Visions of a Freeman - August 16, 2013
Children in a porn site.

Let's look at the content of the TMZ branch of FoxNews.

Hot Bods Gallery pictures section of TMZ, a branch of FoxNews:

I understand they do not even respect the elderly but this...


TheBerry links directly from the TMZ branch of FoxNews, on it's main page.
August 24, 2013

This is the same page, notice the bottom picture to the right:
Click on that image brings you to:

Children dressed up in a sexy way on a soft porn web site is PEDOFILIA.

Children should NOT appear next to half naked men, dressed in sexy clothing... It's the kind of thing you would see in a BARBARIC COUNTRY that does not protect the rights of women and children. Made a sex toy since a very young age on a soft porn page...

As you can see, it is THE CONTEXT and the place where the pictures were put that obviously makes it Pedophilia. These are children appearing in a Soft Core Adult Site that features half naked men right next to the SEXY CHILDREN PICTURES.

What are children pictures doing in a site where adults go to see sex pictures and even masturbate? (Pornography site).
Did these children even agree with that?
Aren't there any laws that protect these children?

I believe this is a crime in my country. Actually it should be a crime in any country that has some BASIC DECENCY and MORALITY. Well then again, obviously that is not the case with the United States of America. I guess they just ignore the girls while they masturbate.

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