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A broken whore contract.
The GIA Allemand case.

Gia Allemand Dead: 'Bachelor' Star Dies At 29 (UPDATE)
The Huffington Post | By Cavan Sieczkowski
Posted: 08/14/2013 3:18 pm EDT | Updated: 08/14/2013 9:41 pm EDT

"Bachelor" contestant and model Gia Allemand died Wednesday, according to E! News.

The 29-year-old, who appeared on Season 14 of the ABC dating show, was hospitalized in critical condition in New Orleans Monday following "a serious emergency medical event." Details of the medical event were not released, but it was later revealed that Allemand was placed on life support, E! reported.

TMZ confirmed the news of Allemand's death with a family member. People magazine confirmed via a hospital source.

Her family and her NBA star boyfriend, New Orleans Pelicans player Ryan Anderson, were by her side when she was admitted to University Hospital.

A representative for Allemand and a media contact for ABC's "The Bachelor" could not be immediately reached for comment.

After the news of her death surfaced, Season 14 bachelor Jake Pavelka and Season 14 winner Vienna Girardi both tweeted their condolences. Ali Fedotowsky, who competed on the season with Allemand, also posted a message in memory of her friend.

Jake Pavelka ✔ @jakepavelka1
I had to pull over, I can't stop crying. We have lost an angel.
2:42 PM - 14 Aug 2013

Vienna Girardi ✔ @ViennaGirardi
Gia you are my angel! You changed so many lives with your beautiful soul and will be missed and loved forever.
2:39 PM - 14 Aug 2013 from Orlando, FL, United States

Ali Fedotowsky ✔ @AliFedotowsky
We lost an incredible human being today. @giaallemand
3:07 PM - 14 Aug 2013

UPDATE: The PR company that represented Gia Allemand, Penelope Jean Media, released a statement on behalf of the "Bachelor" contestant's family Wednesday afternoon.

Television personality and Model/Actress Gia Marie Allemand (29) passed away today at University Hospital, New Orleans. While in her residency in New Orleans on Monday night, Ms. Allemand was found by her boyfriend, NBA Basketball Player Ryan Anderson, following an apparent suicide attempt. Mr. Anderson contacted 911 and emergency medical crews were immediately dispatched to the scene. Tuesday, Ms. Allemand remained in the hospital unconscious in critical condition and on life support. Due to a critical loss of brain and organ function, life support was withdrawn today. Ms. Allemand passed away peacefully with her mother, boyfriend, and other life-long friends by her side.

The statement goes on to say that Allemand, a practicing Christian, received her Last Rites. Her funeral arrangements will be announced in an upcoming statement. The family has asked for privacy at this time.

UPDATE: "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison released a statement regarding Gia Allemand's death. "We are absolutely devastated at the sad news of Gia’s passing," he said. "She was a wonderful person and we are all that much better for having known her and having her in our lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and we will very much respect their privacy at this most difficult time."

I did say TMZ so lets go see TMZ:
Gia Allemand
'Bachelor' Star Dead
8/14/2013 5:30 PM PDT UPDATED: 8/14/2013 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2:13 PM PT -- TMZ has learned Gia hanged herself. Her boyfriend, Ryan, found her hanging and unconscious in her home and immediately called 911.

1:17 PM PT -- TMZ has learned ... the cause of death was suicide. Gia's boyfriend Ryan Anderson found Gia in her house Monday night. We're told Gia was on life support, which was withdrawn today. She had suffered "critical loss of brain and organ function." Her mom, boyfriend and other friends were in the hospital when she died.

1:13 PM PT -- Although we do not know the cause of death yet, we were told by multiple people close to Gia that she had been extremely upset about a rocky relationship with her boyfriend Ryan Anderson.

"Bachelor" star Gia Allemand -- who appeared on Season 14 of the show -- is dead, a family member tells TMZ.

As we reported, the 29-year-old model had been hospitalized in New Orleans since Monday following what her family called a serious emergency medical event. The details surrounding the event are unclear, but it was announced that Allemand had been placed on life support.

Allemand's mother and longtime boyfriend NBA player Ryan Anderson -- of the New Orleans Pelicans -- were at her side when she died.

