Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 1, August of 2014
Why the United States supports Israel.

Empires start from the Philosophy Schools of Universities.

Philosophy Schools are at the core of explaining how an empire is made and works.

We can understand Philosophy in their terms on how ideas interrelate or also schools of organization of ideas.

The Imperial Philosophy schools have these functions:

1) How can Philosophy de used in our favor?
2) How can we take advantage of Philosophy to increase our influence?
3) How can we use Philosophy to increase our leadership?
4) How can we use Philosophy to control other people?
5) How can we use Philosophy to conflict with other people?
6) How can we use Philosophy to control faith?
7) How can we use Philosophy to divide the enemy?
8) How can we use Philosophy to increase ideological warfare?
9) How can we use Philosophy to control other people's religion and infiltrate them?

All these points can be resumed in one single point:

How can we use Philosophy to increase our leadership?

The the specialty of Leadership schools is created and the study of religion with the sole purpose of increasing leadership for their own needs of influence.

The first conquest.

The first to have the idea of conquering Hebrewism as an enemy of the State were the Romans. The Greek empire in fact liked Hebrewism and it was the Greeks and the Egyptians that helped create one of the most historical interpretations of Hebrewism, which we call today Hermes Trismegistus or simply Hermeticism. Such was the love of the Greeks for Consciousness Integrity that they even named a God after it, the God Hermes. The concealed TRIBalance Academy.

The Romans tried to conquer Hebrewism, the faith of Cosmos to use it for it's purposes of leadership which triggered a rebellion by the Hebrews that created Jesus Christ. The religious conquerors of Hebrewism were then called the Pharisee, or corrupt Jews in the service of the Roman Empire. Eventually Rome succumbed to Jesus but true Hebrewism was wiped out of Humanity but since Consciousness Integrity can never leave us a prophecy of it's return is consistent to all three Hebrew religions, giving way to the Prophesy of Return of the TRIBalance, in the form of the Messiah.

With Hebrewism lost, Judaism became the combined human effort to conquer the empty Judaism in an effort to conquer their own greed, because TRIBalance was not there any longer. They dedicated themselves to try to conquer their previous efforts to try to conquer what is not there any longer: Consciousness Integrity.

What remained was: A history of Greed for Power and Leadership over the three Hebrew religions.

The School of Religious Leadership rooted at Judaism.

I can call it a school but it really is a feature of all the Philosophical Schools or at least most of them. The idea is how to gain leadership at home and in other countries.

Since it is Philosophy it includes the school of religious leadership which we can call the effort by a group of Academics that study how to use religion so that it favors their causes. As you can see this effort is born out of Academy in the Philosophy schools.

The first thing a religious Philosopher contemplates is the existence of the three main religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So the first logical path to take is to try to find a say to influence the three religions in a way that it provides benefits and leadership to the Academy and country that is studying and paying for the religious studies.

That is where there is a concerted effort to try to achieve Religious Colonization.

But there is a logical path to take since the three main religions have a chronological order. First it was the Hebrews, then it was Judaism, then Christianity and then Islam, in that order. The School of Hebrewism was totally lost, it is the Marian TRIBalance School so we will refer to the other three in it's relation to the Imperial Academies.

Contemplating the need to use Academic Knowledge to control faith and religion and by observing the chronology of the appearance of the three main religions it is easy to understand that Islam, which was the latest of the three religions had very little chance to influence Judaism, which was the first of them since the Jewish texts were more ancient and Islam and also Christianity seems like a consequence of Judaism.

So the first religion to try to colonize would be Judaism, because it is the most ancient and because it could have the potential to influence Christianity and also Islam, thus achieving leadership in all of the three of Abraham's religions.

That is how the empires, interested in colonizing religion started by trying to colonize Judaism and from there seeking leadership in Christianity and Islam.

As you can see all Academies and even Empires, which are just countries with Leadership Academies out of control would want to colonize Judaism first. And that is exactly what happened even in the United States.

The Academy of the United States, following the Roman tradition set up Leadership schools and in all the topics of trying to achieve the deepest kind of leadership, the religious leadership there was the topic of conquering Judaism in order to try to achieve leadership in Christianity and Islam as well.

Judaism was used as the greatest puzzle to conquer for all the leadership schools in the United States, following the tradition of Europe which followed the tradition from the Roman Empire who in turn followed the tradition from the Greek Empire.

That is how Judaism is linked to all major Imperial Leadership schools in the United States effectively turning the United States into a Jewish state, not a secular state like people like to believe. Academically the United States is a Jewish state simply because it's Philosophical Academies try to conquer religious leadership starting with Judaism.

Since the leadership schools take root at the attempted conquering of Judaism, then it is normal to see that there is great leadership of the Jews in the United States and that perfectly explains why there is such a strong Jewish influence in the United States. The reason is obviously because the Imperial Academic search for leadership and specially religious leadership takes it's roots from Judaism, effectively making the United States into a Jewish State.

