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The U.S. says: Be ashamed of being my client.

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27 November 2013 Last updated at 13:26 GMT
NSA 'planned to discredit radicals over web-porn use'

The US authorities have studied online sexual activity and suggested exposing porn site visits as a way to discredit people who spread radical views, the Huffington Post news site has reported.

It published a document, leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, identifying two Muslims said to be vulnerable to accusations of "online promiscuity".

An official said this was unsurprising.

But campaign group Privacy International called it "frightening".

"Without discussing specific individuals, it should not be surprising that the US government uses all of the lawful tools at our disposal to impede the efforts of valid terrorist targets who seek to harm the nation and radicalise others to violence," Shawn Turner, director of public affairs for National Intelligence, told the Huffington Post.

Privacy International said: "This is not the first time we've seen states use intimate and private information of an individual who holds views the government doesn't agree with, and exploit this information to undermine an individual's message."

The report came shortly after a group of United Nations experts adopted a "right to privacy" resolution.

It will be passed by the UN's General Assembly before the end of the year, but is largely symbolic since it is not legally binding.

The UN's Human Rights Committee said it was "deeply concerned at the negative impact" the interception of data "including extraterritorial surveillance" could have "in particular when carried out on a mass scale".

'Young girls'

The latest of Mr Snowden's leaked documents is dated October 2012 and says it was distributed by the office of the director of the NSA to other US government officials.

It names six Muslims whom it describes as "prominent, globally resonating foreign radicalisers" about whom surveillance efforts had revealed potential "vulnerabilities that can be exploited".

It says the information is largely based on gathered "Sunni extremist communications", including material sourced by the FBI.

"Some of the vulnerabilities, if exposed, would likely call into question a radicaliser's devotion to the jihadist cause, leading to the degradation or loss of his authority," it says.

One example is evidence of the target "viewing sexually explicit material online or using sexually explicit persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls".

Others include proof of the target:

using donations to pay personal expenses
charging exorbitant speaking fees
using questionable sources and contradictory language in public messages
None of the six individuals who appear in the report are accused of being directly involved in terrorism.

But the document says one of the two said to have been involved in "online promiscuity" had previously been imprisoned for inciting hatred against non-Muslims, and the other had been involved in promoting al-Qaeda propaganda.

Of the four other targets, one is said to be vulnerable to being exposed for being "attracted to fame" and another for having a "glamorous lifestyle".

Privacy International spokesman Mike Rispoli said: "What is frightening about the NSA's capabilities are that they collect massive amounts of information on everyone, including your political beliefs, contacts, relationships and internet histories.

"While these documents suggest this type of personal attacks are targeted in nature, do not forget that the NSA is conducting mass surveillance on the entire world and collecting a vast amount of information on nearly everyone."

A spokeswoman for the NSA's UK equivalent - GCHQ - declined to comment on details of the Huffington Post's report.

But she highlighted the UK government's Counter-Terrorism Strategy, which discusses using the internet to gather evidence against individuals in order to challenge terrorist propaganda.

"All of GCHQ's work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that its activities are authorised, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight," she added.

We were all born with genitals.

Let me remind you of the basics of humans. I want to be as clear as possible to make my point as raw and exact as possible:

Little baby boys are born with a Penis.

Little baby girls are born with a Vagina.

Now is that surprising?

With those genitals come the instincts, the sexual instincts have been with our ancestry human or not human for millions of years. As you know animals have sexual instincts as well.

We are born with sexual instincts that come with out genitals.

I am a man, I properly have my genitals and my sexual instincts and so I do like to see naked women, like most men that use their genitals do as well. If that is surprising to you then you need to grow up, I doubt you are surprised men have sexual instincts.

Women like sex too, it comes from her sexual instincts as well, born with her as well with her genitals.

Most of us have or had genitals.

Our genitals tell us to like sex.

