Visions of a Freeman - Wednesday, November 06 of 2013
Anthropophagus BBC News (Because 2+2=4).

I have seen many corrupt practices in all these years I have studied the media but today I saw what is most likely the most hypocrite media activity in all of the year 2013 so far.

Take a look at this:
Depression: 'Second biggest cause of disability' in world
By Helen Briggs
BBC News

Depression is the second most common cause of disability worldwide after back pain, according to a review of research.

The disease must be treated as a global public health priority, experts report in the journal PLOS Medicine.

The study compared clinical depression with more than 200 other diseases and injuries as a cause of disability.

Globally, only a small proportion of patients have access to treatment, the World Health Organization says.

Depression was ranked at number two as a global cause of disability, but its impact varied in different countries and regions. For example, rates of major depression were highest in Afghanistan and lowest in Japan. In the UK, depression was ranked at number three in terms of years lived with a disability.

Dr Alize Ferrari from the University of Queensland's School of Population Health led the study.

"Depression is a big problem and we definitely need to pay more attention to it than we are now," she told BBC News.

"There's still more work to be done in terms of awareness of the disease and also in coming up with successful ways of treating it.

"The burden is different between countries, so it tends to be higher in low and middle income countries and lower in high income countries."

Policy-makers had made an effort to bring depression to the forefront, but there was a lot more work to be done, she added.

"There's lots of stigma we know associated with mental health," she explained.

"What one person recognises as disabling might be different to another person and might be different across countries as well, there are lots of cultural implications and interpretations that come in place, which makes it all the more important to raise awareness of the size of the problem and also signs and how to detect it."

The data - for the year 2010 - follows similar studies in 1990 and 2000 looking at the global burden of depression.

Commenting on the study, Dr Daniel Chisholm, a health economist at the department for mental health and substance abuse at the World Health Organization said depression was a very disabling condition.

"It's a big public health challenge and a big problem to be reckoned with but not enough is being done.

"Around the world only a tiny proportion of people get any sort of treatment or diagnosis."

The WHO recently launched a global mental health action plan to raise awareness among policy-makers.

Have you been affected by depression? What is your experience of the disease? You can send us your comments using the form below.

Oh surely you would be tempted to think BBC cares a penny about depressed people, specially considering that many depressed people do not have a proper medical treatment...

Here we are about to see a "solution" the BBC News has found to tackle that serious disabling condition on itself...

It has something to do with EATING DEAD BABIES for profit by doing Horrorism:

If that is what you were led to believe... Think again:
5 November 2013 Last updated at 22:27 GMT

Mountsorrel girl, four, dies after being bitten by dog

A four-year-old girl has died in hospital after being bitten by a dog.

Officers were called to a flat in Rowena Court in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, at about 12:15 GMT to reports of a dog attack on a child.

Lexi Branson was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham where she later died.

The dog, believed to be a family pet, died shortly afterwards, but details of how it died have not been released by police.

In a statement, Leicestershire Police said they did not believe the dog "was of a breed listed under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act".

Inquiries are at an early stage and the force declined to give further details.

Neighbours' shock

Arthur Nash, a neighbour of the family on Rowena Court, said: "Everybody is in shock at the moment with her dying.

"When I saw an ambulance pull up I thought it was an old lady on the court who had had a heart attack and then the neighbour came up and said [the girl] had been killed by the dog."

Gloria Longmire , a secretary at Mountsorrel Methodist Church, who walks her dogs in nearby Cross Lane, added: "I would say we do have a strong community here and people will be absolutely horrified and it's dreadful that it's a family pet."

Police officers remain at the scene and the flat has been cordoned off.

As you can see every single line has a shocking word, an impacting word to enhance the pain of people.

And again:
6 November 2013 Last updated at 10:34 GMT

Dog attack girl Lexi Branson was 'happy and sweet'

A four-year-old who died after being attacked by a pet dog has been described by neighbours as a happy, sweet little girl.

Lexi Branson was mauled at a flat in Rowena Court in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, on Tuesday.

The dog died shortly after the attack at 12:15 GMT, but the circumstances of its death are unknown.

Police said they do not believe the breed is listed under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The Leicestershire force said tests were being carried out to establish its breed.

Following the attack, Lexi died at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Police officers remain at the flat in Rowena Court, which has been cordoned off.

Again we can see power words to make the news as impacting as possible but not too long for it too look suspicious. But the fact that such a small news was repeated TRICE does make it suspicious anyway.

