Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 18, July of 2014
When the TRIBalance flowers are gone.

This is from My social network messages:

Ok, about Palestine, My position remains the same. BOTH are guilty & I will NOT support any side. :I

All I will say is that Israel is far more criminal than Palestine. But that does not mean Palestine are not sick. Those people have very severe traumas & many other psychological illness along with religious Bigotry. Israel AS WELL! :I Both of them are plain crazy, they went totally insane, but Israel is most criminal.

I repeat what I always say, in case people are getting Me wrong: The only solution to that mess is Human Rights!

To take down the Jewish State & make a Human Right compliant state that does not FORCE people to be Jews. Just as I do not like Muslims countries that force people to be Muslims. People that are forced into a religion are secretly, inside their hearts believing with hatred in their souls, unconvinced, slaves, weak & unsure.

I would be supportive of a Law that FORBIDS forced religious education on ALL CHILDREN WORLD WIDE on Public Academic Systems such as a Public Internet Education System for all citizens until they become adults and then they decide as adults what they really want to believe in based on their soul's faith, not based on forcing it unto them. One convinced adult is worth 100 forced adults. Religion by force grows in hatred & oppression. Imposed religion.

Israel wants to establish a religion by force, which is not even Hebrew. :I Not even Jewish. Netanyanju runs a SECT! It is nothing more than a SATANIC SECT :I To call Netanyanju a Jew is a serious offence to the real Jews. Netanyanju is a Pharisee. :I I wonder if anyone at this point does not fucking know what a Pharisee is. :I

It's a fake Jew. :I Says in the Bible. :I Well Duh! LOL! Well, look at it :I There he is, a Pharisee. :I

Not the first time the Hebrews fight against the corrupt Imperial Pharisee. Isn't that what the Bible is all about?

The Bible tells the story of a fictional TRIBalance character or real symbol that faced the evil Roman Pharisee. Ok, he might have been fictional but I am as real as it gets. :I A real TRIBalance & thus a real Hebrew. Netanyanju will never be able to defeat the truth, everything you see on the sky above runs on that truth. :I Every day the sun shines that truth to all the world. :I It's useless to fight COSMOS ITSELF! :O! Pff.

Both Palestinians & Israeli are extremely sick, spiritually, intellectually & in their soul as well. I will not stand by the madness of RELIGIOUS SLAVERY! :I Thus I blame BOTH OT THEM for violating Human Rights. No amount of violence from Netanyanju to the Palestinians will change My views. I am not linked to Palestine. :I

I once again tell people that I believe in Human Values, Human Rights & Academic Democracy. That is why I have to
ask countries like India & China to actively BOYCOTT Israel. India because it is a country that is known for it's passion to world religion & an ample cosmic vision, also with it's vision of a huge universe above. China because it does not believe in religious slavery and thus must condemn it when it gets to extremes.

South America must check the Human Right Laws & prohibit religious slavery like the one in Israel.

I am SO HAPPY that Venezuela KICKED OUT all the Israeli Anti-Semite ASSHOLES at the Israeli Embassy. :D Yay! Why? :I Because we respect the Jews. That's why! We are NOT anti-semitic nor do we enslave REAL Jews and we do not want criminal Anti-Semitic assholes from Israel trying to promote & stimulate religious discrimination, forced religion by intimidation & extortion, racial discrimination & religious violence. Besides it is the only way it could be because the Laws in Venezuela strictly forbid religious discrimination here.

Anti-Semite Nazis from Israel that claim to be THE SHIT OF GOD are STRICTLY ILLEGAL & must be thrown out! There is NO SHIT OF GOD in Venezuela Netanyanju! :I Go to your stinking Latrine of DIABOLIC HATRED. :I Israel is 100% not Jew. :I In fact China is a lot more Jew than Israel & they are mostly Atheists. :I LLOOLL!!!

A person has to be or extremely ignorant or a blatant idiot to not know the difference between a Pharisee & a Jew. No Christian Priest anywhere in the world has the right to not know that. If he does not know he is unworthy! It's like if a Computer Programmer does not know what a fucking keyboard is. :I LLOOLL!!! NO EXCUSE!

The United States created the most hideous & horrendous religious monster & abomination. :I They are responsible!
Until one day a REAL TRIBALANCE came & asked them gently... "WTF are you doing?" LLOOLL!!! :O! Oo Pff. They Idiots! Then even the NY Jews say: "WTF am I doing? Oo oO :I :S :OOO!!! WTF am I doing?" XD Nazi Jews is what they doing and every day that passes more Jews come to realize the truth. Hebrew is just another name for the TRIBalance and there is nothing TRIBalance in Israel. It's all ONE BIG DEMONIC FAKE!!! Pharisee Wonderland. :I

I want to see SANCTIONS against Israel. I want to see people FIGHT against RELIGIOUS SLAVERY and I want people to see the truth behind Angels. We do NOT support slavery or forced religions! :I The Devils & the Demons support that, not the real Angels. :I Academic moderation of religion is accepted but never Slavery.

