Visions of a Freeman - Wednesday, September 04 of 2013
USA Bombing the credibility of the United Nations.
*Sent via Twitter What I saw there was a Mc.Cain totally insane, a NAZI Mc.Cain. That man has got to go to jail, WANTS MORE WARS.
  Mc. Cain basically said: First is Syria, then Iran, then Russia, then China... Someone has GOT TO STOP that mad man!
  War after war after war and now he wants more war, after war, after war... I say we start making International Law valid.
  Because what Mc. Cain is doing amounts to War Crimes, Warmongering and High Level aggressions against countries.
  The USA attacking without security council approval WOULD BE A WAR CRIME. If that happens the world must pressure...
  China and Russia and some European countries get rid of dollars because if they don't... They will be NEXT.
  As the world saw the US can frame just about any country in the world and attack whenever it feels like it.
  And that is what Mc. Cain believes. A Brutal World Tyranny where the UN is WORTHLESS, no Democracy.
  It's not funny, Mc. Cain should be detained in countries where there is decency and laws. That man is INSANE.
  Now that Germany is looking for SS Nazis, they might want to add Mc. Cain to that list... US Nazis MUST BE STOPPED!
  Obviously the US is not proceeding in it's own interest, it is doing Israel's will. High treason to US people.
  Which could lead to the impeachment or future incarceration of Obama. War crimes do NOT expire. Using UN as a...
  Using the UN as a doormat and stepping all over it is A WAR CRIME. Period! Respect International law or don't.
  This world does not belong to the USA this world belongs to everyone. They can't just trample over whoever they want!
  Mc. Cain said it VERY CLEAR to me. He said clearly: Russia you are the next to frame as criminal. It has started!
  Some videos of alleged abuse to homosexuals in Russia... Oh it starts that way, little videos, little videos...
  Then testimonies, then scandals, then activists, then provocations, then sabotage, then infiltration...
  Then they plant some weapon of mass destruction and then they attack. The whole book of RAPING COUNTRIES.
  If the USA tramples over the UN like if it were a dirty rug... China & Russia should go into maximum alarm.
  It is less dangerous to get rid of dollars than risk a war or a sustained sabotage campaign from the USA.
  So I expect both countries to be ready for plan D. The USA MUST BE FORCED TO RESPECT INTERNATIONAL LAW!!!
  It can't just go around BOMBING and KILLING whoever they don't like! :O Who the FUCK they think they are?
  If that is how they want to have it then we FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! Simple as that. We want no WORLD TYRANNY!!!
  Besides they are already on the brink, it's insane they even think they have the strength to pull it out.
  One thing is stepping over Syria and another stepping over the UNITED NATIONS, Trampling over International Law.
  If that is the case the US could pull the entire world against it. :I We don't want no TYRANNY OF THE USA!!!
  And what's that shit about the US the only world leader? :I Those gringos are INSANE!!! :S Totally NUTS!!! :S
  And Mc. Cain says NOTHING about it. He does not respect International Law AT ALL!!! But NOTHING! :S
  Like if a strike on Syria was NOT GOING TO AFFECT countries that DO NOT WANT THAT. :S They TRAMPLE over countries.
  If the USA gets away with it this would be a VERY SERIOUS Danger for International Law. Practically the USA is...
  Becoming a Rogue State. Kid of reminds me when Hitler did his first invasion on his own, not caring what world said.
  If the US is not stopped it will use the same book on Iran and Russia, then China. Provoking a World War.
  Little videos already started smearing Russia... The BBC complicit on that as well. It starts like that, then BOMBS!
  The USA is by far the most dangerous country in the world and is putting world security at risk. Not because...
  Not because of Syria, but because of the fact that it wants to trample on the UN and SHIT on the International Law.
  Which could set a very dangerous precedent that might push others to do the same... Destroying what took so...
  What it took so much to achieve. Israel in WAR with the United Nations and International law to push it's agenda.
  I can see it clearly, I don't know how the Germans cant... A new Hitler wants to be born... Sense the air. :I
  1) Tyranny of immoral, unquestionable media. Check. 2) Forceful supremacy based on nationality. Check.
  3) Unwillingness to respect International Law. Check. 4) Desperate attempts to silence critics like me. Check.
  5) Powerful hatred based on religion (Against Islam). Check. 6) Criminal media with no scruples. Check.