The Monarchic System.

Judaism is nothing more than the accumulated historical search to conquer religions for imperial purposes.

It is not the same as Hebrewism, which as you know was the Academy of Consciousness Integrity and first School of Philosophy present even in the workings of our brains.

A history of imperial and monarchic attempts to control religion over the ages.

The Academic leadership System that prevailed was that of a Pyramid of Power that functions in much the same way as the classic Monarchy, there is a King and King and Nobility which represent the Accumulated Academic Effort of leadership channeling. But the fact is that in the United States there is no King, there is a Plutocratic System.

It means the power is distributed among the Nobility of the Academic System or so called "Leaders" with a hidden Academic System which we can call the "Bipartisan group". The Academies are linked to the Nobility which they help enforce or control in order to better channel the Leadership efforts of the Philosophic System but since the System in itself is rooted in Judaism then it is normal to see a lot of Jew leaders or leaders that strongly support Judaism.

The Academic Leadership channeling creates a Plutocratic System much like a monarchy with a hidden Philosophical machine underground. That underground Academic System is what some like to call: The Market.

The income from the giant businesses made by Academic effort is distributed in the form of Stock Earnings for the Academic group and some businesses use a part of their employees to further the causes and work for the hidden Philosophical Apparatus. The hidden Academic machine that is very much like a monarchic system.

In countries like Great Britain and some other countries that still have monarchy that relationship between Academic controlled power and nobility is far easier to see but since there is no Monarchic System in the United States then it is a Plutocratic System.

The Republican Party and the Conservatives.

The Republican Party is linked to the United States Academic System as the ones that are related to the search for leadership of the United States and thus it is the Imperial part of the United States. The so called "Conservatives" are nothing more than the people that are members of the "Leadership search machine" of the Academic System of the United States.

Conservatives = Greedy for leadership.

Since they are greedy for leadership then they will of course start with the root of the most important effort, which is to try to conquer religions so they are rooted at Judaism and thus all Conservatives are basically just Jew in a Jewish state called the United States. But them being Jews does not mean they are Hebrew, as you can see it is a totally different thing.

It is logical to conclude that all countries that had a very advanced Philosophical machine would try to conquer religions and thus try to conquer Judaism and the best place to do that would be on the so called "Holly Land". So the United States and the advanced Monarchic systems proceeded to try to conquer the Holly Land for the purpose of controlling religion for it's own leadership gain. That explains why Great Britain was the first to invade those lands and it also explains why the Republican Party has strong links with the European Monarchic Systems, which in turn explains why there is so much marketing to the British Monarchy on a Conservative media such as FoxNews.

So it is not the Republican party, it is the Imperial party and it is not the Conservatives it is the greedy for leadership so the true logical name for the so called Conservative Republican party is:

The Imperial greedy for leadership party.

They support the conquering of religion for the leadership of the empire so they all support the Idea of Israel. Meaning that basically all of the Republicans and Conservatives are what they call: Zionists, which s just another name for Religious Conquerors or Crusaders in a war to try to conquer all Judaism, Christianity and Islam for the leadership of an Imperial machine.

The Jewish Christianity system in the United States.

Christianity until recently was not considered the root of the Imperial search for religions and academic Leadership, in fact it was considered an extension to the Jewish system and with far less importance. That is why Christians did not complain about the religious discrimination against them in Israel aside from isolated religious groups and that is why the United States discriminates against the Christians harassing them with Atheism but at the same time supports religious tyranny, discrimination, extortion and slavery in Israel.

The priority to conquer Judaism as a way to conquer Christianity was far more important than to be true to the principles of the Christian religion. But they never cared about that, they had their own Jewish interpretation of what Christianity was all about.

Christianity for them is basically a Jewish observance system with more tolerance for vulgarity, more space for the unworthy animal humans to be vulgar and express their true evil.

In that sense it would be allowed to form a hell of vulgarity, pornography and vices to create an ambient of demonic freedom so that the Christians Churches could stand out among the filth as an oasis for the people that were not animals. To set the vulgarity loose so that the good people seek shelter in the church and thus empower the church.

Vulgarity that was needed, vices that were needed in order to give some freedom to the people to distract them from protesting against the Bigotry of the ideological machine. Vices to kill the pain of imposed bigotry to try to stop social revolts. Multiple Bigotry media as a substitute for the capacity of the people to form their own opinions and a license to rape in order to lower the IQ of the people in order to control them better.

Vices, to keep the slaves under control and the freedom of immorality as the feature added to so called Judaism to try to justify Christianity. In other words, Christianity as the Jewish brothel for the animals to keep calm.

