Visions of a Freeman - August 14, 2013
Best position for women.

I want to share something that is a good debate topic.

Let us look:
Best and worst celebrity beach bodies (okay mostly best)

It is very hard to find stars with bad bodies who frequent beaches. But we still try.
Lindsay Lohan: Best

LiLo looks like she's on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction - and nobody is complaining.

For more pics of Lindsay go to Celebuzz.

I want to show that such behavior belongs to people that simply do not care about the wellbeing of women.

The picture that was chosen by FoxNews is a lady almost in a sexual position and almost naked, the whole page just sends one message: Women are best when they are only good for sex. Which is the same as saying: It's good to have women that take our abuse.

This is not an adult site, this is the message FoxNews is sending to children and even adults. It's not that I do not like to see a naked lady, you probably do not understand my point so I will explain some things.

But first I must make something clear, the main responsibility of those pictures are not the women that appear in it, but the media that shows it to children.

Now let me point out what I am calling for.

I want to remind people that I stand for Academia Media that is good for girls, in fact good for children and even good for teens and adults and yes, even for good men that want to be good men every once in a while. This is not to say that all media will be that way, this is to point out the necessity of having media that respects women so that the readers of such media are healthier and thus violence against women will be lowered.

The message: "Women are toys, they are brainless toys of our instincts and slaves of our desires" can be confronted and there has to be a space where that is not the predominant message, it's as simple as that. That is why Academic Media has to exist to show people that women are NOT sexual objects, that they can be admired, that they deserve respect and thus with that in mind women who are mother show their children what a good women can do, thus the child respects his mother and by doing so, indirectly, a child learns to better respect school and education.

Responsible mothers, above all, have the responsibility to show they daughters that women can do good things as human beings and deserve dignity and admiration, even if the woman is not a sexy woman or if it does not have big breasts or an attractive body. Basically the message a mother wants to send to her daughter is: You have hope for a healthy life where your ideas can get give you a future if you educate yourself.

That is not the kind of message that FoxNews sends to girls, that harmful content which is not the kind of message that mothers want their daughters to see because that then translates into the child not respecting her mother or education and ultimately dropping her morals and will to live, which can also lead to drug abuse.

So I will show you what I consider are the best positions for a woman in an Academic Media.
This is a great position for a women to be in, in the eyes of a girl. Sharing, leading and tolerance.
Delta And Gurrumul Perform Bayini: The Voice Australia Season 2
That is definitely something that is good for young girls to see.

Women complain that men are bad, but they forget that boys can be educated to be better men. We all come from a mother. Mother can do more to educate good women and men, little is being done in that sense, a lot more has to be done.

But what about the fat mother with a fat girl that feels bad that she is not like the women she sees on FoxNews, all Doll-like? Does a women have any value if she is not a doll? Might ask a young girl.

Some academies have seen this and have cared for those girls too, to raise their hopes, to show them that not being sexy is fine and that they should not feel bad if they are simply not sexy or if mother is not sexy. The message is: Women are beautiful, it does not matter if the are not sexy dolls, they can do beautiful things.

The message is: Women can do beautiful things, even if they don't have big breasts and are half naked.

In that sense, civilized societies that actually care for the mental health of their girls have a beautiful message to teach their girls with Chloe Agnew. The Celts make woman achieve a magical importance.
I think Chloe is extremely cute and she is definitely what a woman would want to show her daughter and son so she is another "best position" for a women.

Ave Maria by Chloe Agnew

Give boys a women to look up to and it will make it far less likely that they will abuse women when they become men.

Chloe would have never achieved such beautiful art in a country like the USA simply because she does not fit into the "porn like celebrity" model, which is awesomely terrible and makes one fear about the great damage being done to young girls in the United States. Girls do ask themselves: "What if I am not sexy? Am I still beautiful?". Chloe sends them the message: "Yes, women are beautiful and do very beautiful things even if they are not half naked sexy dolls".

