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Tails of hay.

Attacks of Illeana... Yet again!

Hi :) I am seeing Ileana Ros attacking the judicial system of Venezuela yet again! … :I
Congresistas de EE UU consideran una farsa juicio a Leopoldo López

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen y Debbie Wasserman Schultz pidieron la liberación inmediata de dirigente político

24 DE JULIO 2014 - 11:46 AM

Las congresistas estadounidenses Ileana Ros-Lehtinen y Debbie Wasserman Schultz, republicana y demócrata respectivamente, tacharon de farsa el juicio contra el líder opositor venezolano Leopoldo López.

"La farsa de juicio de ayer es prueba de que el sistema judicial corrupto de Venezuela está siendo utilizado para silenciar a los amantes de la libertad que buscan justicia", indican ambas legisladoras en un comunicado conjunto.

Ambas pidieron la liberación "inmediata" de López y otro centenar de opositores que están en prisión "a partir de acusaciones falsas y por motivos políticos".

"Seguimos preocupadas por las violaciones de los derechos humanos en Venezuela y estamos del lado de Leopoldo López y de los más de cien prisioneros políticos y de consciencia que han sido detenidos injustamente por el régimen de (Nicolás) Maduro", señalan.

El juicio contra el opositor venezolano Leopoldo López, en prisión desde hace cinco meses y quien lideró las primeras protestas contra el Gobierno, arrancó este miércoles en Caracas, en medio de las quejas de sus abogados por la "indefensión" con la que, dicen, afronta el proceso.

El presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, ha acusado directamente a López de ser el responsable de la oleada de protestas iniciada en febrero, que dejó 43 muertos y cientos de heridos.

Ros-Lehtinen, congresista de Florida muy crítica con los gobiernos de Cuba y Venezuela, y Wasserman Schultz dijeron que seguirán presionando para que Estados Unidos adopte sanciones "contra aquellos individuos responsables de haber perpetrado crímenes contra la ciudadanía venezolana".

"Mientras el régimen de Maduro continúa tomando medidas para silenciar a la oposición, nosotras seguiremos dando voz a aquellos que intentan levantarse por una Venezuela justa y libre", señalan.

That "creature" has no idea where the United States is, where Venezuela is and where the boundary is. :S LOL

She is not Venezuelan, she has no fucking business with Venezuela it is NOT her problem! Simple as that.

It's always that rape mentality of people that think they have the right to violate sovereign spaces of others and impose the politicians they like. :I Ileana is a pathological rapist, that's all and by attacking the judicial system she increases crime in Venezuela which produces more deaths and more drugs in the streets of the United States that in turn kills more people in the United States and gets more crime out of control that produces more deaths among the police of the United States just because Ileana wants to violate the International law and not recognize our sovereign right to choose our destiny to instead try to provoke anti-gringo sentiment that really just transforms in social decay and death even in the United States.

Ileana Ros has become a security problem and a serious risk for any further talk between Venezuela & the USA or South America & the USA. Ileana is something that must be discussed at the UnaSur and it's defense commission. For she is a declared enemy extremist doing hostilities against a member state of the UnaSur. I kindly repeat what happens in Venezuela is OUR VENEZUELAN FUCKING PROBLEM! And if the USA does not want us to interfere with the US problems, then they must not interfere with our problems and there is much we can do to interfere in US problems. We have just decided not to. :I

BBC News sent 2 messages in favor of Leopoldo, Ileana sent 1. They are obviously teamed up to violate Venezuela's sovereign rights as an Independent country guaranteed by the United Nations and the International Laws. They keep imposing very dangerous terrorist politicians unto us and then when their country gets full of crazy violent Venezuelan's they blame us, oh and also cocaine as well.

There is not a single so called "opposition" member that is honest or that has expressed any desire to be honest & abide by the Constitution & the Law against corruption. So, none of them want to obey the law. :I And that is what
Illeana supports. Because she wants a Miami full of crooks, putting the security of the USA at risk, putting the USA police's lives at risk, increasing the immigration problem, demoralizing the Venezuelan judicial system, increasing the drug trafficking and crime and helping to increase the murder rate which in the end means more innocent people die both in the USA and in Venezuela.

And all because Illeana feels ready to violate the international law.

Now Miami is full of Venezuelan crooks, some of them deemed extremely corrupt. The flow of Venezuelan immigrants has been very strong in Miami, thanks to people like Ileana Ros who make the immigration problem even worse and hatred between the two country increases which transforms in less products purchased to the gringos, which in turn means more food stamps & a welfare state in the USA as we seek to buy from other providers who are not the USA.

Ileana is totally wrong when she thinks we Venezuelan's are powerless to influence the USA as she tries to influence us. It's just we do not want trouble, she does.

