Visions of a Freeman - Monday, December 09 of 2013
Boycott Agence France-Presse.
Winds of Independence.

First draft of the Declaration of Venezuelan Academic Independence.

I have a problem with AFP and I want to share the reasons why, including some legal issues:

1) AFP takes the words of active politicians in Venezuela, edits the words to their best interest and then applies a Copyright over the words that the politician said making it practically illegal, according to them, to copy, study, debate and share what was said by the active employee of the Government.

Take a look at this example:
Polls aside, Capriles says he will win Venezuela presidency
By Jordi Miro (AFP) – Apr 7, 2013

CARACAS — Hundreds of thousands of supporters on Sunday crammed Caracas' streets in what opposition presidential hopeful Henrique Capriles, trailing in the polls, called a fast-changing tide.

"Today, we are winning this contest," Capriles, the 40-year-old governor of Miranda state, told masses of faithful, despite polls showing him as many as 20 points behind acting President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro, 50, is a burly former bus driver and ex vice president who was the anointed successor of late president Hugo Chavez before his death from cancer last month.

Opposition leaders say Maduro has used sympathy for Chavez and the late president's state political machinery to bolster his campaign. But Capriles, a telegenic distance runner whose female fans have endearingly nicknamed "Skinny," was not ready to give up based on polls.

And in fact, his mass support on the capital's streets had him professing confidence that victory -- in this country sitting atop the world's largest proven oil reserves -- was within reach.

"Just three short weeks ago, they were saying that this was impossible," Capriles said, urging supporters: "Give me your vote of confidence, because I want for this country -- which wants change -- to be able to achieve it."
Capriles, in a wine-colored shirt the color of the national football squad's, spoke after masses of his backers thronged the rally from eight separate points around the capital.

He took aim at the Venezuelan government's close relationship with the Communist Cuban government -- resented by many here for the vast resources, billions of dollars a year, bestowed on Cuba, and fired.

"You can go ahead and win elections in Havana. I am going to win the elections here in Venezuela," Capriles said jabbing at Maduro.

Reaching out to supporters of the late president Chavez, Capriles also urged them to cross over to his side.

"Vote for me," he said. "Nicolas (Maduro) is not Chavez.

"I am not the opposition," Capriles insisted. "I am the solution."

Construction worker William Pereira, 33, said his vote would go to Capriles.

"We have hope. We need a better Venezuela, and that's why we are out here fighting for it," he said along a major avenue with his wife and daughters.

"Maduro is not a strong guy. He thinks he is funny like Chavez, but he is so far from it," added Pereira.

Pro-government supporters gathered on balconies to "challenge" the Capriles rally -- particularly in government funded subsidised housing. But the number of Capriles supporters spoke loudly for now.

"The main reason I am here is the public safety crisis. Yesterday my uncle had his car robbed from him -- at gunpoint. This cannot go on like this," said accountant Richard Nunes, 28.

"It may be really difficult to pull off a win. But we have to get out and try or we are leaving the whole thing in his hands," Nunes said of Maduro.

"Chavez did good things in terms of investing in the neediest. But he also left the country divided by a political party. And this has got to change," Nunes stressed.

The presidential vote to replace Chavez will be held on April 14.

On Thursday, Maduro also accused the opposition of plotting to sabotage the national power grid to cause a blackout ahead of the election.

He repeated the claim on Saturday, adding that he was aware that one of the leaders of Capriles' Justice First party had met with an employee of the US Embassy in Caracas to discuss plans for "a general blackout" in the state of Bolivar, where most of Venezuela's electrical power is generated.

Copyright © 2013 AFP. All rights reserved.

Capriles, the 40-year-old governor of Miranda state

Copyright © 2013 AFP. All rights reserved.

Let me check that Copyright for a second.

Capriles is an active public official by the time he wrote that, he was the Governor of the State of Miranda and he was talking about things he is legally responsible of, in this case his legal bid to be an electoral candidate while being at the same time Governor.