That is why in so called Conservative Christian media like FoxNews Pornography is rampant, celebrities of children are pushed towards sex systematically and vices such as alcohol and pornography are always promoted. Christianity as the Brothel of the Jewish system to try to give a meaning to the concept of freedom while making it easier to control the population in their ignorance and spiritual weakness.

So as you can see, I have totally explained all the scientific logic behind Conservative Media like FoxNews and why it works that way, the reasons why it acts the way it does. The Scientific logic behind the justifications for it's existance.

Now you understand the link between Jews, Conservatives, Leadership, Imperial greed, FoxNews, Monarchy and Israel.

Imperial greed is no substitute for Consciousness Integrity just like Fake Pharisee religious crusaders are not the same as the Real Hebrews, the Marian TRIBalance.

Most Jews are innocent to all that which I have written, perhaps less than a 1% is aware Judaism has been hijacked out of its true Hebrew Essence by a Corporate Counterfeit Imperial Religious Sect.
10 “Now will I arise,” says the Lord.
“Now will I be exalted;
now will I be lifted up.
11 You conceive chaff,
you give birth to straw;
your breath is a fire that consumes you.
12 The peoples will be burned to ashes;
like cut thornbushes they will be set ablaze.”
13 You who are far away, hear what I have done;
you who are near, acknowledge my power!
14 The sinners in Zion are terrified;
trembling grips the godless:
“Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire?
Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning?”
15 Those who walk righteously
and speak what is right,
who reject gain from extortion
and keep their hands from accepting bribes,
who stop their ears against plots of murder
and shut their eyes against contemplating evil—
16 they are the ones who will dwell on the heights,
whose refuge will be the mountain fortress.
Their bread will be supplied,
and water will not fail them.

Comments on Real Jews and Fake Jews I made on the internet.

Comments to Delta Goodrem and Emma Hewitt:
I am the real Semitic for a country that has destroyed the Real Jews and the Real Palestinians. Empires of hate.

Outcasting and shaming millions of Jews and making millions of Palestinians & world people suffer.

I am all that is sacred in the Jews, the essence of being a Hebrew, the FEAR OF THE PHARISEE!!! The EMPIRE DESTROYER! Which is a cute habit of all Archangels :I LOL! What is the point of being an Angel enforcer if not kicking Demon ass? XD We will FOREVER fight Devils & Demons. Because...It's our job :I Like police to criminals. No point if having Police is there are no criminals is there? :I LOL! So I do what is Righteous and logical.

That is why history will like Me, will like us, will remember us far longer after the US empire is gone. :I Even 2000 years later. We will still be high in the mountain of historical truth. Just like Isaiah wrote. :) See?

That's new :I Arcangel, King of Hebrews, successor to TRIBalance King Salomon, TRIBalance King David and Abraham is Anti-Semitic. XD LLOOLL!!! Just because I do not want to drink Coca Cola Jew :I LOL! Judaism made in USA, Copyright, all rights reserved! LOL!

Religious Counterfeit! And they still deny... THEY ARE A FAAAAAAKEEEEEEEE!!! :I …
Figured you out Netanyanju, Imperial Pharisee. :I You don't wear a mask. XD I burned it so good! :D Sun Power!

Real Jews: International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network :D

Real Jews: International Anti-Zionist Network. :D Yay! Those are real Jews. XD

Real Jews: :D True Torah Jews. :) Those are the Jews I respect! I am NOT Anti-Semitic. :I

The issue with the corrupt Imperial Jew is not new and it is clearly stated in the Christian Bible:
Revelation 2:9

I know your afflictions and your poverty--yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.
And again:
Revelation 3:9

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars--I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

Fake Jews are the Imperial Pharisee Corporate Jews © Made in USA. The Imperial Synagogue. A Counterfeit!!!

Then they accuse the Chinese of being pirates. :I LLOOLL!!! Chinese, you start to see the REAL SUPER PIRATES!!!

I added this text to protect innocent Jews inspired on Delta BOSS. :) Mercy for the innocent.

The idea is to help the REAL JEWS. :) And to free the Jewish slaves from their evil diabolical masters. :I Angels protect the innocent. In My case they educate as a way to redeem humanity. We consider Real Jews to be friends. :) We consider real Christians to be friends and real Muslims to be our friends. :) Real in Cosmos & Righteousness, true to the Cosmos Laws of Academic Integrity and that believe in Human Rights.

We are not friends of Demons or fake religions bound to try to enslave humanity like Israeli did to the Haredi or massacre them like the massacre of Israel towards the Gazan people.

Massacre in the name of God. :I I repeat, there is no Cosmos God that likes murdering in the name of God. Those are DEVILS!

Spirituality to us is not a form of leadership, it is a form of redeeming humanity. Purpose of TRIBalance and also of Jesus Christ.

So I had to educate people as to how to distinguish between a Christian and a Pharisee. For world peace. :D

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