Season 14 winner Vienna Girardi tells us, "Gia was a beautiful girl and an unbelievable friend. I’m shocked and can’t believe what happened to her. She seemed so happy, but you never know the demons people are fighting inside. I will never forget her and will miss my friend forever."

Allemand's boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, has released a statement ... saying, "I'm deeply grateful for all the love and support we have received from family, friends and fans. Gia was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out and she always smiled and made everyone else around her smile."

He continues, "She had such an amazing impact on my life and anyone that knew her was blessed. All I have left is to cherish those memories we made together and help perpetuate the many values, faith and love that we shared."

Let me tell you a tip about E! Entertainment:

E! Entertainment is the same company that hosts Kim Kardashian, made famous for her Pornographic Video that was put for sale on the Internet and that made a fortune. So E! does not have any problem from benefiting from prostitution.

Care to disagree?:

That image about Kim Kardashian's Naked exposures on a music video were taken directly from E! Enterntainment's web site:

Lets make a little list of "Common" points:
TMZ First to receive the news.
E! The show "Bachelor" is part of E! Entertainment channel.
Involved in benefiting from Kim Kardashian's Pornographic video tape.
Does not have any problem from benefiting from Prostitution.

So TMZ says it was because of a relationship problem with her boyfriend Ryan Anderson...

I would not be so sure about that:
Mother of Gia Allemand Discredits Playboy Model 'Best Friend'
August 16, 2013 Remembered

Did Gia Allemand sound stuffy, as if she had been crying, the night before she died? Yes, if you believe “best friend” Loredana Ferriolo. Reportedly an ex mistress of Tiger Woods, Ferriolo claims she spoke to Allemand by phone the night before she died, but Gia’s mom is slamming Ferriolo, saying that Gia was wary of her.

Meanwhile, Gia’s mother, Donna Micheletti, is speaking out against Loredana. “Gia liked everyone and always found the good in people, however, there were acquaintances that she had disassociated with who are now speaking as her close friends.”

Loredana told the New York Daily News, “She sounded stuffy. Either she was crying or she had a cold. I asked her and she paused and said, ‘Yeah, I have a cold.’ I thought she was crying. But she insisted it was a cold.”

The Playboy model disputed rumors that Gia and NBA player Ryan Anderson were having relationship trouble, saying, “They were still together and talking every night and saying ‘I love you.’”

Ferriolo also disputed speculation that Allemand was depressed and using drugs, claiming she was speaking to the press because she wanted to “respect her memory.”

Allmand’s mother doesn’t agree. “I don’t like to give further publicity by mentioning names here, however, there is a particular individual, Loredana Ferriolo, identifying herself as Gia’s best friend and the fact is that Gia expressed directly to me that she did not trust this individual and her motives for her own public exposure.”

Loredana met Allemand a decade ago at a Miss Hawaiian Tropic bikini competition. She says the two met in NYC last week and chatted about Ferriolo’s upcoming wedding and how Gia was considering moving from New Orleans to the Big Apple so they could open a Pilates studio together.

Allemand, 29, died in the hospital on Wednesday after trying to hang herself in her New Orleans home.

So, Playboy and Tiger Woods... We will see about them later.

Studio... I will tell you about studios soon but for now lets see that about crying or being cold bullied, its called sexual extortion. So she called her to extort her, to tell her that she must go into the Porn Studio and cry her morals away or be thrown in the cold by the media even if Gia did not want anything to do with Porn and was against that.

Something is quite not right:
Gia Allemand's Mom, Donna Micheletti, Chastises Gia's Friend, Loredana Ferriolo for Revelations

Gia Allemand's Friend Loredana Ferriolo Spoken up after Her Death: Mother criticized Loredana Ferriolo for Speaking about Her Last Night

Gia Allemand passed away on August 14 in a tragic suicide in New Orleans. Donna Micheletti, Gia Allemand's Mother Spoken Up after daughter's death and condemn daughter's so called 'best friend' for speaking about her last moments.

Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses Loredana Ferriolo - reportedly told New York Daily News that she shared some moments with Gia the night she had died.