I am not sure about that Copyright, or prohibition to reproduce what Capriles said, in Venezuela...
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(in English translation from the original legal text)

Article 57: Everyone has the right to express freely his or her thoughts, ideas or opinions orally, in writing or by any other form of expression, and to use for such purpose any means of communication and diffusion, and no censorship shall be established. Anyone making use of this right assumes full responsibility for everything expressed. Anonymity, war propaganda, discriminatory messages or those promoting religious intolerance are
not permitted. Censorship restricting the ability of public officials to report on matters for which they are responsible is prohibited.

That means that ANYTHING Capriles says, no matter how short it is, according to the law cannot be censored by Copyright and not only that, it is expressly prohibited.

But what happens if anyone in Venezuela tries to put the AFP copyright above the Constitutional mandate for media responsibility and accountability of a Government official?
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(in English translation from the original legal text)

Article 25: Any act on the part of the Public Power that violates or encroaches upon the rights guaranteed by this Constitution and by law is null and void, and the public employees ordering or implementing the same shall incur criminal, civil and administrative liability, as applicable in each case, with no defense on grounds of having followed the orders of a superior.

I think the law is quite clear... *Laugh*

2) AFP claims the right to have a freedom to do critical, highly biased political journalism in Venezuela under the free speech provisions and be protected by a Venezuelan Copyright that avoids anyone from discussing or questioning what AFP wrote.

As you saw in the news that I placed above, that news was ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY from the point of view of the Interests that are related to the advantage of Capriles.

AFP claims that is fine, that it can do CRITICAL, POLITICAL JOURNALISM because there is free speech and even get a censorship license (Copyright) doing so. AFP is a French Media Empire.

I really think someone is REALLY confused...
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(in English translation from the original legal text)

Article 40: Political rights are reserved to those who are Venezuelans, with the exceptions established in this Constitution. Naturalized Venezuelans who have entered the country prior to reaching the age of seven years and have resided permanently in Venezuela until reaching legal age shall enjoy the same rights as Venezuelans by birth.

So much for that Copyright...

Let me create my own text:
My modification:

Article 40 & 25: Political rights are reserved to those who are Venezuelans that assume full responsibility for everything expressed, without prohibited censorship. Naturalized Venezuelans who have entered the country prior to reaching the age of seven years and have resided permanently in Venezuela until reaching legal age shall enjoy the same rights as Venezuelans by birth.

There goes the rights of AFP to do sick politics without assuming it's responsibilities to respond to accountability of the media...

3) AFP distributes illegal material on General Public Web Sites rated for all the family and thus Parental Guidance age 16 or over.

It smells like children playing with CADAVERS!
21 / 10 / 2013 - 05:29:00
Al menos 6 muertos en atentado contra un tren en Pakistán

DYMG / Globovisión / AFP

Al menos seis personas han muerto y 20 han resultado heridas al explotar una bomba al paso de un tren de pasajeros en la provincia paquistaní de Baluchistán (suroeste), anunciaron las autoridades locales.

"Es un atentado con bomba, y el objetivo era el tren de pasajeros. Al menos seis personas han muerto", declaró a la AFP Asad Gilani, ministro del Interior de esta región, sacudida por una rebelión local.

La bomba estalló al paso del tren Jaffar Express, cerca de una estación de ferrocarriles en el distrito local de Naser Abad, indicaron las autoridades. Esta línea ferroviaria une Rawalpindi, cercana a la capital del país Islamabad, con Quetta, la capital de Baluchistán.

Según otro alto funcionario local, Zafar Shah Bukhari, el tren descarriló después de la explosión.

"Seis de los heridos se encuentran en estado crítico", agregó, señalando que el balance podría aumentar.

So much for not getting children accustomed to extreme violence in one of the most dangerous countries in the world...

I suppose that can be copyrighted?
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(in English translation from the original legal text)

Article 58: Communications are free and plural, and involve the duties and
responsibilities indicated by law
. Everyone has the right to timely, truthful and impartial
information, without censorship, in accordance with the principles of this Constitution, as
well as the right to reply and corrections when they are directly affected by inaccurate or
offensive information. Children and adolescents have the right to receive adequate
information for purposes of their overall development.


So... Who is going to step forward to defend the so called: AFP LICENSE TO VIOLATE THE LAW?
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(in English translation from the original legal text)

Article 25: Any act on the part of the Public Power that violates or encroaches upon the rights guaranteed by this Constitution and by law is null and void, and the public employees ordering or implementing the same shall incur criminal, civil and administrative liability, as applicable in each case, with no defense on grounds of having followed the orders of a superior.