Sadly the culture industry in the United States has practically marginalized and excluded all women that do not look like sex toys in art. Role models like Cristina Aguilera, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna, etc all are portrayed as sex toys with sex clothing.

Some women do massive damage to girls and are portrayed as Role Models by a sick, absolutely irresponsible and greedy industry that basically devastates young girls. A part of the reason why their are so many pregnant young ladies and out of marriage children.

Being Force Fed with Pornographic Role Models in Education.

Take a look at this:

13 / 08 / 2013 - Shakira acusa a De la Rúa de apropiarse de más de 6,6 millones de dólares
La cantante colombiana Shakira interpuso una demanda en Bahamas contra su expareja Antonio de la Rúa, al que acusa de haberse apropiado sin su consentimiento de un total de 6.686.298 dólares, según documentos a los que tuvo hoy acceso Efe

09 / 08 / 2013 - Antonio de la Rúa seguirá luchando en los tribunales: "Cada uno tendrá que demostrar su verdad"
El argentino sigue solicitando a la cantante Shakira la cantidad de 100 millones de dólares porque considera que contribuyó en su éxito y a convertirla en la estrella que es hoy en día

02 / 08 / 2013 - Shakira sobre tercera demanda interpuesta por su ex: espero que el acoso llegue a su fin
Shakira ha salido victoriosa de la tercera demanda interpuesta por su expareja, Antonio De la Rúa, para obtener "un interés de sociedad" en los beneficios de la cantante, a quien la Justicia ha dado la razón en las tres ocasiones

31 / 07 / 2013 - Foto a foto: Así ha mostrado Shakira el crecimiento de su hijo Milan
"¡Juré que nunca lo haría, y ahora soy una de esas mamás que no para de mostrar fotos de su bebé!", expresó Shakira el 15 de abril

27 / 07 / 2013 - Shakira comparte con sus fans nuevas fotografías de su hijo
La cantante colombiana Shakira publicó este sábado en su cuenta en la red social Twitter una serie de fotografías donde se ven su hijo Milan y su marido, Gerard Piqué

14 / 07 / 2013 - Así viaja el hijo de Shakira y Piqué en un avión
El futbolista está de vacaciones con Shakira y Milan, y ha publicado la mañana de este domingo en la red social Twitter una foto del infante acomodándose en el sillón de un avión, y citaba "Ready to flight!"

13 / 07 / 2013 - Shakira vende casa en la que vivió con su ex Antonio de la Rúa
Parece que la cantante ha decidido deshacerse de su último recuerdo de su ex, Antonio de la Rúa: su casa en Miami; se trata de una casa que compró en 2001 por 3,5 millones de dólares con un total de 2.000 metros cuadrados de parcela y 800 de vivienda como cuenta El Mundo

10 / 07 / 2013 - Shakira y Piqué se divierten jugando póker en Las Vegas
El defensa del Barcelona FC, Gérard Piqué, disfruta de sus vacaciones en Las Vegas (EEUU) participando en el torneo mundial de póker "World Series of Poler Main Event". Su novia la cantante colombiana Shakira lo acompañó en la última parte de la jornada del pasado martes

04 / 07 / 2013 - Shakira gana el juicio de la demanda interpuesta por De la Rúa en Ginebra
Un tribunal de Ginebra falló a favor de la cantante colombiana Shakira en la demanda interpuesta por su ex Antonio De la Rúa para tener acceso a una cuenta bancaria de la cantante

30 / 06 / 2013 - Shakira disfrutó de la final de la Copa Confederaciones desde el palco VIP del Maracaná
La cantante colombiana Shakira asistió este domingo al estadio del Maracaná en Brasil donde se desarrolló la final de la Copa FIFA Confederaciones que se disputó entre Brasil y España Imágenes dentro de la nota

21 / 06 / 2013 - Shakira se hospeda con Milan en una suite de 2.700 euros al día en Brasil
Shakira ha decidido quedarse en Brasil durante la próxima semana para apoyar a Piqué en la Copa Confederaciones. Para ello se hospedará durante los próximos días en una suite de lujo de 2.700 euros al día. Un total de 130 metros cuadrados con plenas comodidades de las que sólo unos pocos pueden disfrutar

