Visions of a Freeman - Thursday, October 24 of 2013
CNN viciously and cowardly attacks all Chinese people.

This news was listed in the main page of CNN, with a picture in the "READ THIS, WATCH THIS" section. The most important and most visible section of the CNN website.

You don't have to take my word for it, you can see it:
Author: In China, 'everyone is guilty of corruption'
By Lijia Zhang, Special for CNN
October 24, 2013 -- Updated 0301 GMT (1101 HKT)

Editor's note: Lijia Zhang is a Beijing-based writer and the author of "Socialism is Great! A Worker's Memoir of the New China." She appears in the latest episode of On China with Kristie Lu Stout, which examines the country's fight against corruption. For viewing times please click here.

Beijing (CNN) -- Another "tiger" has been caught. Last week, Ji Jianye, the mayor of my hometown Nanjing, a major city in eastern China, was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes worth about 20 million yuan ($3.3 million)

After taking power in March, President Xi Jinping launched a high-profile anti-corruption campaign, vowing to catch both tigers and flies -- big and small corrupt officials. China has seen plenty of such campaigns, arising and subsiding like summer storms.

But this one appears to be the most vigorous since China opened up; when corruption became rampant in the new market economy and officials started to trade power for financial gains.

Much as I appreciate our president's determination, his battle feels like an attempt to "put out a big fire with a glass of water," given how corruption has reached every corner of our society.

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Chinese public opinion surveys identify corruption as the most hated social problem, yet everyone is also guilty of it.

Last year, when my father fell seriously ill, we took him to a decent hospital close by but were told the beds were fully occupied. As always, we turned to our guanxi -- our network of connections -- for help.

Fortunately, a relative, a not so senior but well-connected official, managed to secure a private room at the hospital, which is reserved for ranking leaders. In return, the relative agreed to get the son of the hospital director into the most desirable school in Nanjing.

I became aware the weight of guanxi shortly after I was thrust into adulthood: At 16 I was dragged out of the school to work at a military rocket factory.

Two months later, when Spring Festival came, my mother requested that I visit my boss' home with gifts she had prepared. Naive and embarrassed, I refused. Mother angrily predicted: "You'll never go far in life if you don't know how to la guanxi!" The verb la means to pull or to develop. Sure enough, I never got any promotion during my decade-long stint at the factory even though I acquired a degree in mechanical engineering.

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For any Chinese businessman, guanxi is essential. Recently, I met up with a long-lost friend, with whom I marched in the Nanjing streets back in the spring of 1989 and shouted "Down With Corruption" -- one of the complaints that had sparked the unprecedented Tiananmen Square democratic movement.

More than 20 years later, this friend spends 90% of his time running his high-tech company. His youthful idealism has gone and his waistline has expanded considerably. With a ghost of a smile, he blames it on the excessive dining, drinking and occasional visits to prostitutes that are part of the tiresome game of guanxi. "Your business can't survive a day if you are not corrupt," he told me.

He has to smooth every step of his business with gifts or outright bribes: From obtaining the business license, to entertaining potential clients, to receiving 15% of the tax deduction that a high-tech company is entitled to. He estimates that 3% to 5 % of operating costs goes to guanxi.

Such practices drive entrepreneurs to seek senior officials as their patrons because politicians in China have the power to approve projects and allocate resources.

The relationship between the now disgraced politician Bo Xilai and businessmen Xu Ming, the founder of Dalian Shide Group, was typical of such patron-client relationships. Xu, a large man, allegedly fattened his pockets through his guanxi with the Bo family as he funded the family's jet-set life style.

Xu was detained shortly after Bo's arrest and testified against Bo at his trial in August, although Xu has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

Local media reports suggest that authorities are investigating similar ties between the newly disgraced Nanjing mayor and Zhu Xingliang, the richest businessman in Suzhou, a city near Nanjing, who has also been placed under house arrest.

And politically, China produces its top leaders more or less based on patron-client ties rather than meritocracy. Both President Xi and Bo are "princelings" -- the children of senior leaders, the most powerful and influential group in China. Nepotism, a form of corruption, has feudal roots.

In fact, I believe the whole corrupt practice of guanxi is rooted in China's long tradition of renzhi -- rule of men rather than the rule of law.

President Xi has called for a curb on official extravagance: No red carpet treatment, no luxury banquets and no fancy office buildings. But these are the symptoms not the root of the problem.

To stamp out corruption, he will have to not only observe the rule of law but also introduce genuine political reforms that would allow checks and balances, transparency, and independent scrutiny. Such remedies, although proven elsewhere, may be too strong for him to take.

