Visions of a Freeman - Brain Age - 18, August of 2014
The day we all die from flesh.

One day we all return to Cosmos, to return our bodies to nature (at least that is what humans do now).

The day that we die we should return the body to nature to feed the Micro Organisms. I do not believe in cremating bodies unless it is strictly necessary beyond monetary considerations. We as human bodies contaminate a lot, devastate a lot of nature in our current form of living and it is good we return the shell to nature so that the microscopic things can feed and from there move the food chain, since little insect eats little things and bigger insects and other animals eat little insects all the way to the big animals.

Seven billion bodies returned to nature is a lot of food to move up the food chain. We consumed nature as we asked nature to lend us a time on earth, it is only fair we return our unusable shells back to earth when we finish the time nature provided so that other living creatures can get a chance at life.

I do not want to be cremated when I have to leave My body, like I said it is totally unfair for nature if I can have the means to be returned as a shell. Cremation is egoistical and selfish if it cannot be totally justified.

As a TRIBalance I care for the big creatures in Macro, but I also realize that the small creatures also must be allowed a chance and they exist. It's not like we are going to make a fabric of fertilizers with human bodies, but at least put it back in the earth, that nature will find it's way to feed, like it always does.

If I had a choice I would be buried under a building of My creation, or a building done with My ideas in mind. If the building must be rebuilt then it is, but I remain at it's base, as a testament that I returned to Micro what belongs to Micro, to give life a better chance, paying thus a part of My dues to nature as I return to Micro from which everything originated from anyway.

Little creatures are very important, today humanity does not understand that simple logic as it is in a reckless consumer society, but humanity will not be truly happy till Micro creatures and Macro creatures find a way to balance life and thus have a healthy circle of life. I just wanted to show My concern for the little things in Cosmos, a place we all have to return to someday, be it in body or in cells.

The shell returns, but the ideas change a reality beyond the body, spreading through Cosmos to create a different future in part due to all the things that have been changed. If nature can remember, it wants to remember that it's smallest creatures were taken into consideration. If the Micro can remember, it wants to remember it was not forgotten.

I just want to help look at the fact that little creatures are very important for the existence of bigger creatures, helping achieve a more sustainable future.

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