20 / 06 / 2013 - Shakira regresará a The Voice y lo anunció en una foto de Milan
Shakira regresará al programa The Voice. Publicó en redes sociales un mensaje con una fotografía de su hijo Milan. "Mami, gracias por traerme a The Voice, ¡muy divertido! Aunque tus compañeros coaches son una dudosa influencia para mi ¡estoy listo para la temporada seis!", decía el texto

20 / 04 / 2013 - Shakira gana demanda legal interpuesta por sus exempleados
Un juzgado español falló a favor de la cantante barranquillera, dictaminando el pago de 968 euros, una cantidad sustancialmente menor a los 12 mil ofrecidos por ella a sus exempleados al momento de la terminación de la relación laboral

17 / 04 / 2013 - Shakira dice que contrató a su expareja Antonio de la Rúa porque estaba desempleado
La pareja rompió en 2010, y en noviembre pasado el argentino presentó una demanda en los tribunales neoyorquinos en la que afirma que Shakira infringió el acuerdo oral que alcanzaron cuatro años después de conocerse

14 / 04 / 2013 - Shakira mandó un mensaje al pueblo venezolano en estas elecciones
"Que Dios guie al pueblo Venezolano hoy en su decisión más crucial que determinará su destino social en esta década. Shak", tuiteó la artista

12 / 04 / 2013 - Así se ven Shakira y Milan como jurados en "The Voice"
El pequeño, de casi tres meses, tiene dos ejemplos en casa de lo que es tener éxito profesional, por eso aun no se ha decidido. Ahora lo vemos como jurado de The Voice junto a su madre, Shakira

26 / 03 / 2013 - Piqué: "No quiero que a mi hijo lo saquen con la cara pixelada"
El futbolista español Gerard Piqué se refirió su novia Shakira y a su hijo Milan, que la semana pasada cumplió dos meses

This is a real DEVASTATING BOMB in the mind of a child, specially girls:
There she is doing more harm to children than if she was a PORN STAR. Because she is sold as a Role Model for girls and that role model appears not only as a sex object, which porn stars do as well, but also as a caged beast, a mere animal.

That is certainly NOT the kind of thing you would see in an Academic Media that educates woman to NOT be SEXUAL ANIMALS. So yes, that is one of the most awful positions a women can be in, in a picture. Shakira is by far a declared ENEMY of a proper young girl's education by sinking in her INSANE GREED and can certainly is not the type of person you would see in an Academic Media. Sadly and terribly the media in my country, heavily influenced by other countries force feeds Shakira into Venezuela's media thus producing real damage to Venezuelan girls and that is one more reason why my country needs an Academic Art Network for our good talent and good role models for children.

Look I have had enough... Really. I am tired of so much depraved behavior from sick people. This has got to stop, my country just can't allow the education of our girls to ROT in the hands of IMMORAL and EXTREMELY CYNICAL people. We really need an Academic Network that promotes healthy Role Models from our own people, and not SICK, FORCE FED from international media that are really just CHILD MOLESTERS.

Let me explain what I mean:
Posted at 08:45 PM ET, 10/05/2011
Obama appoints Shakira to education commission

By Valerie Strauss
President Obama has appointed Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll — the Colombian singer better known around the world as Shakira — to a presidential commission on education for Hispanics.

If you are wondering why, it turns out that the multiple Grammy-winning Shakira has been involved in promoting early childhood education in Latin America for years, and, not incidentally, she endorsed Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign.

That may be why Shakira, after meeting at the White House on Monday with policy officials on early childhood development, was allowed to “briefly” stop “by to say hello to the president,” and update “him on her work on the subject,” an aide told my colleague Anne E. Kornblut.

In a release with the headline, “President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts,” the White House said it had appointed Shakira to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

For the record, he appointed to the same commission Nancy Navarro, the only Hispanic member of the Montgomery County Council and a former Montgomery Board of Education president.

