Visions of a Freeman - September 1, 2013
The guidance of the mother of parents.
Academic Certification.

In the past I have wrote about the need for a Rating System on the media, but this is about rating artists. The idea is to help parents by advising them which artists are suitable for children as role models and which are not good role models, including why they are not good role models.

The art Academies are in charge of rating the artists along with organizations of parents, according to a set of preset rules in most of the cases.

Not all artists are good for children, not all lyrics from those artists are good for children. The parents have to right to know that, they need guidance as what is appropriate for their children to see. That is a social responsibility of the Academy.

Some songs from song artists include death, nudity, and other topics not appropriate for children, or they engage in sexual conducts that are not good for a role model, like posing half naked for a porn magazine. Parents have the right to know that as well. Think of it as the Academy as a Grand Mother of society, who is wise and guides mothers.

An academic system also needs to have a constant campaign about the importance of women's integrity. From the day they are born, their healthy education as children, their healthy adult life and their healthy retirement, making sure that people understand that the "porn age" is short, lasts only 12 years and leaves women crippled for a decent life later on. That can also mean making sure their is a campaign to fix concepts such as feminism, since little girls are the most vulnerable children, they need special protection.

I propose a rating system that has letters. All art considered healthy is also appropriate for children.

Icons can also be assigned to each type of rating.

These are some ideas of classification letters:
[AB]   Healthy. Some art is not appropriate for children but not harmful. Overall good Role Model.
[AA]   Always healthy, some art used for educational philosophy. Good Role Model.
[AAA] * Always healthy, some art used for educational philosophy. Moral Integrity, great role model for children.
[B]   Healthy in some art, but has no academic value for promoting love for education.
[C]   Healthy but loves to get into troublesome scandals inappropriate for children to see.
[CD]   Healthy but loves to get into troublesome scandals inappropriate for children to see.
Has drug problems. Might be good at art but not as a social role model. If the artists has drug problems it will be reflected with a C until there is medical evidence the person is healthy.
[E] * Event artist. Gains profit only in Concerts and for marketing purposes but music is entirely free.
[G] * Great. Recommended by an Art Academy as a priority at a given time.
[P] * Professional Artist, recognized as such with Academic Diploma.
[N]   New talent. Student of Academy.
[XR]   Was healthy and a good role model but now the artist has fallen from grace and is a bad role model.
[V]   Voluntarily used to to promote vices, like Alcohol and Cigarettes.
[O] * Open Music. People can use their art to create more academic art. (Academic copyright).
[S] * Socially aware (Charity work).
[U] * Social Union artist, does not participate in politics and refuses to do so.
[X]   Has posed for erotic photos for erotic, sex industry magazines.
[XX]   Has posed for erotic photos for erotic, sex industry magazines.
Has acted in a role not healthy to emulate yet not pornographic (Like killing people, being a criminal, killing people or prostitution).
[XXX]   Has posed for erotic photos for erotic, sex industry magazines.
Has acted in a role not suitable for even adults to emulate (Prostitution promoter - Pornography).
[J]   Junk. Openly promotes unhealthy drugs, Illegal drugs, crimes or hate crimes. Should be illegal.
[I]   Artist is not a local artist, artist is a foreigner (International).
[N] * National Artist.

The scoring is done by the Dean of the Academic Institution but it must include the votes of the teachers and Academy even if the votes might not reflect the opinion of the Dean. Remember it is an Academic Site so there is Rank Discipline just like you would expect in any school. The Dean must include the reasons for his scoring.

In the web site the best scores have a better promotion and have better exposure by default.

The best score would be:


When a person has all the best ratings that person passes to be an Academic Art Role Model, if it is a women she passes to be a modern Muse.

The Muses.
The Muses are the best kind of female artists and an extension of the Art Academy itself.

All Academic Art Role Models should work hard for a long time till they deserve that distinction, once they do the Academy has to verify that the person has enough money saved in the proper way to live with dignity the rest of their lives, a step that cannot be forsaken before that person passes to have an Academic Role Model distinction. This is to protect the users and the students because if we later see that artist doing disgusting things she will not have any excuse at all to do so, since Academy can guarantee her a healthy retirement and thus any immoral action will be seen as pure greed.

It is not easy to be a Muse, that would be as hard as becoming an Olympic Champion. They are the Institutional Image of the Art Academy and a lot of money must be raised to guarantee her healthy retirement, sometimes from her own profits in a wise way. Men can also have same benefits but the are not called Muses of course.

Let is just say that the Muses are like the work of art of the Academies themselves. They are artists and also social teachers, they are an extension of the Art Academy in society.

Grandmother Academy is part of the family.

The Academic sites are linked to the public media, in all public media.

If any other site or public media wants to use any of the material that is on the Academic Site then it must link to the Academic Site Network. If it does not, then it gets no material at all and no license to publish any of it, effectively causing a Boycott.

This a a great way to protect the healthy formation of children and contributes to create a better society, for a future with far less drug addiction and crimes.

It is time Academy gets the respect it should and that it upgrades to the Internet age.

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