I don't doubt that the authorities will net more tigers. But there will be hundreds and thousands more at large and countless flies, thriving in China's politically and culturally rich breeding ground for corruption.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Lijia Zhang.

Let me tell you something:
CNN has the power to decide what gets published and what does not get published so CNN is the ONLY RESPONSIBLE of what gets published at it's site. I do not agree with that CNN Policy: "I abuse anyone I want, when I want for whatever reason I want and I am NEVER to be held accountable or responsible for anything because we at CNN have a LICENSE TO RAPE".

It is not within the limits of this news to compare the corruption in the United States with that of China since the aggressor was CNN, not the United States.

But I do have to show the fact that CNN is a great coward. He took material that was clearly a stone, like taking a hard stone from the floor and put it in his hand and then with that same hand used it's force to throw that rock at the heads of all Chinese, and I truly mean ALL CHINESE, all of China, every single Chinese and there are more than one thousand million of them. This is a huge aggression against all Chinese people, poor, rich, jobless, business leaders, women, men, children and adult.

This is a serious act of aggression against every single Chinese in the world, and that is what the title says as you can read CLEARLY:
Author: In China, 'everyone is guilty of corruption'

It does not say that some are corrupt, it does not say that most of them are corrupt, it says that ALL OF THEM are corrupt, every single one of them with NO EXCEPTIONS at all.

CNN has an owner, CNN has an Editor, CNN is like a slingshot.

If you do not know what a slingshot is, it is a weapon that is basically a wooden stick in the form of a Y with a rubber band tied to both the upper part of the Y, used to throw rocks.

This is a slingshot:

So CNN took the rock, loaded it into the Slingshot, pulled the rubber band and pointed directly at all the Chinese, at their heads and proceeded to release the rock that hit and hurt all Chinese people and then to our surprise the gutless coward, the shameless rapist, the awesomely irresponsible snooper makes a daring and shameless assertion that demonstrates the extreme levels of irresponsibility of corrupt CNN:
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Lijia Zhang.

So CNN actively helps Lijia Zhang attack all Chinese people, gives Lijia a platform and a powerful megaphone, gives her a space that in marketing is worth perhaps even MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to attack and hurt all Chinese people and then claims it has no responsibility on the matter and that the ONLY person responsible for that aggression is Lijia Zhang...

No Chinese person, even if he likes or not the Chinese Government can be happy with the criminal, irresponsible behavior of CNN, since that attack was not directed at any given sector of the Chinese people but to all the Chinese people, it says that all Chinese people are corrupt, thus delinquents and criminals.

Pretend that your name is Chow Chong for example and you have six brothers. One day you are happy and suddenly you see in the News: "Chow Chong's Mother is a Dirty, Cheap, Filthy and Vulgar BITCH and all her Children are SONS OF A BITCH, all of them because Chow Chong's Mother was seen buying sexy underwear and Lipstick"... Then it says: "I, CNN  deliberately helped millions of people read that Chow Chong's Mother is a BITCH and all her children are SONS OF A BITCH by publishing what Lijia Zhang said and me, CNN, am not responsible for anything because I, CNN can call ANYONE a Bitch and Sons of a Bitch, thus RAPE and ABUSE ANYONE without being held accountable for it"...

Just by that vicious, irresponsible, criminal and cowardly attack all Chinese, all of them should support the BAN CNN has in China, because it is clear, now more than ever that CNN is a cowardly ENEMY of ALL THE CHINESE PEOPLE and does not even have the guts to assume responsibility for it's unfair and BRUTAL AGGRESSIONS against all the Chinese people, I repeat, ALL THE CHINESE PEOPLE, that is what CNN said, it said ALL CHINESE PEOPLE ARE SONS OF A BITCH CALLED CHINA.

My complete respect for the Chinese people, all of them. Media Corruption is a terrible and horrible problem that causes pain, hate, wars and suffering to all of humanity for the profit of very dangerous criminals that gain profit from raping people, corrupting children and society and making shows with horrible human suffering for profit.

No decent person in the world can feel happy or support that irresponsible and criminal attitude of CNN. It is time they are held accountable for their crimes against humanity and world peace, it is time for Academic Media to replace Gangster, criminal media.

China blocks CNN because the Chinese people have MORALS, DIGNITY and HONOR to protect ALL CHINESE PEOPLE against SNOOPING, RUDE and COWARDLY CRIMINALS WITH A MASS MEDIA.

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