Want to try? *Laugh*

Now, suppose AFP gets angry and threatens to Sue the Venezuelan state for enforcing it's Constitution and Human Rights above their so called LICENSE TO ABUSE (Copyright)...

Bad news sunny boy:
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(in English translation from the original legal text)

Article 1: The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is irrevocably free and independent,
basing its moral property and values of freedom, equality, justice and international peace
on the doctrine of Simon Bolivar, the Liberator. Independence, liberty, sovereignty,
immunity, territorial integrity and national self-determination are unrenounceable rights
of the Nation.

That means no treaty that Venezuela can or will sign in regards to Media Copyright can permit that a media or a media Agency sues the Venezuelan state because Venezuela has immunity...

So much for that LICENSE TO ABUSE THE LAW and avoid responsibility and Accountability of their actions.

4) AFP does politics, claims it can't be questioned like an IMPERIAL TYRANNY it is and is not elected by ANYBODY!

That sure is a weird way to build democracy. That is a way to impose tyranny and corruption OVER democracy, because AFP claims it is not subjected to accountability under a so called "Copyright" that is just an illusion that is not supported by the Venezuelan law at all.


Copyright © 2013 AFP. All rights reserved.

Is only IF they gain the PRIVILEGE of being trustworthy of at least the majority of the Democratic Venezuela. And it is NOT since that was never even voted.

5) AFP is a Biased Impediment for a World Wide Academic debate (Academic Network).

All the Academies in the World have the right to respect the other academies and share their points of view about themselves respecting their neighbors in the same fashion as the United Nations. That is Academic Freedom of Expression and it is seen as a direct threat to the biased, controlled, filtered and controlled news of the AFP according to France's media empire interests and by doing so it is a risk for world peace, understanding and constructive academic debate.

Academic media can be questioned, analyzed, studied, debated, commented, shared, explored, discussed, while as you know all AFP news have a direct prohibition to do so:
© AFP 2013. All rights reserved. Users may download and print extracts of contents from this website for personal and non-commercial use only, provided they do not remove any copyright, trademarks or other proprietary notices. Except as provided above, users may not reproduce, publish, sell, distribute or in any way commercially exploit contents from this website without the prior written consent of AFP. AFP and its logo are registered trademarks.

That clearly means that AFP content CANNOT BE USED for Academic debate and Academic Debate, Intelligent debate is a crucial part of building a society that is just and peace loving.

So AFP does not want it's Imperial Media Tyranny content to be used for Academic Social Debate...

That's too bad, really:
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
(in English translation from the original legal text)

Article 3: The essential purposes of the State are the protection and development of the individual and respect for the dignity of the individual, the democratic exercise of the will of the people, the building of a just and peace loving society, the furtherance of the prosperity and welfare of the people and the guaranteeing of the Fulfillment of the principles, rights and duties established in this Constitution. Education and work are the fundamental processes for guaranteeing these purposes

So as you can see, the education (Academic Debate) about the building of a just and peace loving society is an essential purpose of the Venezuelan State... It's too bad AFP does NOT agree with that or even with responsibility and accountability of it's own actions.

AFP can kindly leave, it is not forced to be in Venezuela and it certainly is no good deal for Venezuelans when we can't even question that unelected tyranny.

So AFP... Thanks, but no thanks, you are not what we need and most importantly, what our students and Academies need.

6) We do not share the same values as our friends the French people. Many might not agree that a peace prize from a Human Right Institution as Unesco is awarded while killing people was involved:
05.06.2013 -
French President François Hollande awarded UNESCO peace prize for action in Africa

“What was targeted in Timbuktu was not just the heritage of one region or people, it was World Heritage,” said UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova during the award ceremony on Wednesday, when French President François Hollande was awarded the 2013 Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize.

“It’s a symbol of ancient Islamic wisdom, spanning all of the Sahel, and of a common culture spanning all of West Africa,” she added, “from the ancient empire of Ghana to the Toucouleur empire and the Peul and Bambara kingdoms, that has been carried to our time for dialogue between civilisations.”

