Visions of a Freeman - Sunday, December 08 of 2013
The collapse of corruption.

We South Americans know a lot about the "efforts to civilize people"... yes... The Aboriginal Holocaust!

A Holocaust so big and terrible that the so called "Jewish Holocaust" pales in comparison, even if the death of just one person is an immense tragedy in itself.

Eighty million "civilized" aborigines... I am guessing they want to "Civilize" Palestinians too?

There are NO Jewish in Israel, there are NO Hebrews, it is just a DIABOLICAL FRAUD created by empires to try to enslave religion under a so called "Leadership".

First the European madness insanity, their criminal greed leads to corrupt the Hebrew texts in their lust for power, then their greed creates Hitler as an accidental consequence of a corrupt Ideological system. Then after they defeat the consequence of their own sick virus that THEY CREATED they go to BEAT THE SHIT out of the poor Palestinians. Look at all the terrible things that INSANE GREED for leadership does to humanity.

That cannot be called leadership at all, I would call it SLAVERY. Honest leadership is both Accountable and Transparent. That is a Channeler. Criminal leadership is corrupt, greedy and criminal. So now you know the difference between an Angel leader under light and a Demonic leader under the darkness of corruption.

I have seen temples of extreme stupidity but non other so absurd as Israel. The CORRUPTION Institution. The greatest temple of corrupt greed in the world. I would tend to think that everyone that is extremely greedy likes Israel for the promise that one day they will use religious people as slaves. Lust for the power of God. Easy to see that other failed attempt of a Tower of Babel that Justice, Righteousness, light and freedom tears down.

So the Ancient TRIBalance created prophecies about the Desolate Abomination. The most hideous thing EVER!

The only difference friends is that America was invaded for greed of gold while Israel was invaded for the greed of Leadership. But the Palestinians and the American Aborigines share the same tragedy, the same GENOCIDE.

The so called "Israelies" are as European as the so called "Realistas" that Simon Bolivar fought in America.

When the TRIBalance came out, like the Sun in the darkness it was obvious to the entire world that Israel was one BIG FRAUD! TOTALLY FAKE!!!

It is just a United States/European Invasion. That is all it really is, just a CRIMINAL INVASION! Poor, poor Palestinians.

Who is responsible for that crime? The United States of America, the Europeans and their Academies. Their lust for greed.

Where does it say in the TRIBalance that half the people should be excluded, abused, violated and discriminated? You know that the TRIBalance is all inclusive, thus all powerful and Cosmic. See the fraud friends.

Of course I stand with the Palestinians! Just like Moses stood with the Jewish SLAVES. All TRIBalance hate Slavery.

Jesus hated Slavery, Moses, Daniel, Matthew, in fact you do realize that Christianity was at one point the Ideology of slaves that wanted and fought for freedom. :)! Really! It used to be a slave's hope for dignity. Those times Jesus was the Redeemer of the Slaves. Just like I am! Yay! I brought back the very essence of them.

The Romans corrupted the Jewish leadership in an insane greed for leadership over their "Jewish" people treated as sheep and as you know the TRIBalance rebelled and said: ":D EAT SHIT CORRUPT PHARISEE! Whee!".

Then as you know the Roman Empire got very angry and started exterminating them but why? Ah because Christianity used to represent the fight against slavery, that is the real reason why the Romans were so angry, not because it was a weird religion to them.

Jesus used to represent FREEDOM FROM BIGOTRY. Used to... Not any more, at least before I came to restore the TRIBalance.

When an early Christian said Jesus, to them it had all the beauty of freedom. It was FREEDOM they were longing for. Now look at them. So sick, the Vatican remaining SILENT while Palestinians are treated as SLAVES!!!

Guess we have some more Pharisees don't we? The same insane greed for leadership, the same corruption. But this time things are different, there is a Sun in the horizon and the sky turns purple. Time for Revelation.

China is recovering it's deepest and wisest roots that date back literally THOUSANDS OF YEARS!

Of course China wants nothing with the sick leadership greed in Israel. All that insane, inhuman and demonic hatred!

I have a serious problem with a video that FoxNews presented about the coming collapse of China, on FoxNews.

At the time I wrote this it was on:

It comes to confirm what I have said before: That the United States wants a conflict with China.

The video also included something about China wanting to identify Airplanes.

Then they say I am lying to people about the sick intentions shown from the United States media.

By the way every single airplane in the world should have an electronic ID that serves the purpose of testing if the ship is in the correct course. Remember for example the ship that left it's course, the Costa Concordia, it did not have that ID system and it crashed, killing a lot of people or that plane that got lost and landed on the wrong air track. All airplanes should have an ID system.

China could implement that ID system on their planes as well. So the ID zone is worldwide.