Visual Sex is part of the sexual satisfaction of some men to please the craving produced by the genitals. Visual Sex is part of the Sexual Instinct and thus I have seen images of naked women that my genitals reach to. The eyes can arouse the genitals. Sex can be stimulated with the eyes. I think we can all agree that at least it does happen to some people...

Some have tried to deny sexual instincts happen because of genitals and instincts, for example:

1) Priests were told not to pay attention to genitals. Then we saw some cases of sexual abuse to children.
2) Muslims are told to ignore genitals. Then we see far more rape then they want to admit.
3) Jewish are told to ignore genitals. Then we see so called "Jewish Porn star" on a "religious" media.

Now... Do you expect me to tell you all to ignore that genitals exist as well?

You probably already know I am not that foolish. I will not deny an entire instinct and body part.

But the fact that everyone does have genitals means there are rules to abide to.

Rules for a good genital user.

Lets make some things clear:
1)   Genitals go under the underwear.
    You do not go around displaying your genitals on the street.
2)   Sex is an instinct, it happens with or without publicity so no need for publicity.
3)   Some people are incapable or unwilling to stop wanting to watch pornography even if they are married.
    They will defy all rules even if Pornography is made illegal, they are willing to challenge the law.
    So I proposed for those people two simple calls of consciousness:
  A) If you are willing to commit a crime to watch porn, at least do NOT see porn made with short term prostitutes and watch porn with permanent jobs long term.
  B) Avoid Pornography that you must pay to watch.
  C) Avoid Pornography that uses real people, replace with computer generated characters, that way you know you are not spoiling or helping to spoil in a direct way the life of a person.
    If you can stop watching porn try to have a real sex life.
4)   Sex in video is not always prostitution even if it promotes it.
    Some videos are just made for free and shared in free sites. They can still cause damage to the person that makes it and promote lack of family values.

The minute you pay for pornography it is converted into prostitution, even if the video is free and was made for free.
5)   Looking at sexual material that arouses the genitals is an instinctual behavior and it should be a private thing.

Masturbation is the use of genitals for personal pleasure.
6)   All forms of masturbation are the use of genitals and do not require it to be directly related to prostitution or promiscuity if nothing was paid to observe it.
7)   There is no such thing as "Online Promiscuity" if nothing is paid and no real person was involved on real time, since masturbation is based on the imaginary people tend to change the imaginary person they do sex with. Multiple images does not mean promiscuity since the brain itself tends to imagine multiple faces at different times.
8)   Masturbation is stimulated by the brain, it is natural because the brain wants sexual activity even if the person has no one close to do sex with. Sometimes it can be controlled, sometimes the person does not want to control it and masturbates.
9)   Watching pornography is generally a masturbation activity. A natural occurring thing specially on male humans that have easy access to it and are lonely or do not have a female love. But distributing it is not natural.
10)   Distributing pornography is the real dishonorable act, even worse if it is sold. Then it is not something that is a part of the sexual needs of the brain and genitals but actually a wanting for profits out of prostitution and thus a desire to contribute to social decay and an increase in crime in exchange for money.
11)   Masturbation is natural on humans, specially if they are lonely.
12)   Masturbation is a private act, so masturbation is in the space of private dignity of the person. Masturbating is as private as touching our own genitals, and that is what it is all about.
13)   I do masturbate.

I am a lonely man, healthy and like most healthy men without a women I masturbate.

But that does not mean I want to distribute pictures of naked women. That does not mean I like women's lives ruined, women enslaved, children without parents or broken families and more crime. I do not go and look for real people to produce pornography that they might later regret. I am a responsible man and most men want to be responsible as well. Most of us never do pornography or help make it.

One thing is to masturbate, and another very different is to profit from pornography.

So the country with the biggest industries of PROSTITUTION wants to accuse people of masturbating.

That is so ridiculous.

Listen, telling other people that someone masturbates is not only a serious violation of the dignity of a person, it is also:


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