"Either she was crying or she had a cold. I asked her and she paused and said, 'Yeah, I have a cold.' I thought she was crying. But she insisted it was a cold. "

"I was with her a week before and everything was fine, "

"We did typical girl stuff. She was helping me plan my wedding. She talked about what kind of flowers she wanted to have one day at her wedding. "

"They were still together and talking every night and saying "I love you," she told that Allemand and Ryan Anderson were a couple till she died.

"I came forward because there was all this speculation that Gia was depressed or on drugs and that's not true." "I want to respect her memory. " Loredana Ferriolo said in the NY Daily News reoirt

Donna Micheletti , Gia Allemand's Mother released an official statement and said not to believe waht is said by Loredana Ferriolo as she was not confided by her daughter.

"The family and close friends of Gia Allemand have not spoken to the media to date, nor have they posted comments or insight on Twitter, "

"There are numerous statements and theories in the media regarding Gia's death and her life that refer to sources close to Gia or friends of hers. "

"As her mother, I am well aware of Gia's close friends and her best friends and I am personally going on record to refute all statements to the media out there thus far with the exception of official statements we have released through publicist Penelope Jean Hayes, and those jointly with Ryan Anderson's NBA team representation. "

"Gia liked everyone and always found the good in people, however there were acquaintances that she had disassociated with whom are now speaking as her close friends. "

"I don't like to give further publicity by mentioning names here, however there is a particular individual, Loredana Ferriolo, identifying herself as Gia's best friend and the fact is that Gia expressed directly to me that she did not trust this individual and her motives for her own public exposure. "

"After the funeral, I do intend to speak about my dear daughter's life and death, and will do so in an open disclosure way with a trusted media source. Thank you for all those truly concerned and God bless. " Donna Micheletti said in the official statement. quoted by

Gia's family and boyfriend Ryan stood by her side till she breathed her last.

Let me tell you about "Typical girl stuff" in the world of Loredana Ferriolo and the United States female celebrities:

GIA Already marked at Maxim as a soft porn model.
Playboy Playboy magazine. Bad Boy Club. Related to Loredana Ferriolo.
Maxim Adult magazine part of the bad boy club. Sold Gia as a sex toy.
TMZ First to receive the news.
E! The show "Bachelor" is part of E! Entertainment channel.
Involved in benefiting from Kim Kardashian's Pornographic video tape.
Does not have any problem from benefiting from Prostitution.

Maxim marked. Model of a Soft Pornographic magazine for men. Looks like she was a little more "typical" than she wanted to be... She was marked as a prey for the Porn Industry Studios.

We have two more names, Loredana Ferriolo and Tiger Woods.

Lets take a deeper look at Loredana Feriolo and the Tiger links with Pornography.
Pippi Longstocking
Swapping Spit with
Tiger Woods' Mistress
10/29/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If she was shy before, she sure as hell ain't now -- Tami Erin (who starred in the 1988 Pippi Longstocking movie) has gone full-on Vegas stripper after her sex tape hit the market ... and she's even making out with one of Tiger Woods' ex-mistresses.

The pics were snapped at a Halloween party she hosted over the weekend at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club -- surprise -- and the ex-mistress on the receiving end of her smooches is porn star Joslyn James ... aka Tiger mistress #11.

We're told Tami wasn't originally supposed to strip -- she was just hired to host the party -- but when she took the stage to thank the crowd ... she got into the stripping mood real quick ... people even tipped her. (No lap dances though.)

It's pretty funny, considering Tami was so coy about her sex tape in the beginning. You'll recall she initially tried to block the release of the tape (or so she claims) but then changed her mind ... big time, apparently.

More about the Tiger links to Pornography:
Tiger Woods Mistress
I'm a REAL Whore Now
11/4/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the first and last time in your life you'll ever have a chance to score like Tiger Woods -- because one of the girls he banged behind his wife's back in 2009 is now a FULL-BLOWN PROSTITUTE ... but only for one week.

Dennis Hof -- the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada -- tells TMZ, porn star Joslyn James (aka Tiger's mistress #8) is offering up her 3-hole course at the famous brothel from December 5-12.

