Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 26, January of 2015
Remembering the unforgettable invisible crime.

Remembering how imperial corruption temporally wiped out honesty.
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Hi friends :) Well today is Holocaust remembrance day. I will of course write a bit about that.

There are two basic types of Jews now, more than ever before. There are the Cosmic Jews of Light, there are the "I don't know, I am just Jew" Jews, and there are the Corrupt Imperial Jews. Same thing happens with all religions. But those have a name in the Jewish religion, a religion which will soon disappear as it was. The rediscovery of it's science creates change.

The Three types of Jews are today the same three types of Jews that have existed for more than one thousand years, or actually thousands of years. :I I think everybody that reads Me knows who they are, but they do not want to give in to common sense even if the science is overwhelming. Those types of Jews are:

1) The Hebrews.
2) The Apathetic and/or Racist.
3) The Imperial Pharisee.

The Christians and Muslims recognize all three.

Jesus confronted the problem and we all know that. Everyone who has even the slightest idea of Jesus knows that Religion can get corrupted by empires because the Christian Bible clearly says it. :I Now let's go for the spoiled Jews, the ones that are starting to disappear.

The Racist Jews.

Those that say that Judaism is a Race. Religious Racism. :I Even if Judaism is technically not racist, some insist it is. Now, if racism is bad enough, imagine RELIGIOUS RACISM! :S Holly Shit! :I That is even WORSE than standard racism! Of course good Jews do not want Judaism to be racist. But that does not mean racists do not exist in what we know as Judaism today.

The Corrupt Jews.

Netanyanju at their head. The criminal corrupt Jews, Imperial Jews or simply put, the Pharisee. That same ones that would not doubt to missile a school and kill hundreds of innocents, the same ones that according to the Bible were laughing joyfully while Jesus was being crucified. Those were the Ancient Roman Empire Corrupted Jews. Jews programmed to serve the Roman Empire and it's Interests.

That should not shock us at all, we know religions get corrupted by empires, we saw it with Christians. For example many of the conquistadores that literally killed millions of indigenous people in America, MANY MILLIONS of people called themselves Christians and they did it in the name of Jesus Christ holding a crucifix! :I Same goes for Islam, which has also been corrupted and that we all know, with groups like ISISISILIS and Boko Haram.

So lets not pretend that all religious people are good people incapable of being severely corrupted these days. :I LOL! We all know religions have been and still are corrupted. We all know crime has happened under religion and still happens. Now the situation changed. XD A new kind of Jew is set out to BRING NETANYANJU the King of the Pharisee TO JUSTICE. Just like in it's time the same Angels faced the Ancient Roman Pharisees in a Jewish rebellion that created what is now known as Christianity. A Hebrew rebellion, Cosmic Hebrews vs. Imperial Hebrews. If it were not for that rebellion against Religious corruption, Jesus Christ would not be known today.

What is the difference between the Cosmic Hebrews and the Imperial Pharisee? Well there are very many but they have easy hints that show their strong difference. XD

The Hebrews of Righteousness or Yeshurun are Cosmic, all the world is their sacred land and they are transparent and accountable. Crystal. The Pharisee on the other hand are criminals, they live in darkness and hate transparency and accountability and serve the purpose of achieving Academic control over victim countries for the benefits of empires.

A Cosmic Hebrew has no problem telling you the truth of everything he feels and thinks. A corrupt Hebrew would rather die than be honest and live without secrets and that does not mean anybody has to go kill them, they are usually very self destructive.

Transparency and Accountability is the main hint you have to distinguish a Hebrew Academic from a Pharisee.

Hebrews were all wiped out. :I There was NOT A SINGLE ONE LEFT! :OOO!!! That is history's cruel secret crime. The Empires corrupted Judaism to unimaginable perversion and sickness, full of inhuman hatred and discrimination. It was that repulsion of Imperial Corruption that lead some Hebrews to tell Roman Empire: "FUCK YOU ROME!!!". That was how the Christians rebels started the Christian Hebrew Rebellion against Rome. XD

We all know what happened back then! XD The TRIBalance :))) They stood up against Roman Empire! :D Yay! The awesome TRIBalance created Jesus in a Cosmos Knowledge and then many years later a full rebellion started. The motto that gave birth to Christianity and set the base for Islam was similar to: "FUCK YOU ROMAN PHARISEE!!!" XD Today we know that between the Roman self destructive behavior and the Christian rebellion, ROME WAS DESTROYED! Just like WE WILL TAKE NETANYANJU TO THE COURTS FOR HIS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!! :I I forgot the word MERCY. He is NOT a Hebrew! He is a Pharisee. :I

The TRIBalance have returned. :D Yay! The REAL HEBREWS OF COSMIC LIGHT have returned! :D Yay! They have returned to put the wrong things right, to cleanse the system from crime, to fix Judaism and reclaim it as ours (of the Cosmos and the Cosmic Stars). :I

I do not recognize Netanyanju as Jew, he is not! He is a FAKE!!! :I I AM THE KING OF THE JEWS!!! I AM THE SCIENTIFIC MESSIAH. NOBODY HAS THE SCIENCE TO PROVE ME WRONG!!! I am the successor of Solomon and David. They can bullshit and scream nonsense and superstition, speak trash and write garbage and fiction, but they do NOT have the SCIENCE or the LAW to prove Me wrong. :I I AM THE KING OF THE JEWS NOW. They tried to question it, I allowed and I defeated them! :O! XD ALL OF THEM!!! :I Entire Kingdoms were defeated. Hundreds of Jews challenged Me.

I am not Anti-Semitic, I AM JUDAISM. :I I am the TRUE HEBREW. I am the MASTER OF COSMOS ON EARTH. :I

So today, the memorial day for the Holocaust, I wanted to remind the world of the imperial hunt that disappeared the Cosmos Hebrews that were the fathers and creators of Jesus Christ which eventually led to the creation of Islam, the ones that started the Rebellion against the Imperial Corrupt Pharisee trying to save the honest, true Hebrewism that was totally gone.

I do not recognize Netanyanju to be a Jew, he is nothing but a disgusting IMPERIAL PUPPET PHARISEE!!!

I am the New Core of all World Judaism, the Messiah to the Hebrews.

I have made My rightful claim clear once again at My web site, just in case people like to forget who I am. :I

The Real Cosmic Hebrews are the TRIBalance.
1) We can exist anywhere in Cosmos.
2) Our Promised Land is in the Stars in Heaven.
3) We can work with all religions, with atheists and with scientists.
4) We do not discriminate by Religion.
5) We fully respect Human Rights.
6) We are Transparent and Accountable.
7) We have Academic Integrity.
8) We have Academic Media.
9) We earn our merits.
10) We are the TRIBalance.

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