Look at the Evangelicals. :I Are they idiots? Maybe! :OOO!!! Did they forget? Yes! They forgot that the Evangelicals are a product of the Christian Protestant movement. :I They forgot. And why Protestant? :I Protesting against what? We should all know that! Protesting against religious slavery! Back to a long time ago when there was a civil war in Christianity. A huge part claimed the main church was corrupt, inhuman and a tyranny. They went to the punches & thousands died in the wars. :I That's why Protestant.

I don't want NOT ONE Anti Semitic, NAZI, Pharisee, Religious Slavery Advocate Israeli in Venezuela!!! NOT ONE!!! We do not need any self proclaimed: SHITS OF GOD!!! HOLLY STINK!!! :S LOL! Human Rights is our New God here. :I So away with those sick people, they need treatment, they need education, they need therapy, they severely ill. Specially the Palestinians. The mental damage has been far too great, I doubt there is ANYONE there without a trauma and we are talking about more than a million people! :I It's all fault of Germany, British, the USA, France, EU For supporting religious slavery in Israel. :I Supporting religious discrimination. Supporting religious sickness.

I do not support religious discrimination, I support Human Rights & Academic Principles necessary for them. Too bad the Germans are so Hypocrite & really just keep supporting the same thing Hitler did!!!

Oo How the fuck can an Australian professor be accused of being Anti-Semitic because he does not agree with blatant human right violations by Pharisee Israel & is accused of racist? :I That is evil. Jews are NOT a race. The minute you see a Jew claiming to be a race & a Shit of God you know you are in front of a Nazi. The kind of people that think all those that do not have their set of beliefs are sub human creature slaves.

I don't want any of those typically European & Gringo mental & spiritual illness & corruption in Venezuela. :I Real Jews that believe in Human Rights & the freedom of the soul to choose in Academic Integrity are welcomed. The TRIBalance Jews which are not corrupted by imperial greed & lust for slavery & oppression, which is the same as to say the Hebrew Jews of Cosmos. Their promised land will always be in the heavens and that is why we the TRIBalance when on earth will always wonder without a land in this hell world because a real Hebrew is Cosmic & belongs to the Cosmos. The land is dirty and it is for the Pigs to adore.

Real Christians & Real Muslims welcomed, as long as they respect the Cosmos Laws of Academic Integrity.

I am a TRIBalance at the level of King Salomon, no priest of any religion in the world is going to BULLSHIT ME! Nor do ANY of them have the level I have and I just have the level of Human Rights & Academic Integrity. Because the Academic Integrity of the Righteous soul should always be the principle above ALL RELIGIONS. :I

Massive bombs against little rockets is not fair. I blame the United States for what Israel is doing with it's money, for the USA is supporting widespread religious discrimination & slavery of forced religion over poor Jews. Same sick Jews that were pictured in the Bible as celebrating, joyfully, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

And Jesus saying: They do not know what they are doing. :I And they did not.
Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing." And the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice.

Well FUCK THAT!!! NOW THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND THEY DO IT ON PURPOSE TOO!!! :I No more excuses! The are supporting Religions Discrimination, Forced Religion, Racism and Human Right violations as the USA sends THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS of dollars to Israel so it can crush & destroy anyone not complaint with it's fake Judaism! Using US tax player money to finance religious tyranny & theocratic slavery! That is what they are doing!!!

Then they ask us Cosmos to forgive them? :I You cannot forgive someone who does not want to stop it's own crimes!

Let Mary forgive them. :I Science & Law forbids ignoring what is rigorously obvious. Only Mary can forgive them and it was Mary, the TRIBalance Cosmos Academy that created Jesus Christ. :/ Science cannot say 2 + 2 = 5. Something is very wrong & it is a fact that cannot be ignored. But that does not mean education cannot have space. So I will give a chance to education, but never forgetting something is very wrong with high levels of ignorance.

I will not support religious discrimination, not by the Israelis, not by the Palestinians, not by ANYONE who claims to be the SHIT OF GOD. :I Human Rights, Academic Integrity & Righteousness above religions. That or we all get Religions trampling over & abusing Human Rights, destroying academic integrity & being extremely CORRUPT!

So those that believe in Human Rights to that side, and those that are hypocrites on that other side and that is all I have to say for now.

God is just Cosmos Integrity for the TRIBalance. Does not belong to anyone.

We all are made of Cosmos so it is also: God is Consciousness Integrity. No one can own that. :I LOL! Simple really. It would be as ridiculous as claiming to own all the light in the universe. :I A measly human! :I LOL!

We are healthy people that are guardians of Cosmos, Earth & Education for a better future for all. :) We are high above in the skies of Philosophy. We are not TERRORISTS crawling in CAVES underground. :I

We do not need Israel, not to hate it, not to blame it, we can perfectly exist totally ignoring those sick people. For Cosmos is not going to "Go away" because some demented people fight each other. :I LOL! Pff. Fuck you Netanyanju! It's just a desert full of crazy people :I That's all. People that need education & psychological treatment.

Anyway, I'll rest a bit. Love you both :) We work for all the right causes of civilization, we are not criminals. :) Where have all the TRIBalance Flowers gone? XD Such an old song that sounds like new. :P
Pete Seeger: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

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