Dennis tells us, "Now you can finally have a piece of Tiger's tail."

We're told Joslyn's already taking pre-bookings -- but you better hurry ... her spaces are filling up fast.

GIA Already marked at Maxim as a soft porn model.
Playboy Playboy magazine. Bad Boy Club. Related to Loredana Ferriolo.
Maxim Adult magazine part of the bad boy club. Sold Gia as a sex toy.
TMZ First to receive the news.
E! The show "Bachelor" is part of E! Entertainment channel.
Involved in benefiting from Kim Kardashian's Pornographic video tape.
Does not have any problem from benefiting from Prostitution.
Loredana Playboy Sex Boy Toy.
One of the "Tiger Mistresses". Title used by the Porn and Prostitution Industry.

So as you can see we are getting a clear picture of who the real bullies were...

Now, would TMZ have the mind set to extort a celebrity into making porn as a pay for the celebrity status she had at E! Entertainment?

See for yourself.

Evidence of support to prostitution:
Bunny Ranch
Whore Contract --

12/23/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ever wonder what it takes to be a whore? Here's a quick list of requirements from Nevada's famed Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel: weekly STD testing ... your own personal sex toy collection ... an endless supply of condoms ... lube ... and $25 a day.

The list of must-haves is outlined in a contract signed by Bunny Ranch whore "Jimi Lynn" -- who's currently being sued by the Ranch for failing to report more than $300,000 in gifts she allegedly received from one of her johns.

According to the lawsuit, Lynn is required to give the Ranch 50% of everything she makes in the line of duty -- including the cash value of all gifts she receives -- and the Ranch is out for its cut.

Lynn's contract was submitted as part of new legal docs in the lawsuit -- and it's pretty hilarious.

By signing the contract, Lynn agreed to pay the Ranch $25 a day for room and board, which gives her a bed to sleep in, plus two meals.

According to the contract, drugs are not allowed in her whore room at any time. All whores are also forbidden from seeing their johns outside the whore house.

And this is nice -- no whore will be forced to bang a man she does not want to bang.

There are no sex quotas either -- a whore may bang as many people as she wishes.

And the best part -- FREE WI-FI!!!!

It's incredible that is happening in a Rated 16 web site... But anyway, it gets far worse.

Evidence of support to prostitution AND extortion:
Bunny Ranch
Owner Sues
Pay Up, Whore
11/2/2012 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Real pimps don't slap their hoes when they fall outta line, they SUE them ... at least according to the owner of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada who just filed a lawsuit against one of his hookers.

The man behind the suit is Dennis Hof -- the self-described Pimpmaster General of America -- who's suing a girl who goes by the name "Jimi Lynn" (pictured above).

According to the suit, filed in Nevada, Jimi signed an exclusive whore deal with the Ranch back in 2010 ... in which she agreed to pay Dennis 50% of the cash she made from hooking, plus $25 per day.

Hof also claims Jimi agreed to pay 50% of any gifts she received from any of her johns.

But in his suit, Hof says Jimi was screwing around behind his back -- because he got a call from an upset customer named "Richard" who says he'd been showering Jimi with lavish gifts and cash for years ... and finally felt like she was "pumping him for more money."

"Richard" allegedly says he took Jimi all over the world -- including Tahiti, Jamaica and Bora Bora. He also says he bought Jimi Chanel purses, diamond bracelets and pearl earrings. Total value of the gifts -- MORE THAN $300,000.

Hof claims Jimi never reported any of the gifts to the Bunny Ranch -- and now wants a judge to force her to hand over what's contractually his ... HALF.

We spoke with Hof who tells us, "There's gotta be honor somewhere in business ... good hookers are working girls, not thieves."

He adds, "Could you imagine a hooker stealing from you? It's unimaginable."

We reached out to Jimi -- no word back.

But is there any evidence that TMZ, and thus FoxNews uses celebrities to promote and sell Pornography? If so then why?