  7) Previous Illegal Invasion with impunity. Check. 8) Arming illegal and dubious terrorist forces. Check.
  9) Removing privacy from citizens and establishing a police state. Check. 10) Hunting Whistle Blowers. Check.
  11) Using Congress to break the International Law system. Check. 12) Massive imprisonment of own people. Check.
  13) Persecution and spying against Islamic people. Check. 14) Great danger to Islamic people if war proceeds. Check.
  15) Illegal imprisonment and secret jails. Check. 16) Removal of Hebeas Corpus. Check. 17) Hatred to Immigrants. Check
  18) Removal of Health Services. Check. 19) Sponsoring weapon use. Check. 20) Illegal spying other nations. Check.
  Now imagine, only for a second, that man like Mc. Cain gets to be President of the USA after Obama... :S Oh, oh!
  And on a huge economic crisis... The drive for leadership would effectively create... A NEW ADOLF HITLER!!!
  So as I said before angel friends, the very cause of the Holocaust is now in Israel and the United States. :S
  They said I was exaggerating. :I I am not. The USA is moving to strike a REGIME OF TERROR & FEAR over the world.
  Not that they hide it. They even say it all the time in FoxNews, that the US is not behaving like a Super Tyranny.
  They call it Super Power. But the fact is that Super Power and United Nations DO NOT COMBINE. It's 1 or the other :I
  It's the US doing whatever it feels like with the rest of the world in a World Tyranny or it's the United Nations.
  And every day the US seems to trample more & more over the rights of us the people of the world including US people.
  That is why I think that the US stepping over the UN again is a serious, very dangerous menace to China and Russia.
  Which is why they need a Plan D. or dollar burning plan set and ready. I remember what the Bible said about...
  Being best to chop off an arm and go to heaven, than go to hell with both arms... Sacrifices are made for FREEDOM!
  And the US cannot be allowed to trample over world democracy AGAIN!!! :S They don't care about democracy at all.
  It's all a big lie. Can't even question media what Democracy are we talking about when YOU CAN'T EVEN QUESTION?
  This is very serious, like I said it is not about Syria, it's the UN that is at stake here, the freedom of the WORLD!
  I think the danger is not Obama so much as what the NEXT president of the USA will be like... REALLY SCARY! :S
  Imagine if they put a Republican like Mc. Cain or Donald Trump :S Then the world would have A LOT to be scared about
  Just think of it this way friends: If Hitler was stopped when he invaded the very first country... World Wide War 2
  Probably would have never happened... So if people knew by then what was going to happen all would vote to stop him!
  The USA already invaded 1 country in an illegal way... Should we just see the UN trampled on AGAIN? Think about it.
  That is why I say that SUPER DICTATOR USA is beating up some dictator by CRUSHING the credibility of the UN.
  People see Syria, but they do not see the repercussions on International Law and the immense damage to the UN.
  The USA is trying desperately to hold on to power. It's acting exactly the same way it accuses Assad of acting.
  That is why I cannot approve, no violence will solve an issue based on IGNORANCE & lack of Academy.
  The US criminals have invaded very many countries, never did they teach them Transparency, Accountability or Integrity
  Never did they teach them to end corruption, never did they teach them to fight Bigotry or analyze media.
  The USA invades to ENSLAVE. Never did they teach how to be Free & Independent, not even US citizens have that.
  In short friends, the US is just a BOMB EDUCATOR. A cruel, heartless DICTATOR challenging the UN to cling to power
  I proposed another way. I proposed the Academic way. No more wars of lies, no more tyranny of fear or forced leaders
  If the USA bombs Syria alone, it will not be an attack on Syria, it will be a BOMB TO THE UN. So we should all...
  Act accordingly to make International Law be respected by Rogue, Criminal and Irresponsible World Dictator regimes.
  So forget Syria, in fact... IGNORE SYRIA XD It's doomed anyway. PROTECT THE UNITED NATIONS!!! To stop future wars.
A new card, never seen before in any game but that certainly exists and complies with the rules. The TRIBalance card. Swallows any other card you put over or under it. The Black Hole Card.

I put the card on the table... No more cards left other than that one. End of Game.

Everybody wins except the losers.
The End of: World for the United States of America with all Rights Reserved.
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