What is that crap about the coming collapse of China? That is an International crime on the media... again! If it is a crime, you can almost be sure FoxNews is involved... Like always, in crimes against humanity.

I wonder how the hell a collapsed China is going to be good for the Asians... While the United States collapses as it is because it's system has become unsustainable with fake companies, fake income data, fake gross domestic data, fake employment data and fake media as well. For example they say Twitter is worth Billions, yes, but it produces NO PROFIT!!! Fraud after fraud after fraud.

FoxNews just said that it openly supports the collapse of China. I just saw it. It even promotes a book about it. Well, I support the collapse of FoxNews and Friends. That bunch of CRIMINAL, RAPIST GANGSTERS and their hell hole that puts all the entire world peace at risk while they extort and rape women for fun and profit. The Cancer of the world!

This is not anything new as China is not the only target, they also talk about the coming collapse of ObamaCare (A United States Health Care system made law) and the coming collapse of the United States health care system, even if it is a law... They also talk about the collapse of the United States congress as well.

FoxNews is the world's biggest and MOST WANTED CRIMINAL in the entire world!

I said they wanted a war with China, well it was confirmed with that video. Crimes just keep piling up.

Today is voting day in Venezuela, again. Well I will NOT VOTE. Like I have been doing so for more than a decade. I am not going to vote for ANYONE that is not crystal clear transparent and accountable. I do not vote for corruption and I do far more than a little vote to fight against corruption so they can't say I am irresponsible.

So today is another day I was not allowed to vote because I was given no accountable candidate at all for that. Maybe later, when the Law of Info Government is implemented, then I can finally vote, not just one day... EVERY DAY! Every day and many times a day. That is why I want Internet Democracy on a secure, responsible Internet. Every day!

That stupid once in a year voting system is now obsolete, when the internet votes can be every day! Not just once a year! So I lay the groundwork to make digital democracy possible. :) Yay! Every day is a nice day to participate in society. I want to see many votes every single day. More than 2000 votes a year! Yay! That on Government alone. That not including more than 1000 votes a year on the Academic System, for students... For a whooping 3000 votes a year for a young university student! :) Now that is democracy! It is coming!

Oh by the way, I do not act to make any country collapse, not even the United States of America. I want Cancer to collapse, the Mafia, the people that are always wanting the Government to collapse, we know who they are... They SCREAM it every single day... The FoxNews ANARCHISTS! Every single day they plot to destroy the government, not one day passes without them doing so, just like a Brain tumor, exactly like a brain tumor, every day it plots to destroy the healthy brain.

FoxNews was created over a crime, the bigger it got, the more crimes it needs to hide. It is now HUGE.

If there is something everyone knows is that I have never voted for the collapse of LAW & JUSTICE or the collapse of Law Enforcement or the collapse of Academy. It was not Me that advocated for Pornographic "artists" as teachers in schools, it was FoxNews that did that.

So TRASHED is the FoxNews attempt to try to make me look like a terrorist by forcing Me to reply. If anyone wants to see a terrorist, they can do so every single day as FoxNews profits BIG TIME from crime & pain.

For example today there was a news about a child that died on an airplane:

So MORE PROFIT for the Vultures! See what I mean?

While on the other hand I expressly PROHIBITED any type of profit from death news on TRIBalance systems so who is the criminal that every day spreads vices, profits from deaths, rapes, abuses women and corrupts children?

If that sick behavior is what the "American" stand for and protect then I have to disagree!

If that is what anybody offers then I have to wish it COLLAPSES! Crime MUST COLLAPSE! Social Cancer as well.

But I do not want the collapse of Courts, Laws, Academies and Values. The TERRORIST FoxNews failed to bait Me into looking like a terrorist.

That reminds Me that the so called "War on Terror" on Iraq became literally: THE COLLAPSE OF IRAQ.

Just like European "Efforts to civilize" became the American Aboriginal MASSIVE GENOCIDE!

We don't need no more War on Terror, no more Efforts to civilize, all disguised as an excuse to RAPE FOR LEADERSHIP!

I am not going to vote for unaccountable people. My ONLY VOTE is against CORRUPTION!

My respect for the Police of the United States of America that risk their lives every single day to fight the crime that the criminal media has helped to create. I know what it is like to see a country DROWN IN CRIME because of CRIMINAL MEDIA. Ask John F. Kennedy or those that monitor the steep decline in education at the United States.

Anyone that profits one penny from a crime is a criminal. PERIOD! Criminal media is rampant and out of control.

I am guessing FoxNews thought that by saying China would collapse I would scream that the United States will collapse...

I just want CRIMINAL INSTITUTIONS TO COLLAPSE. That's all. Take Me to jail for that.

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