Also named to the commission were Adrián A. Pedroza, executive director of the Partnership for Community Action, a grassroots, community-based organization that works to build community leadership around issues of immigration, education reform, and public health, and Kent P. Scribner, superintendent of Union High School District #210 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The commission advises Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan on issues of educational success related to Hispanic students.

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans was initially established in 1990 by former president George H.W. Bush to give guidance on education issues related to Hispanics, the nation’s largest minority group.

There are more than 11 million Hispanic students in America’s public elementary and secondary schools, or more than 22 percent of all pre-K–12 students.Yet according to the White House, only about half of all Hispanic students earn their high school diploma on-time; those who do complete high school are only half as likely as their peers to be prepared for college. Only 13 percent of Hispanics hold a bachelor’s degree, and just 4 percent completed graduate or professional degree programs.

Shakira was recently named the 2011 Latin Recording Academy person of the year. Here’s the biography of her on the White House release:

“Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer, and dancer. In addition to her career in music, Ms. Mebarak Ripoll has been involved in a number of global educational efforts. She founded the Barefoot Foundation in 1995, which operates schools and educational projects in Colombia, South Africa, and Haiti, feeding and educating approximately 6,000 children. In 2010, she collaborated with the World Bank and the Barefoot Foundation to establish an initiative that distributes educational and developmental programs for children across Latin America. In 2008, Ms. Mebarak Ripoll served as the Honorary Chair of the Global Campaign for Education’s Global Action Week. In 2005, she became a founding member of Latin America in Solidarity Action, a coalition of artists and business leaders seeking to promote integrated early childhood public policies. Ms. Mebarak Ripoll became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund in 2003, where she promotes the expansion and improvement of comprehensive early childhood care and education across the world.”

“I hope to be able to bring some insight and also learn from the other folks,” said Navarro, who is Venezuelan. “I just feel really humble.”

Navarro’s first meeting is tomorrow, when the commission will discuss education strategies and she expects to be confirmed. She said she is excited to meet Shakira, describing herself as a “major fan.”

Shakira, who performed at Obama’s inauguration, has funded schools in Haiti and in Colombia, her native country. The other two members to be appointed to the advisory team are Adrian Pendoza, who leads a grass-roots immigration and education reform organization, and Kent Scribner, who serves as a school superintendent in Phoenix.

The Colombian singer had meetings with administration policy officials on the subject of early childhood development, White House aides said.

Ah, now I understand another reason why media need Copyright, specially Shakira.

You would not want to be seen as a SEXUAL PERVERSION, SOFT PORN teacher at school...

You got to be kidding me:
Shakira - She Wolf

Listen, one thing is that Colombia sexually abuses their children with sex role models but that is NOT THE KIND OF CRAP I want to see in the education of Venezuelan Girls that deserve a good moral education and of boys that will become good, responsible and loving fathers.

You see, Venezuelan women do not want to be abused and that is why they have to care a lot more about the education of children, specially boys to significantly reduce violence towards women and sexual slavery of women in the future.

I think you completely understand why an Art Academic Network is so crucially important for the well being of our children. Women should fight for this, specially women that have been abused and feminists. Look, we really do not need children to see SOFT PORNOGRAPHIC ROLE MODELS.

I don't think we need Obama's or rather, the United State's PORNOGRAPHIC EDUCATION for our children, no thank you! That is the kind of attitude you would see in a country that DOES NOT CARE about the dignity of their children and women. I want Venezuela to care about Women Rights and also Children Rights and that is why we need an Academic Network.

Now you understand why every country's academy should assume their role in the protection of their children in regard to the arts and culture.

A National Academic Art Network is essential for healthy children and a healthy society.

I have nothing against Shakira, I mean you can always go see her in a soft pornographic site at this date, like for example FoxNews Porn, but it's simply not the kind of "best position for women" that I would want in a decent Academic Media site.
Strange society this United States of America, where Pornography is extremely abundant and there are so very few men that have the BALLS to protect women, let alone protect young girls.

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