President Hollande received the award at UNESCO headquarters in Paris for taking action in January to end the control of insurgents in Northern Mali and bring peace and stability to the region.

Several presidents of West Africa and countries of the Sahel region attended the ceremony: Thomas Boni Yayi of Benin; Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso; Alassane Ouattara of Côte d’Ivoire; Dioncounda Traoré of Mali; Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz of Mauritania; Idriss Déby Itno of Chad; and Macky Sall of Senegal. Niger was represented by its Prime Minister, Brigi Rafini.

During the ceremony, Malian President Dioncounda Traoré expressed his gratitude to the French President, praising the French operation in Mali as “a new chapter in human solidarity,” and asserting that “Francois Hollande left Timbuktu as a liberator, acclaimed by the Malian people.”

President Hollande was presented with a peace diploma, a gold medal, and $150,000. He will donate the money to two charities – one to support women in Africa and one to assist war veterans. In his acceptance speech, he underscored the urgency of the French intervention in Mali. “In the face of hatred, we had to intervene… Any delay would have been disastrous… It was for the women and children of Africa that France intervened,” he stated.

During his acceptance speech, he praised the strength of UNESCO’s work, saying: “When UNESCO practices multilingualism, dear to the French-speaking world, it is true to its mission. When UNESCO puts the emancipation of women at the heart of education, it is exemplary. When it places culture at the heart of its work, it is visionary. When it defends pluralism and access to information everywhere, UNESCO is liberating. So, receiving the Houphouët-Boigny prize here at UNESCO takes on a special meaning.”

“Your decision to stand by Mali -at the request of President Traore and with the support of the United Nations – and to protect the peoples and culture of the country inspires us all,” said Director-General Irina Bokova. “This is a reminder that what brings us together is greater than that which sets us apart, be it our identity, language or religion,” she said, before adding: “UNESCO saved the temples of Egypt and rebuilt the Mostar Bridge. UNESCO will rebuild the mausoleums of Mali.”

For the Director-General protecting heritage is about building a culture of peace. “Culture is not just about monuments,” she stated. “Protecting culture means protecting people, giving them the strength and confidence to rebuild and to look into the future.”

Created by UNESCO in 1989, the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize honours individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to peace and stability around the world.

President Hollande joins a list of illustrious past laureates that includes Nelson Mandela, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Well maybe they do not need a Liberator that does NOT want to help them or the African Union to defend themselves so that they can claim leadership... At expense of the Independent leadership of Africa.

You see one thing is that someone saved a Unesco Heritage site using violence, like a courageous policeman that risked his life many times to save a priceless artifact that is part of the Human Heritage, then you would award him a Unesco Warrior prize... But NOT a PEACE PRIZE! When Peace is all about AVOIDING DEATHS!

If there were deaths, then it is not a peace prize, it is a warrior prize, a law enforcement prize, how ever you want to call it, but not a PEACE PRIZE.

By the way... When did Venezuela get to vote on that prize? I know I was not informed at all and even less from AFP... I guess we voted at the same place people get to vote for AFP... *Laughter*

Sorry my French friends but we were not consulted or even informed that Unesco Peace prizes involve a lot of dead people... I think we need accountability and for that we need to be able to be well informed and that is not what the AFP is providing us. That is why we need our questionable, transparent and accountable heroes here... NOT IN FRANCE!

7) Our friends the French do very scary things that makes us rethink about what the AFP is doing with their cultural influence and cultural participation in Venezuela.

Of course we respect the French and their laws, like they respect our laws as well... (At least I hope they do).

But anyway, this can be VERY SCARY:
9 December 2013 Last updated at 16:21 GMT

Native American Hopi artefacts sold at Paris auction

An auction of sacred objects from native American tribes has gone ahead in Paris, despite objections from the US embassy and activists.

The US embassy had asked for the sale to be suspended on behalf of the Hopi and San Carlos Apache tribes.

The embassy wanted to give them time to inspect the objects and see if they had a claim to them.

But EVE auctioneers said the sale was legal in France and proceeded under high security.

An auction of 70 Hopi masks in France earlier this year raised 930,000 euros (£780,000) after a legal challenge to stop the sale failed.

