the Boston Bomber, etc. It has also called me murderer, killer, mass serial killer, etc. This relationship between good arguments and murder comes from their twisted and corrupted religious believes as well.
6) FoxNews is in the U.S.A. is it your problem being that you are from Venezuela?
  FoxNews is not on the USA it is online, on the Internet for everyone to see and it is certainly polluting my country. I don't need a country that is an easy recipient of internet trash, even less for the eyes of the children of my country.
7) Any reasons why you think people would want your site closed?
  Corrupt governments that do not want their people to want accountability and transparency might want to close my site so that they can continue in their criminal activities of corruption and hurt their own people. Corrupt people do not want to see my site, it is a danger because it is about a free and open society, something a criminal leadership does not want.
8) What is your most dangerous obstacle?
  The United States and the freedom to prostitute and drug children they claim to have, endorse and spread throughout the world.
9) Why would the U.S.A. have anything against you?
  The reason is simple logic really, so pay attention to the simple logic.

The United States is a country that is an Empire, but for now let me point to the fact that it is obsessed with leadership.

There are two main institutions of leadership in the world, the Religious Institution is one of them, the Academy of Philosophy is another one so if anyone is obsessed with leadership those would be the two primary targets.

Now let me explain, there are two types of world systems that I want to mention. One is a system in which every country has an Independent Academy with Integrity, which is what I stand for, and then all of them can simply be linked into a huge system.

The other type is the Bigotry System which I call the Seol System which means that the philosophical leadership is always in an extreme of philosophy, being it that it tries to create a system of extremes encountered in a system where few have voices but it seems pluralistic anyway, even if it is not, it is just an illusion.

This system that is made of the sum of extremists can have a central core where all of them can join to discuss deep issues in secret, thus all the leadership stays at the central core and everything that is not on that central core is just an extreme of Philosophy. That is the Seol System.

Now let me explain. It is not easy to ensure that everyone will want to follow an extreme since common sense makes people want to reject these extremes and thus possibly escape from control, that is why common sense is made illegal, which is the same as saying that questioning the media becomes illegal (copyright) and to further enhance the Bigotry and the slavery to stop people from achieving common sense they distribute vices, like alcohol, pornography and drugs, as well as corrupt children. That way the Tyranny of the unquestionable bigotry is maintained for the ideological slavery of the human kind.

The Seol system would not work any more given the world's problems with lack of resources and income to sustain such a system.

All this also explains why the United States is so obsessed with Israel, it wants to convert it into the controlling core for a Bigotry Tyranny from a Religious land, which is a logical step since they are obsessed with leadership. But like I said it's impossible and that Bigotry might just generate so much crime in hard times that the system will simply collapse but the corrupt people don't care, they only care about living well the rest of their lives, even if the system would collapse and that is the malign cancer mentality.

I proposed a different system not based on an unquestionable tyranny of Bigotry and slavery, that is based on freedom to think and have common sense with a prismatic Academic core to keep order, but that is not nice to the corrupt, obsolete and criminal interests in the United States.
10) What is your point of view about Copyright and Copyright laws.
  I think that if they do exist they should always be enforced or removed by Academy and of course by laws taking care to not copyright anything that is essential for proper Academic objectives.
11) Do you have any money ambitions out of all this?
  I believe in transparent and accountable income so your concept of money or profit might not be the same to me. I am not in this for unaccountable money, I am in this for a sustainable way of life for me and for everybody else as well.
12) What would it take for you to voluntarily remove the web site?
  The site would probably not be removed from the Academic sphere since it has a lot of academic value, but if you are talking about the public web site, it's not that easy since there are many people attached to it's idea and simply removing it might just set them free without any control so I think the only way would be for me to join as a programmer in a TRIBalance Academic System, then I can remove the protest part at least because there would not be any reason to protest once I achieve the goal.

As you can see if I am not incorporated into such a system I can only continue to rip into the fabric of reality which is what my site is doing right now.
13) Are you getting any help?
  I don't get any direct help, I do this all on my own without any employees or investment.
14) Any final considerations for this page?
  The United States will continue to defend it's supposed right to sexually abuse and drug women and children because that is what an empire is about, even if that obviously leads to it's own destruction.

It remains to be seen if the rest of the world would be so insane as to commit massive suicide. I am trying to provide a solution, a scientific solution, an honest solution to the problem. I am not here to hate, I am here to find solutions to the problem and I do have good ways to stop the moral decay, the social cancer, the collapse of civilization but I also focus on Venezuela. I don't want to meddle in the affairs of other countries even if I do want to clean the Internet in my country from toxic, very dangerous junk.

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