Visions of a Freeman - 29 of March of 2013
An academic search engine.

In the world of today the Academic space is very weak and mostly useless to the society. Universities of greed that only work for profit and that do not serve society at all, if only for the greed of very few.

Simple things that should be healthy for society are not available, because academic corruption is widespread and even protected by criminal countries that are not interested in world academy or the progress of other countries that need to live in better conditions.

One of those simple things we do not have now days is a simple academic search engine where we can see material that is posted by academics and students in our countries and in the world. Academic material that is hosted by the academies, like a huge super encyclopedia.

Each academy, with it's academics and their works, all academies with a compendium of the works of academics in the world. A dream of every serious, honest and sincere academic that cares for humanity that is perfectly possible and is even an urgent need.

I have been complaining that Academies are not going deep into the social tissue, only ones that do are mostly the religious academy, mostly Islam, which has the greatest penetration. It's time Academy worked even for the most poor, it's time the light is set free so the people in the dark can see.

Such is the idea of an Academic network of works by Academics and students. Useful for world academy and what could be the greatest encyclopedia in the world, made by the world academies.

It starts in one university, then another and so forth, later they link themselves in one search engine that searches all of them. The work is open and free to use by society in an effort to educate all of society, even the poor. It's an academy that works for everyone thus improving education, which is great to reduce violence, corruption and crimes.

Right now we do have a search engine like Google but it does not care at all about academic quality, it does not even care about ethics, in fact it only cares about income and does it only serves greed, no society, only servers THEIR GREED even if that means that it can and does hurt society because they only care about themselves and no one else, it's as simple as that.

It is possible to search in Google for a homework of a child that is aged 11 for example and get a page that has some words included in the search but on the same page a picture of a dog having sex with a women and Goggle would not care a single bit, it would not even worry them at all, in fact they care little to nothing about the mental health of kids, proven with the fact that they serve the lowest instincts of humanity, like for example rape.

I open Google, type "Rape Movie" and get:

Aproximadamente 168.000.000 resultados (0,34 segundos)

That is ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY MILLION contributions of Google to human rape... I do not think this is funny, I think this is certainly a crime under any honest standard. They could care even less if all those 168,000,000 contributions are served by them to our children but what is perfectly understandable is that Google is certainly not adequate for the use of our children and thus it is not adequate for the Academy so the Academy has to create a decent space for decent material.

Most Google results are junk anyway, it is all too common to see unrelated things in Google that are not what we are searching for as many people try to abuse the system to get more traffic. Most people do not even go past the fifth page of results even if there are more than a million results and that is true to millions of users world wide, so the rest is just useless and the little we do get has to be useful for us.

That is where an Academic search engine comes in. It helps promote clean knowledge useful for those that study the most, and those that study the most are children and university students but it is also very useful for society since it is a good tool to learn and that is the whole purpose of any academy, it's what they should be doing right now and it is not what they are doing at all.

This is also true when the material must be open for use to anyone, that makes it easier to translate into any language thus giving knowledge to millions of people that have little to read in their native languages, some of which are rare. But the fact that they cannot read a given language does not mean that Academy can't reach them, it's all a matter of translating but to translate the material must be legally open.

Let the people learn, no matter what language they speak, it is a basic human right and it is a basic foundational function of UNESCO: To promote knowledge for the betterment of humanity and civilization.

The World Academic Encyclopedia with its local and global search engines is the kind of good tools we would love to see our children use, not some scary unethical mass junk collection like Google where parents are really scared to let their children search alone without supervision. Children should be able to study any time they want to without the need for us supervising, specially if adults have to work all day, you can't forbid the child to learn on the internet all day... it's not good for them!

So we need an Academic site that can be used by kids and we can block in the computer all other unhealthy, unethical sites, so our kids have a cool place to study anytime, that is specially needed as the internet starts to become the only school millions of kids have, as internet becomes school itself and as it does a cleaner internet is a necessity.

That is why it is important to create Academic web sites with academic research material that are supervised and approved by teachers as safe for academic use and even given an age rating to block kids out of sensitive material that are for adults to study, like genocides for example and there have been plenty. A kid has no business looking at war atrocities so teachers and rate the material by the age of the user.

A site with Academic works and a little search engine for each academy and then a global site that gathers all of them into a Global encyclopedia. Users can even request topics as well and we all share our knowledge. This way academy can reach all of society and even the poor kids that cannot go to school can eventually say: Academy works for me, I like academy. Even if he never went to one. That is the TRUE PURPOSE of academy, to shine light on humanity, all of it.

It used to be that to learn you had to go to a school or a university and if you did not you were ignorant all of your life... Pff, that is not true any more, now that Internet exists anyone can learn if the system is properly made. I for example can make a web site and a software to teach people how to program even if they never ever went to school, as long as they can read... That was impossible before but is now possible thanks to the Internet.

But for people to be educated by the Internet we need to create the systems adequate for that purpose, we can start with web sites for academic material in our own universities and then link them with academic material from other universities, we all learn, we share, we grow together, crime drops, poverty and ignorance drops, violence and hatreds drop and civilization rises. That is the purpose of any honest academic, specially any honest teacher in the world.

The Universities do make material when a student makes a thesis, that material is not published and that is a bad idea since if it is published it makes it harder for someone else to do the same thesis, thus another one is made. This is specially good for computer engineering where students have to make new solutions that get better in time, striving for success. The past works are a value added to society and thus all of society benefits from the academy. Thesis are already being made, it's a good way to start the Academic web site, lots of good material there, at least enough to start strong.

That is why I think we should make a search engine for smart, educated people that deserve more than just junk from a company that simply does not care about ethics at all and thus it's own users...

Google is rating Parental Guidance 18 years. I can prove it, look:

I searched: "sex with animals" video
Aproximadamente 5.230.000 resultados (0,31 segundos)

I searched: "I love cocaine"
Aproximadamente 565.000 resultados (0,29 segundos)

I searched: "sex with blood"
Aproximadamente 419.000 resultados (0,31 segundos)

I searched: "I like to kill people"
Aproximadamente 463.000 resultados (0,26 segundos)

And finally I searched: "Sex with minors"
Aproximadamente 2.250.000 resultados (0,31 segundos)

Academically speaking Google is a PORN SEARCH ENGINE.

So obviously Google is NOT apt for children and thus not for academy, we have to help make something decent if we want a decent future. Children have the right to use the internet too, specially them that are at a learning age. It's scary just to leave a kid use Google on his own but even more scary to prohibit all kids from using the internet when parents are working and not learn just because there is no decent Academic search engine...

Teachers have the responsibility to take education to the Internet and that is what Ascension is all about.

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