Yes, three times... The same news...

take a look again:
6 November 2013 Last updated at 11:17 GMT

Dog attack girl Lexi Branson was 'tragically taken'

The family of a four-year-old who died after being attacked by a pet dog have said the girl was bubbly and bright.

Lexi Branson was mauled at a flat in Rowena Court in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, on Tuesday.

The dog died shortly after the attack at 12:15 GMT, but the circumstances of its death are unknown.

The girl's mother Jodie Hudson and grandmother Kerry Hudson said the girl will be sadly missed and never forgotten.

They said in statement: "Lexi was a bubbly, bright little girl.

"She fought for her life from the moment she was born as she was born three months prematurely. She's been taken from us so tragically.

"She will be sadly missed, she will be our shining star in the sky and she we will never be forgotten."

Following the attack, Lexi died at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Police said they do not believe the dog is of a breed listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act.

That one included a picture of the girl, making it even sicker but I did not want to incorporate her photo.

And again at the bottom of both pages:
Huffington Post UK
Girl Mauled To Death 'Was Friendly Child Who Was Always Smiling'
32 mins ago
Four-year-old girl dies after being savaged by pet dog
1 hr ago

London Evening Standard
'Happy, sweet' girl, four, mauled to death by rescued French Bull Mastiff
2 hrs ago

Heart Radio
Video Dog Attack: Young Girl Dies After Being Bitten
3 hrs ago

Depressing news that nobody needs at all and that depressed people repeated trice on BBC News and linked four times... Why?

The answer is in part in the news itself:
people will be absolutely horrified

The BBC News media knew very well that the news was going to horrify people, which is stronger than depressing people and published it trice because such news get a lot of visits by alarmed people, thus producing more visits to the pages that have an advertising banner on top. Thus BBC News is a HORRORIST MEDIA.

All that talk about doing something about people being sick with depression is just a TITANIC BULLSHIT, it's simply not profitable for the BBC News to care for the mental health of it's user so it causes horror and depression in a show of death and crime to make more money, even if it clearly and scientifically makes people ill.

In other words, having people horrified and depressed is more profitable for BBC News than a healthy society. So it proceeds to torture people with horrific news that have absolutely no value whatsoever to society and only a sensationalistic scandal value for criminal marketing purposes.

The reason they do the sadistic reference to the happiness of the girl is to further enhance the pain and horror felt by the users to reinforce the profitable depression that the BBC News induces on it's own users for profit and as you can see Huffington Post UK,, London Evening Standard and Heart Radio all joined the "profitable fun" of torturing users who they know might be sick with depression with no treatment available for them.

Make no mistake, Horrorism is a crime, it is the deliberate practice of getting people mentally ill or vulnerable for profit.

The dog died, the girl died too, so the only one interested in taking the maximum advantage from that death for publicity purposes is the BBC News and everyone that makes direct profit out of crime is a criminal because there was no way that news could have contributed in any sense to fight crime or alert people, it was placed merely to take advantage of the death of a baby to gain maximum profit from it, which is why they repeated the same news three times.

There is another name for that criminal practice of Horrorism, it can also be called Anthropophagus media, which means human cannibalism media. In other words, BBC News took the dead baby, put it into it's mouth and ate it, producing profit which then fed it's body with money so it is human cannibalism no doubt.

They obviously do not care a penny if people get depressed or horrified, all they care about is greed and money, even if it contributed to increase mental illness in all society while knowing that some people do not have medical treatment and thus pushing people towards SUICIDE for their profit.

Greed is the only explication for such a sadistic delight in the death of a Baby by BBC News to the point it went as far as to try to increase the pain of it's user by saying the girl was a happy girl.

They don't care people are mentally ill, they profit from making people mentally ill.

They make a circus even if that might lead people to insanity, bipolarity and even suicide. There is no doubt in my mind it is a crime but anyway as you know in TRIBalance death cannot be mixed with profit in any Academic Media.

Any news about death must be stripped out of all publicity income, approved by Police and easily filtered out for people that do not wish to get sick and depressed. It is what anybody with a minimum ethics, respect for life and mental health of society would do... It is exactly what the BBC News does not do.

That is why the world needs so desperately Academic Media.

Horrorism is a crime, BBC News enhanced a news to cause maximum pain knowing the harm it causes and the vulnerability of it's own population but it did not care a penny because that suffering of the people causes it profit so BBC News does criminal practices.

Since the BBC News has someone responsible for it then that responsible is a CRIMINAL without scruples and a mental health risk for vulnerable people.

As simple as 2 + 2 = 4.

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