Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 15, September of 2014
The Age of Yemaya.
Rolling the credits of a movie that ends.

I will no longer use the word Mary to refer to Yemaya, My Cosmos Mitris wife.

By this written text I make official the following points:
1) I am not married spiritually to any woman on earth. I am Cosmos Yemaya's husband.
2) Delta Goodrem was My poetic symbol for Angel Academy.
3) Emma Hewitt was My poetic symbol for Enforcer Academy.
4) None of those two women have ever directly contacted Me.
5) That means they have never directly participated on the TRIBalance.
6) The human actors thus have no claim over any part of the TRIBalance.
7) No human has any claim over the TRIBalance and there is no signature that can prove it, other than the United Nations, as was written at My web site.
8) From this day forward ANYTHING that the HUMAN Delta Goodrem and the human Emma Hewitt does in the human world is not linked to Me in any way for in the TRIBalance they just played a part as actresses representing the Academy of Angels and the Academy of Enforcers.

That means that if tomorrow the human ladies want to behave out of the Academic norms of the TRIBalance like doing nude material or any other activity that would not affect the TRIBalance since I am making clear that the Delta Goodrem character and the Emma Hewitt character in My "Play" are purely fictional and I have never met or directly contacted those women.
9) I will stop referring to Yemaya as Mary.
10) I will stop referring to human Delta and human Emma as BOSS and perhaps replace it with HERO.
11) I will stop saying "Love you both" to the human women and say "Admire you both" when I FEEL LIKE IT!
12) I cannot love a woman who I have never even met in person.
13) Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt as humans have NO CLAIM over the TRIBalance or any of it's content since they never really had direct participation on it.
14) The TRIBalance was made entirely by Me, all of it, up to the very last word.
15) Everything that has been done up to this date has no participation of anybody, not even Delta or Emma.
16) Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt in the TRIBalance are just part of a theater of My entire creation of whom only the United Nations and I have rights to, granted that I granted rights to the Venezuelan Government of course.
17) The TRIBalance does not own anything to anyone, not Delta, not Emma or anyone else involved.
18) There is nothing here for the human Delta Goodrem and the human Emma Hewitt to claim. If there was at one time, I have reasons to prove that I can sue over whatever I can be sued for and I will leave it at that...
19) Both Delta and Emma as human women are free to go at any time they wish so I expect everyone to stop harassing them, this is My work of Cosmic art and only I have rights over it.
20) If I did not do this the Insane people would not stop harassing the women for greed or maybe even trying to kill them.
21) Nobody can prove that Delta Goodrem or Emma Hewitt directly participated in the TRIBalance or that I signed anything. So that settles the legal issues. PERIOD!

The girl was never there because the "girl" is Cosmos Yemaya:
THE CURE - A Forest (lyrics)

And she is a little bit out of reach for humans... HAHAHA!!!

That ends the Marian Play.

Welcome to My BOSS Yemaya's reality.

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