Pierre Servan-Schreiber, the Hopis' French lawyer, bought one mask for 13,000 euros on Monday and intends to return it to the tribe, according to the AP news agency.

'Living beings'

The US embassy's request to suspend the sale came after the failure on Friday of a legal challenge by advocacy group Survival International on behalf of Arizona's 18,000-strong Hopis.

In its letter, the US embassy said it had asked for the suspension so that the two tribes "might have the opportunity to identify the objects, investigate their provenance and determine whether they have a claim to recover the items".

The embassy quoted the 1970 Unesco Convention on the Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, to which France is a signatory.

Hopi members say they believe the ceremonial masks and head-dresses were taken illegally from a reservation in Arizona in the early 20th Century.

The objects are like tombs representing their ancestors' spirits and should be considered as living beings, they say.

The sale of sacred Indian artefacts has been outlawed in the United States since 1990, but the law does not extend to sales overseas.

In a statement, the EVE auction house pointed out that a French judge had dismissed the tribe's legal challenge to the sale on Friday.

"On the one hand, the Hopi tribe had the possibility to lay out its arguments in front of the judge and was dismissed, and on the other hand, an exchange of detailed letters took place with the San Carlos Apache tribe," it said in a statement.

Auctioneers argue that the ban of such sales would have implications for the trade of indigenous art and could potentially force French museums to hand back collections they have bought.

Now don't get Me wrong, I am sure we at Venezuela have very scary laws to some people in France, that does not mean we cannot be friends, we just have a different way to use our Independent rights as countries.

But if that is the way France thinks then it logically makes us fear that it is also the exact same way that AFP thinks...

Some like Me might see it as if AFP is selling our intellectual works on the media without even caring if we agree with that or not just because in France it is LEGAL TO PLUNDER works of art because it is very profitable for the Museums... That prospect is terribly annoying, specially to the American Aborigines to the point that the sale of the art had to be under tight security because they knew American Aborigines would get very angry and I don't think they cared at all...

That is not the Venezuelan way to be friendly... *Laugh*

Definitely that is NOT THE WAY WE WANT TO DEAL WITH AFP, so for all these reasons:

Boycott Agence France-Presse!

I don't think we need more plundering, unquestionable media empire tyrannies.

No thanks friendly French people, we can still be good friends, we just don't need that... It's not a good deal, lets do something else...

Academic media is the solution.

I am sorry some French thought I was selling Venezuela's Academic Independence or that I would not try or I would not DIE TRYING to free my country's Academy from Tyranny and slavery of the media empires.

This is no make or break... This is BREAK OR BREAK!
Part of Venezuelan National Anthem:

Gloria al Bravo Pueblo
que el yugo lanzó
la Ley respetando
la virtud y honor


¡Abajo cadenas! (bis)
Gritaba el señor; (bis)
y el pobre en su choza
Libertad pidió.

A este santo nombre
tembló de pavor
el vil egoísmo que otra vez triunfó. (bis)



Gritemos con brío: (bis)
Muera la opresión (bis)
Compatriotas fieles,
la fuerza es la unión;
y desde el Empíreo
el Supremo Autor,
un sublime aliento al pueblo infundió. (bis)



Unida con lazos (bis)
que el cielo formó, (bis)
la América toda
existe en Nación;
y si el despotismo
levanta la voz,
seguid el ejemplo que Caracas dio.


Has been quite some time since Bolivar was awakened in Venezuela... He left the inconclusive task of Academic Independence...

Hear the scream in the Mountains, Savannas and Plains AFP!

We will not keep dying in crime so that AFP and other media empires can have the privilege to impose a media tyranny over our people.
A mi NADIE me va a censurar en mi propio pais y mucho menos si lo hice en Defensa de la Dignidad Nacional.


¡¡¡Me canse del pueblo bolivariano LLORIQUEADOR!!!

¡¡¡Aqui Bolivar dejo una tarea pendiente y no dijo COBARDES!!!

Si lo que nos ofrecen es morir por el crimen generado por las mafias de medios imperiales...


Y si nadie tiene las bolas bien puestas... YO VOY DE PRIMERITO, LANZA EN MANO como el Negro Primero.

It's time to make history make sense.

I don't think I am kidding...

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