I can give you an example. :I Venezuela has TeleSur & links with all South America and it's roots. Nothing is stopping us from launching a FULL BLOWN CAMPAIGN against Cultural Immorality and destruction of family values. :I In English & Spanish.

Is that illegal? :I

Is it illegal to talk against immorality? :I Is it illegal to talk about family values?

So we can gently, peacefully, lovingly, cuddly, kindly & respectfully expose for the benefit of the USA people A FULL FLEDGED CAMPAIGN showing all USA crimes against family values, including:
1) Promiscuity
2) Sex bars
3) Child corruption.
4) Family destruction.
5) Porn in the media.
6) Sexual trafficking and web porn exploitation industry.
7) The vast Porn network in Miami Florida.
8) Sexualization of children.
9) Porn celebrities including Disney's.
10) The effects of promiscuity in the poor people.
11) Violation of women rights.
12) Media, death news & drugs.
13) Crimes of unquestionable media.
14) The profitable industry of human tragedy & crime circus & it's effects on children.
15) Tyranny of the media and how it produces social inequity.
16) A national campaign to showcase the pornographic violent sexual web site that Google really is.
17) Detailed campaign on the risks of Facebook.
18) How Facebook is used by criminals, terrorists and even drug dealers & the risk Facebook present to children.
19) A campaign about the pornography in Youtube and pornographic education to children using Youtube.
20) Persecution, intimidation & legal procedures against those who quote the media so that people understand that questioning the media is a crime and then we show examples of media corruption at the same time.
21) Study of the media tyranny in the US and showcase of the media networks where one boss CEO establishes a tyranny of expression over dozens of media & even hundreds.
22) The complicity of the USA with the moral destruction of the Black American families due to extreme moral depravity.
23) A showcase into the pornographic regular culture of the United States in a deep academic study with more than 100 examples of social depravity & immorality.
24) A showcase of Drug art from the United States, lists of songs and musical groups that call for drug consumption in the United States and for violent crime with more than 100 examples of passive cultural support to drug trafficking.
25) A serious academic study of the huge Internet Brothels of the United States like
26) A discussion of the support of the United States Industry for violent rape pornography free videos accessible to children like for example: which is extremely easy for children to visit.
27) A look into bloody sexual activities supported by the United States like disgusting:

Then we make it an academic permanent web site of continuous study where members of the Venezuelan police forces and Police Academy can participate and we get that portal and we translate it in ENGLISH to share it gently, peacefully, lovingly, cuddly, kindly & respectfully with the people of the United States and we promote it on TeleSur as well, of course we put a password for adult content. :I

So Ileana Ros ASSHOLE... You still think you are the only one who can play influence games? :I :O! That you are going to block it! XD LOL! We call all the far left to do the same moralizing activity. :I Have fun trying to block HUNDREDS OF SITES!!! :I And violating laws trying to block sites protected by local laws. :I

Let's do a deal Illeana Ros Lehtinen. You get to promote Leopoldo and I get to promote a fully comprehensive study of why the USA is the most immoral, lowly, disgusting, sick, depraved & corrupt country in the world. Maybe even Chinese and Russians can help in the serious academic study.

That ought to be good for your "leadership" Illeana Ros, and also for the credibility of the USA justice system too!

So if you don't mind Illeana I will save the list to propose the idea since now that there is no respect for boundaries and you want to freely rape Venezuelans, well, allow Me to show the full extent of the rape then. :I I am sure the people of the United States would be most interested in reading that material as well and then we see who succeeds,

So Illeana, your call. Want to play everybody fucks everybody?

Want to keep the rape showing our problems and forgetting your own? Or do I need to remind you of your problems and also show it to the entire world, specially the African countries? :I Your call Illeana but if you keep the rape... WE WILL FUCKING SHOW THE RAPE!!! :I

We are all sinners Illeana, I try to find a nice way we can agree.

That is why I named a good will ambassador or even two. :D Because I know we live in a world of violated countries, and your country is not precisely an example of human values Illeana. :I

Yes there are abuses in Venezuela and certainly there are abuses in the United States. But there is a saying in Spanish (Illeana speaks Spanish too) that says: "QUIEN TIENE RABO DE PAJA, NO SE ACERCA A LA CANDELA". And I am "The Candela" :I

It means: That who have a tail of hay, does not approach the fire. :I LOL! You Illeana have a very inflammable tail of hay. I want to see if you would keep talking about human rights after we show the USA's severe crisis in Human Values.

Then I just sit and wait for the massive protests in the United States. :I So Illeana? What's it going to be? :I You respect My abusive country, I respect your abusive violator country. :I

Then we try to work something out to solve our abusive problems. Or you could go berserk and see EVERYTHING BURN AROUND YOU and you be held RESPONSIBLE! :I I try to be nice, Illeana forces My hand.

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