Take a look for yourself:
Lamar Odom
Drugs Are Expensive
But Porn Isn't

10/6/2013 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what could be a significant cost-cutting move, Lamar Odom has added to his obsessions -- but unlike his serious drug problem ... his newly acquired porn pal is free.

Lamar has set his sights on Tube8 -- according to his Twitter page -- a site that touts, "Everything always tastes better when it's free, including porn."

It's unclear when Lamar and Tube8 linked up, but Lamar is very fussy about what he follows. And only follows 50 celebs ... including Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather and the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

So for the time being, and clearly not of his own choice, Lamar has replaced Khloe with about a thousand other cool chicks.

So who was the bully? If Gia knew the day would come for her to "pay her fame" to porn then when she accepted the "whore contract "deal she must have had something in her mind, according to TMZ...

Well look for yourself:
Gia Allemand
She Had Suicide On Her Mind

8/18/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gia Allemand -- the former "Bachelor" contestant who hanged herself this week -- had tweeted about suicide for nearly a year, describing the unbearable pain of being bullied -- something she experienced first hand.

TMZ has poured over Gia's tweets, and we found this:

-- October 11, 2012. Gia re-tweeted, "Words Hurt. Pain Lasts. And suicide last forever." The tweet referenced a 16-year-old Canadian girl -- Amanda Todd -- who hanged herself earlier that year after being bullied.

-- Ocober 13, 2012 Gia tweeted, "BULLYS YOU SUCK RT ... Amanda she committed suicide because of bullying:' ( "

Gia was very sensitive to bullying:

-- October 11, 2011, she tweeted, "As a victim of being bullied most of my life, I'm gonna say that people who can say mean things to other people and put them down are just insecure and depressed with their own life! Glad my momma always told me 'if you don't have something nice to say than don't say it."

There's lots of speculation about what drove Gia to kill herself, but these tweets provide a peek into an issue that was extremely powerful and painful for her.

It's called SEXUAL EXTORTION, she was not bullied, she was sexually extorted.

Lets look at her Twitter to find out how she reacted to being confronted with the "Whore contract":


When you had it all under the dream of THE INDUSTRY OF PORNOGRAPHY.

A good women from the United States of America... DEAD while her country does NOTHING about Media Mafia. How many more have to be extorted? How many more have to go cold?

She preferred to DIE before being Bullied into Prostitution, she did not take the path of crying, now she is cold...

Now I better understand why FoxNews wants copyright protection to avoid anyone from holding it accountable... Now I understand what media copyright in the United States is all about...

A company with a License to rape:
News UK

News Corp UK & Ireland Limited (trading as News UK, formerly News International and NI Group), is a British newspaper publisher, and a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corp. It is the current publisher of The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun newspapers and its former publications include the Today, News of the World and The London Paper newspapers. Until June 2002, it was called News International plc. On 31 May 2011 the company name was changed from News International Limited to NI Group Limited, and on 26 June 2013 to News UK.
Trading name News UK
Type Private limited company
Industry Mass media
Founded February 1981
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people Rupert Murdoch
James Murdoch
Mike Darcey (CEO)
Products Newspapers and Websites
Owner(s) News Corp

Another example of the lack of laws to protect celebrities against News Rape:
Crying Heather Mills -- I've Considered Suicide
10/31/2007 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Heather Mills broke down on British TV this morning, telling a reporter she considered suicide due to all the negative attention directed toward her family.

"They've called me a whore, a gold-digger," said the estranged Mrs. McCartney on GMTV this morning, crying as she told the reporter, "I've had worse press than a pedophile or murderer and I've done nothing but charity for 20 years!"

Mills also took aim at the paparazzi treatment -- even noting Princess Diana's death -- and said that offing herself had crossed her mind, and referring to her daughter, said, "If I'm dead, then she's safe and she can be with her father."

Heather's started a petition against British tabloid The Sun in an attempt to "stop the manipulation of the media ... It has come to the point where the attacks on Heather are less than human."

Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch are also the owners of FoxNews.

That is why Academic Media is the solution.
A tribute to Gia Allamand.

The Crow Soundtrack ~ Rainforever
She died to protect us all from Social Cancer.

She is a Martyr.

May she be remembered as a hero.

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